Geometric Progression – Bam! Bam! Bam! One Friggin Thing Right After Another!

the stars are reacing for us graphicOur universe can be described mathematically.

Orbits, eclipses and planetary wobble can all be predicted and so it is with geometric progression – a sequence of numbers in which terms are multiplied by a constant value.

In the human based geometric progression we will discuss today, the constant value which multiplies all others is YOU and this incredible feat is pulled off with same effort required to produce body odor.

Casting a malodorous scent demands little planning and even less preparation. (uh, perspiration: yes) Simply stop bathing or washing and before you can change your borrowed underwear Captain Stank will be all over you and everything you touch. Do this for long and you’ll be existing in a natural state. (alone 😎 )

Geometric progression or continuous improvement works in the same manner and like all habits, once things get underway it takes a fair bit of foot dragging to bring the party to a halt. Momentum, man.

Gotta Rock The Boat To Build a Castle

Every great accomplishment throughout human history has required a big commitment to small ideas which were connected through minor activities culminating in spellbinding advancement in many directions.

Its the “small things over time can have big effects” theory.

Symphonies might be written over decades, books over centuries and great masterpieces of art have been painted upside down taking years to complete. All one stroke, word or note at a time.

The ingenuity humans have revealed through this simple method of piling yesterday’s gains on today’s efforts produces wonders in individual lives as well.

Like the old story of putting one foot in front of the other to get anywhere, geometric progression accepts even the smallest contribution and places it on top of our Accomplishments To Date pile.

You Were a Bossy Kid – Weren’t You?

This system worked great for us as children. One observation piled on another, one thought upon another and one syllable upon another until gradually we began to decipher and influence many aspects of our environment.

As new humans we also unconsciously employed impatience but because our use of it was evolutionary, we didn’t work it to the extreme where it overshadowed our incremental progress with language, mobility or persuasion.

Impatience is the enemy of geometric progression and from that vantage point our small advances seem like a waste of time. This is exactly why most folks discount the process of collecting minor positive adjustments toward weight loss, prosperity or intelligence enhancement.

Consider how geometric progression can work for you:

  1. Set a direction in your life. Perhaps you want to lose weight, learn a new skill, start drinking more, etc.
  2. Determine activities which would move you in the desired direction. Go for walks, listen to a learning video, carry a cool, little flask with you.
  3. Set aside a small amount of time to regularly engage in the activity. Just like whining, this doesn’t work unless it is repetitive and continuous.
  4. Implement regular “check points” to determine if you are on track. Are your pants loose or tight? What new skill can you apply? Can you be slammed but fake normal function?

Every Rope Has Its End

Somewhere inside every human is an emotional gauge which informs us when we are pushing each other’s buttons. This is the Dark Side of geometric progression and one we want to refrain from visiting if at all possible.

Just like throwing a ball there is no need to push ourselves or anyone else once this force is engaged. It will begin to have its own effects on us and our circumstances and soon all we have to do is toss another log on the fire of life and the good times will roll.

Start looking for the geometric progression occurring all around you and I guarantee you will  be surprised how quickly things pick up speed when we stop pushing downhill.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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  1. 1
    Barry Williams

    Geometric progression is easy to understand.

    If the length of our days change by 7 minutes per day, over a couple of months (okay maybe three 😎 ) we get a new season.

    And that’s just seven minutes a day.

    Almost unnoticeable in most lives but that is how the universe rolls and unless I have my wires crossed, we are part of the universe.

  2. 3
    John McNally

    As a marathon runner I use geometric progression all the time Barry. I want to run 100 miles a week in January, so in July I ran 40 miles per week, August 50, September 60, October 70. Then November it will be 80 and December 90, which gets me to 100 miles a week in January.

    I know this sounds crazy, but behind the scenes this is what marathon runners do before they get to the race start line. The great thing about training so hard, is that you can measure your progress by entering shorter races. Because of my marathon training I am now running much faster in 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile and half marathon races.

    I hope you have as much success with your increase in drinking plan. 😆

    John McNally recently posted..The Ultimate Social Network

    • 4
      Barry Williams

      John McNally, my friend, friend, friend.

      I shore do appreciate you noticing the stories inside my stories.

      You see right through me pal and for that, I am deeply indebted.

      Muchas gracias, comrade.

  3. 5
    Bryan McHeyzer

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for the visit to my blog.

    Mate! I do not have your style of writing or sense of humour but I can appreciate it.

    This post is so true …. the little things done consistantly does make a difference.

    As for ‘pissing off” your wife I bet I can get a quicker result with mine….just kidding dear..(incase she reads this)


    • 6
      Barry Williams

      Mister McHeyzer,

      Sir, I resemble that remark and do very mucy appreciate you visiting my blog. I also find it kinda cool that we call this visiting when we don’t actually meet each other but I guess since I peeked into your diary and you mine, we’re in some type of club, no doubt.

      I get good vibes from you pal and I know we will be running into each other.

      Have a grand day, buddy and hello missus Mc. 😎

  4. 7
    Fran Aslam

    Hi Barry:

    Nice blog, colorfull, bright and creats a very successful image on the first look.

    I read your blog post, written in a very educational style. You proved your points and finally you expressed the main idea. learning and doing everything at its best takes time. You are a good blogger. Keep up the good work.

    Well I am going to come here again and I hope you will keep in touch.

    Make it a great day for yourself.

    Fran Aslam
    Fran Aslam recently posted..Search Engine Optimization Techniques And Keywords Analysis For Online Writing

  5. 9
    Bill Murney

    Hi Barry

    You have a very clever mind my friend, and a great way with words.
    When you start writing your ebook, on whatever subject, I am sure you will turn out a masterpiece.

    The video was fascinating on a subject that baffles us all, what is out there? where did we come from and where are we going?

    Had a look at your ‘Owners Manual’ and with a pair of dark glasses you are a ringer for ‘The Big O’, Roy Orbison, bet you can’t sing ‘California Blue’ as good as him though!

    See you soon.



  6. 11

    Hey Barry,

    WOW,interesting and unique content to say the least, my mind is actually in the freezer as I type cooling off!

    A very differenrt approoach to how people provoke emotion in each other, must try that with the mannequin?

    Cheers Barry….Ed.

    • 12
      Barry Williams

      Ed, I’m going to take this as a compliment because don’t you know I could get into big trouble for making people take leave of their minds? 😎

      In fact this is a HUGE compliment because you are one of the funniest, most original bloggers I have ever had the pleasure to read!

      Thanks so much for visiting, Ed. Have a grand day.

  7. 13

    Hi Barry,

    I always mentally prepare my self before coming over to your blog, as I have to read it several times so it sinks in!

    Another unique,interesting post. I didn’t know I was using geometric progression in my internet marketing road map, to reach my goals.

    Great stuff!

    Ray recently posted..My Husband Is Addicted To Porn

    • 14
      Barry Williams

      Thanks Ray.

      I wish I had not taken those writing lessons from James Joyce because now I talk in so many riddles that I end up confusing even me. Plus, having multiple personalities who all scream for attention at the same time is not good either, so that could be where some of the confusion comes into my writing.

      Unless, of course, you are not talking about my stories being confounding. Then this comment would be confusing and my point would be well proven.

      I think…

      Anyway, I can’t think about this anymore because I see the link to your blog post about being addicted to porn and I’m trying to get the wife to take a gander at it so I better sneak over to your blog and take a look. I mean read.

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