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Admit You Are a Slave and The Truth Shall Set You Free

Hello fellow indentured servant, how goes life with you? Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Barry Williams and I am owned by some banks, a country, my neighborhood and my family. Yes, just like you, I am a slave. But I Kinda Feel Like I Am In Control Now, don’t get me wrong. […]

Hate Is Good If Properly Directed

Their job: raise the price of hot beverages Everybody should despise something. Why? Because resentment engages intellectual equipment required to weigh the abundance of pros and cons life inevitably presents us. And we both know there are more cons than pros so meditating on the badness quotient of stuff is definitely an asset. A quick […]

Corruption – Don’t Say You Haven’t Got It In You

Oh yeah, and everybody walk like me, okay? “Hah!” blurted the young police officer, “No one is honest!” This was the automatic and Freudian slippish reply to a question I had just posed to a Brandon City Police officer regarding his perception of the average person’s level of integrity. And while I found his audacious […]

A Sign Of Stupidity

The other day I wondered what a map of my life would look like and then the thought struck me to scratch out a simple drawing which might represent the course of my humble existence. Please excuse my use of crayons in this depiction because I am not that great of an artist but I […]

Bored To Death – Inattention Can Be Fatal

Boredom is waaay BeYawned Safety A potentially fatal force resides in you. Deep inside your brain this nefarious saboteur has laid mind eggs which are trying hard to hatch at this very moment. Once born, those soothingly silent baby demons will softly squeeze your eye lids closed while they casually choke the life out of […]

Call Them Jerks or ArseHoles, We Need To Stop Handing Out Permits To Tyrants

Respect CANNOT Be Kissed Into ANYTHING. My General Manager sobbed inconsolably. Stuff bubbled from his nose and a foreign language dribbled from his mouth as he pawed an overturned office chair. It was a curious and fantastically decisive career event that is forever burned into my mind. This professional, likable man was emotionally destroyed because […]

If Vilfredo Pareto is Right, Most of What We Do and Think is Wrong

We are Rich and We Have A Secret. Na Na Na Na Na Na. Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto was one curious dude. Born into a middle class Italian family, he was no slouch when it came to the smarts department and as an adult his burning desire to understand nineteenth century society caused him to […]

Are Companies Amoral or Are We Witnessing a Diffusion of Responsibility?

Dying Early is just Stupid. Don’t Do It! I really hope fifteen year old Andrew James died quickly. July 25, 2008 was a cool, overcast summer morning and Andrew was acting like thousands of young people his age. He hoped to earn a few extra dollars over the summer by working as a laborer for […]