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Shoulda Snapped Sooner

Talk to anyone who has “lost it“. If your conversation is not taking place in a prison visiting room you will likely hear the guilty party exclaim that they actually feel much better for having purposely jumped into their deep end. To a person, however, they also muse why it took so long to recognize […]

How Propaganda Works by an Anonymous California Reporter

From the forums on the Department of Nuclear Engineering University of Berkeley, California website National Desk Rejected My Stories On Fukushima Submitted by So Cal newswriter (not verified) on Thu, 2011-04-21 02:20. I write for a national newswire and am based in Southern California. I wrote two stories a few weeks ago on Fukushima and […]

Inconvenience as a Weapon

Impatience runs oh, so very deep through the heart of modern human genes. And unfortunately, that incredibly presumptive evolutionary state influences each and every position we ponder. Tomorrow’s bear or bullish stock market and all things folks consider valuable are ebbing and flowing at it’s wimbly whim. Good lives are brutally and quietly extinguished through […]

What If There Were NO Problems?

No Fukushima. No Hooped Economy. No Electric Grids About To Be Overloaded by the Sun. No Redefinition of What Pensioned Off means. This is the side of life my wife implores me to see. I lack the creativity to accomplish it. Thank you, friends. Barry out.  

Turn Yourself In

The world doesn’t need any more straight people. We have too many already. What our evolutionary plan requires now is more bent folks to imagine and BE corners of reality. Evolution is all about twists and turns and where we are going is the same place we have always been headed. Uphill and around yonder […]

I Must Be Mentally ill Or I Wouldn’t Be Doing This

Recently, a fellow whom I greatly respect questioned my sanity. I appreciate this dude because he is intelligent, perceptive and cares about people. So his observation regarding my mental state certainly gave me pause to contemplate real-ity. Right bonkers I am Turns out he is right – I am ailing BIG TIME. I might even […]

OFriendsive Action

The Status Quo must be maintained.   I am not doing my part.   Are you?   Thank you, friend.   Barry out.

It’s Time To Suspend Our Suspension of Disbelief

Our skepticism muscles are atrophied. That’s not good because right now there’s some heavy belief lifting required in the world. Today the notion is widely accepted that injecting too much reality into life impedes enjoyment of it by tossing a cold pail of “get real” on our ability to: lose our minds in dramatic moving […]

If Potatoes Were Money The World Wouldn’t Be So Fried

A Billion Spuds Makes a Big, STUPID Pile You and I are infected with something nasty. The dis-ease plaguing us is necessarily attached to our Dude Not Aware by evolution and like the ripe handcuffed carcass of a close friend, we drag it along while trying hard to stay just one tiny step ahead of […]