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It’s A Bounce Then, Not A Crash.

  Ricochet? You don’t say… Just a tap and walk away. Make the gap toward Norse Frey. Enter they not injured, nay. Shaken, they awake. Barry

Oh My God Entanglement!

  Trip you, the bastard. The bastard will. Slip you on a step and Spill your swill. Catch your hole on a handle knob. Drop shit on you ’til you sob Why me bitch?! Let me be! Let me live entanglement free! Then you’d touch nada. Nada touch you. You go back to sleeping soon. […]

Hah Hah! THEY Own The TV But YOU Choose The Channel!

  You watch whatever damn show you want. A mystery, a thriller, a drama. Is this show a winner or does it bomb? The script, is it short or is it long? Can each scene start with music and a song? Should this part be serious or maybe fun? C’mon, touch that dial and let […]

You Don’t Have To Be Seen To Be Known

There’s a track in the dirt And it’s not from you. It’s a paw print and Your paws have shoes. Heading this way. That way, too. What’s this paw print Trying to do? Barry

If Yer Gonna Hit The Ditch, Slow Down.

  There’s a rule and it’s made of gold. It’s a hellova thing to behold. Once it’s gotya Don’t get caughtya Striking off on your own. Barry

Without Gods

  Billions of books with empty pages. A million halls with empty stages. Miles of cloth and cardboard, not on heads. People resting on Sunday instead Of wearing Kirpans and shiny crosses. No congregations or sharp dressed bosses. Collection plate bizness in the dumper. No bedside prayers or Latin muttered. No smoking balls on silver […]