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Correlation, Please! Lead Me Not Astray.

Once upon a time there was a pump. This pump pumped shit. Shit that was made in various places somewhere the pump was not. On the pressurized shit side was a field. This field distributed the shit so it wouldn’t pile up. Piled up shit is not good. One day the shit makers discovered the […]

Reduce Your Circle Of Concern

When you care and everyone else doesn’t. You are in for fun. You better think pretty well of yourself. Or you will come undone. Your peripheral vision will blinder you. You will cook yourself a stew where The main course every day is you! Do you want you rare or baby blue? Cookie, its up […]

You Need It. You Want It. You Deserve It.

Won’t lie. Plants dry. Animules cry. People die. For attention. Barry

Mexico’s Largest Cartel

These soldiers don’t carry guns. Menacing, they know not. No, they accept with a smile. In their net you are caught. ‘Cause when you get drunk You buy my junk. You’ve been out- thunk. Accept it. Barry

Replace Baby With Love

So, one day you made a baby. A baby that influenced you in ways you could not have imagined. You imagined baby giving you feelings of joy, purpose, and completeness. A taste of the good life, the best life, with you as the creator. But, baby couldn’t really give you anything at all, in the […]

Drunk Mexicans And Why Not?

Don’t go to Mexico. Well, if you do go, you better wear blinders. You’ll need blinders just to avoid seeing hammered and passed out drunk people laying in the gutters and across unoccupied vehicles. Children drunk. Grandmas drunk. Police officers and everyone… drunk, drunk, DRUNK! Why? Jeez, they got booze everywhere is why. Booze in […]

Is There A Road From Shambala?

The Shambala is a sheep. A sheep in ship’s clothing. And on that sheep is a good looking dude (you can call him Lester) who speaks broken English and super fast Spanish. Lester is an excursion director by trade and a merchanary by design. Lester´s job is to herd foreign and domestic peso filled wallets […]

Unnatural Selection

The lord held his hand out. Said “Come here, cat!” The cat just sat and looked at god. The cat was not afraid of god. The cat would barely even nod. It’s eyes blinked slowly as it turned away. Like god wasn’t god at all… Barry