Wrongaholic Twelve Step Program – Step 3: Grab The Cosmic Bull by the Horns

whatever we call it, something is out there graphicOur ability to sense causality is an awesome human capacity.

You and I possesses the same incredible talent of inference that reveals itself when expert wildlife trackers confidently decipher footprints in the Savannah or in the deft manner which a craftsman furniture maker engages the wood grain in a prized slab of timber.

Every truth seeker in each category of existence is a purveyor of unique wisdom garnered from careful (or careless 😎 ) contemplation of their experience coupled with a distinct “knowing” which originates only from voluntarily scrambling across chasms in their current understanding of reality.

Yep, in the beginning, causality sensing always requires some leap of faith.

Uh Sir, Everyone Is Seeing Things

Creating a reality from nothing or next to nothing has allowed humans to venture from caves and inhabit inhospitable locations around the world and it is that same capability that we will call upon in Step 3 of the Wrongaholic’s Program:

Grab The Cosmic Bull By The Horns.

Most people pooh-pooh the thought as too simple that our satisfaction with life has a great deal to do with our ability to decipher and ultimately alter the circumstances in which we find ourselves constantly immersed.

For example, if we have been physically tied against our will to a bed, desk or mateΒ  for twenty-five years, surely we cannot be held responsible for that, can we?

Well, the unreasonable mind might ask:

  1. When did you first realize you were tied to this job, role or belief?
  2. What have you attempted to break yourself free?
  3. How long have you been striving to free yourself?
  4. Are you working alone?
  5. What is your plan to ultimately break or stay free?
  6. What is that spilled on your shirt? (just checking)

Eat Your Cake And Get One In The Oven

Motivational speakers to psychiatrists, religious leaders and world record breakers have all commented on a force upon which all humans can call.

Well known by explorers, mountain climbers and extreme sports participants as The Third Man Factor, this capacity to request and experience guidance from an eerie human faculty has existed since the birth of consciousness and is available for each and every one of us to employ.

The vast majority of folks are acquainted with this skill from the detrimental emotional effects it generates when it is engaged without direction or purpose.

These people, who feel overwhelmed with anxiety and filled with worry and doubt often describe their experience as “being beside themselves” with fear. Pretty powerful stuff, if you ask me…

Once we understand Step 3 we can continue through life with the knowledge that traveling alone is by choice. When assistance is required to determine a new path, it is all around us and it starts with “What can I do?” and before long the tracks start showing up everywhere, just begging for interpretation.

In Step 4 of the WrongaHolic Program we will inquire into the character of the person we call US to see what that human might be capable of.

I think you’ll like the stranger you meet so it might be a good idea to wear your party hat.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Watch for Step 4 of the Wrongaholic Twelve Step Program: Who, Who…Who The Hell Are You?

Wrongaholic Program Step 1 – Admit You Are Powerless Over Mistakes

Wrongaholic Program Step 2 – Everyone Makes Mistakes So Get Over It

Wrongaholic Program Step 4 – Who The Hell Are You?

Third Man Factor – Praise be to glorious humankind!

Barry Williams http://barry-williams.com/blog

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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  1. 1
    Barry Williams

    Rupert Sheldrake is a purveyor of knowledge regarding the potential of the human mind existing outside the brain.

    As eyesight exists outside the eye and hearing outside the ear, I see nothing unreasonable in Sheldrake’s assertion and many reasons to believe that he is correct in his world view.

    Whether we name it morphic energy, gods or gravity, there is no doubt about the fact that humans are and have felt some exterior force for a long time.

  2. 6
    Barry Williams

    When I speak about altering reality I sometimes mean changing the way you feel about reality which then alters how you interact with it.

    Nobody or no-thing needs to be touched, only our concept of it.

    For example: You accept people as they are and stop trying to change them. Think of the energy and time you will have to commit to other aspects of life.

    In the above case, not only would you NOT do anything new, you would actually STOP what you were doing previously – simply by changing your mind about something.

    – Stop bitching about your neighbors. Close your ears and blinds or move.

    – Get an answering machine and return calls you want to return. End the tyranny phones are lording over humans!

    – Stop voting. It only lets the bastards know how many people they have fooled.

  3. 15
    Fran Aslam

    Hi Barry :

    I followed you from Adam P’s site. I do write comment there for last few months on every new post. I saw you there. Great the more networkers I meet the better, as I need them as much as they need me.

    Barry I like your post Wrongaholic – A 12 Step program….You have added some outstanding words here. That is great. Posts like these are like by Google, it is a content writing that is the product of your own mind and an awesome one. So keep working hard to improve better to best.

    Want to see more of the same from you.

    Talk again

    Fran Aslam
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