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Most People Don’t Deserve An Opinion

Long schooled by strangers. Messaged through a ton ‘o papers. Churned by professionals wrapped so tight. Couldn’t peel their unhuman with a scraper. Then they say: you know boy. And they say: get go boy. And you are so scared, ho boy! But ya gotta keep up the show boy, So you hold your burning […]

The Real World Isn’t

A wretched life is waiting for you. Full of skinned knees and Holy shoes. Full of that’s stupid and So are you. Full of big dreams made of No can do. Full of mirages and Stepped in goo. Full of too much To quietly sneak through. Full of illusions with The joke on you. Thank […]

Hell Hath No Dull Moments

These characters scheme and Dream their schemes and Pretend they walk asleep. They look sly Not eye to eye And broadcast a feeling creep. They don’t keep appointments. They won’t say no time. They just call in the night’s wee hours Always on your dime. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Challenges Shall Not Me Out

Motherfucker was beside himself. Couldn’t take another minute. He could in a minute change this view To one without him in it. There no hurting. No crying too. There just a man and What he can do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Proud To Be No Go Joe

Dude wasn’t moving. Don’t you cross his mind. You will ignite a shit storm pal. One you can’t unwind. Mister Still Undefined. The neighbors say It couldn’t be him. Dude was so damn kind. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Old Man

Someone sitting alone there. Dude looks like he’s lost. Looks like he paid alot for life. And he didn’t count the cost. Which was everything. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Ya Chi

Something to trip over Before the tripper tripped. You go ahead and flip over That shit which you just flipped. Ma’am I am your chain. Missus I will gain. Your favor Naa-vor. If I let you reign. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Two Steps Back

Careful the noises you make. The wrong grunt get you in trouble. Doan go an do what you like. The man says you are not able. You got it all but permission. Temper desire with decision. Go with a plan of revision. Speak when spoken to. Keep your answers short. Do what they tell you, Atta […]