Yes, My Ex-Wife Should Hate Me

Many folks have arranged marriages.

Mine to my first wife was just such

an affair guaranteed after my

father in a drunken brawl

accused my future father-in-law of stealing his wallet.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

5 Responses to “Yes, My Ex-Wife Should Hate Me”

  1. You musta took it!

    Whar the fuck is it then if you didn’t take it?!

    Mom later found it on the dresser at home.


  2. Course, this is reason one of 372 reasons why we didn’t work as a couple. We shore worked good as parents though.

    Me as plenty of what not to do and Sherry mostly as what to do.

  3. I also believe I made her overweight by altering her equilibrium.

    Did / doing the same thing to my second wife.

    Just realized this, sorry.

  4. Moving through reality on a tail waiving thing does make a difference though.

  5. this happened in Hargrave, Manitoba, Canada y’all!

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