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Tell HeadQuarters The Emperor Has Bad Breath & Likely Diarrhea Too

I am sick. So very, very sick. Sick and fucking tired of putting up with the shit sandwiches we get fed from our “leaders” about the state of our world. Today – May 31, 2011 – I found this quotation from an aricle with this title: G-8 leaders agree on need for better int’l nuclear […]

As Goes The Planet, So Go Us

“Who am I mommy?!” “Who AM I?!” A friend’s child anxiously asked this critical question at age four. It’s an excellent question and today at age fourteen I know he ponders the same thing. Who am I is one of the most fabulous deciphering tools in existence and one which begs for use early and […]

The Erosion of Empathy = Too Many People To Care About So Everyone Gets Less

“Okay! Jesus, FINE! Just settle down and I’ll get the manager. Okay…?” The tall sideways woman in front of me was upset. Really upset. She was doing the Damn Dissatisfied dance and putting every friggin move she could muster into it. It mattered not that the minimum wage earner she was nattering at was only […]

How To Survive A Life Of FuckWadery

By our absence we will be known. Inevitably in each of our lives there comes a time when doing absolutely nothing carries great meaning. Of course, surviving and thriving while employing this purposeful inaction engenders enough risk to keep the average Joe dancing like a puppet until Massa gives the nod that they can stop […]

Help Me Break The Spells We’re Under

You stink. Okay, we both do. How do I know? Because we’ve got an app for that. Thanks to our maker’s awesome evolutionary influence we are veritably swamped with cool capabilities which allow us to not only sense invisible odors but also faintly see right through a herd of shysters sometimes a good distance away. […]

The Monstrous Schadenfreude of The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

  Three blind mice. See how they run… Today – May 17, 2011 – the planet watches as three nuclear reactors melt down at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. This major disaster is unprecedented and after two months running, the best minds that nuclear energy is able to muster cannot figure out how […]

Disagreement Is Not Allowed And You Know It

Say WHAT?! You watch that mouth mister! After hearing this warning a few times even a thick skulled kid like me got the point. Briefly it was: if they can see you they don’t want to hear you but when they DO want to hear from you they prefer it to be You Bet followed […]

Shame: A Big Name In The Change Game

Apologee schmology. On their own, the value of most appeals for compassion today amount to nada. The unrepentant gibberish commonly offered up as apologies in modern times is usually comprised of crafty statements and guilt avoidance language carefully garnished with side steps from legal. And occasionally tears… But no matter where they are peddled or […]

Everyone Has Auditory Hallucinations But Few Folks Listen For The Message

Hearing something when nothing is said is a wondrous talent. This is an important skill I am striving to develop. On the other hand, perceiving something different from that which is intended is fairly easy & normal. Lots of folks do it and most everyone lends an ear to this inclination sooner or later. Never-the-less, […]

The Desire To Manage Is A Contageous & Destructive Virus

Generals die in bed. This is the title of a great Canadian book which illuminates grave flaws in our attempt to direct human behavior and ultimately history. Like the book’s author, Charles Yale Harrison, I wonder; by whom and where is it determined that our species requires rulers or the earth’s continents need conquering? No […]

Yes, There Are Nuclear Gods so Pilgrim AVERT YOUR EYES!

Omnipotent nuclear beings exist. And like the lords of oil and money, they are always on the job. Their pressing desire today is to ensure that you and I redirect what tiny bit of attention remains under our control. These tempestuous Rulers of Nuclear strongly encourage us to look far afield, away from their fantastic […]

BullShit Deciphering Made Easy

Everyone stretches the truth. Whether pretending to live a lovely life when we’re actually stuck in Squalor Swamp or just feigning more intelligence than anyone thinks possible, these are only two of many successful methods we utilize to invent a better reality for ourselves. In fact, misleading numero uno is mandatory in order to happily […]

Ezine Article Stats Update for JT Masterclass Students To my readers:  This is a courtesy post for classmates of mine who are attempting to become authors. Hello fellow internet pioneer, I have added no new articles to my mishmash of ezine stuff but the popularity of some stories surprised me. Tell me pal, are you interested in manufacturing duct tape wallets or […]

My Name Is Barry and I Am A Raging Alcoholic & Then Sum

Barry Williams May 6, 2011. (good side) Two nights I rolled around sleeplessly on account of my room mate. Dude killed two people (on purpose) and over the course of 36 hours revealed his philosophy of life to me. Cheesus fuckin criminy – was all that kept zooming through my mind. I’m just a friggin […]

We Are All a Loan

Are you helpful? Because you’re wanted if you are. HELP WANTED – the ads and signs say. But then, you might be someone who is already helping lots and be up to here with the amount of assistance you provide in relation to the pitiful  ration reciprocated. What you desire is very secondary however, because […]

Enter: The Season of Small Internal Fucking Combustion Engines

AAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhHHHH!! Cheezus criminy! Let me out of here! Away from these crazy cultural whackos who the gov’t has turned into yard maintenance people. That’s all these grass shorteners do and they’re getting pretty dang good at it. Too good, as a matter of fact. Waay too good. Thank you, friend. Barry out. And every useless […]

80% Of Success is Just Showing Up = BOVINE SCAT!

Ruth-Ellen won her election even though she vacationed  while campaigning. Hmm, how?! To be successful one should work hard, stay focused and save for retirement. Turns out I was poor at all these things but that’s what I was told to do. A lot. Unfortunately, this advice ain’t entirely true. Nope, sometimes a person just […]

Today Is A Good Day To Skip

School never stops. Right after everyone says “present” and the teacher turns to the tell-all bored, anyone could escape from the room. Dashing is good and school will still be in tomorrow. And today it’s not raining. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When Everything and Nothing Changes

What day is it? You need to know this to act your age. Which political party is the best? You need to know this to cast an informed vote. Or it will be wasted. Maybe you could figure out the age thing first by using one of the calendars below. Because how old you are […]

Anyone With Neophobia Is DEAD!

Most folks these days are in head down / arse up mode. The Amish figured out how to make this work for a short time but now everything is different. Today we exist in an era where “what we don’t know” will turn us into cadavers faster than you could click a Geiger counter. This […]

Life Has A Back Burner. Use It.

You wouldn’t be in the kitchen if you couldn’t stand the heat. If shite’s boiling over, how about using the rest of your hot plate? Thank you, friend. Barry out. Like M. Business Marshall, sounds like an SOS… Holy wack, unlyrical lyrics Andre, you’re fuckin’ right… To the rapmobile, let’s go… {Marshall, Marshall}, bitches and […]