Want To Stop Theft? Don’t Traffic Stolen Shite Y’all

Most folks assume they are secure.

They don’t have plans to fight the

arse off some intruder should

they be so unfortunate as to

slip into thebigpitofsorrow

because when those walls come down everything falls.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Labour cost of 10, 20, 30%? Should be continuance of business cost of 50%!

Why billions of dollars piling up when broke, wanting people piling up, too?

Sumpin doan smail rite.

3 Responses to “Want To Stop Theft? Don’t Traffic Stolen Shite Y’all”

  1. And stop stealing from people what make shite.

  2. Doan take people’s stuff and for lawdy’s sake doan take dem lives!

    As belonging to them folks der, mister!

    An someone oughter tells ’em!

    Mate dew so mayseff.


  3. Dey owns dey life.

    Its dem.

    And dey ony own us to duh degree dat we says aye can.

    Not one second of darkness more.

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