Your Thinking Cap Flew Off Your Head Now You Walk Around Bare Headed


A sign made you stop and

You lost your mind.

A light made you go and

You lost your mind.

Some paint on the asphalt took your little kid and

Mama, you lost your mind.

A uniform at the airport patted you down and

Flyer, you lost your mind.

Tax was added to the purchase price and

Citizen, your mind was lost.

You warmed the earth through activity and

Human, your mind was fried.

The man said employee, wait in traffic and

In traffic you lost your mind.

The ad said loser, no ticket, no winning and

Gambler, you lost your mind.

Your car does one-fifty, you were clocked at ten over and

Speeder, you lost your mind.

Your leaders said buddy, you must not inhale and

Pally, you gave them your mind.



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