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Your smile. Your frown. You upside down. You right side up. You had enough? Or does it matter? You madhatter. You brain scatter. Hey! Get atter! Buddy ain’t wearin’ no mask!

You Could Take Your Star Off

They weren’t fighting on the beaches. No bombs screamed down from the air. The unmolested strolled about. They didn’t seem to care. The river rose And quickly chose Unfortunates to float. The weather swamped their boat. Crocks slid in the moat. Yes, you can ride and Many died And with them went their vote.

Daft Punks

Mister Trumpachov, Tear down this wall! They did call from the wayside. Silence total from the nayside. So tear they did And all was hid By the houses built Out of wall brick.

Turn Off Your Reciever, There’s A Signal Coming Through.

The alarm is set. It’s set. It’s set. You wanna be a winner? Bet. You bet. Wanna get wise? Regret. Forget. Don’t believe in Karma? Oh shet. Not yet? Gonna make a bed Can’t be laid in. Tied up, preyed on. Move me in the hallway. I won’t run away. I don’t have the legs. […]

Da Fam

Born into a good fam-lee? That’s good. That’s great. But hold on, wait… Born into a bad fam-lee? That’s sad. Be glad. Because you have A better shot at happ ee ness. Aim through the stress. Know you are blessed. With happ ee ness. Forget the rest. This is a test. Just do your best […]

A River And The Ocean

You live on a sinking boat. In a moat. Buddy lives on the lake. Buddy can wake and bake. Life is his to take. It’s a big life, ya. Made up, ha ha! Or filled with Waah! Depends on the moat Or the lake.

Fed To Death

They buffayed all day In every way And none did say Hey, hey okay… Houston, we have a problem. No but we called on God then. But God was away Yet we still did pay The beggar his daily due. He put our dues straight on through. Ignoring our boo hoo hoos. A beggar, he […]

Please Mind Don’t Leave Me

I know you slip away When my eyes are closed. And sometimes you return so slow When I think I have arose. Desert me in mid sentence Blank my meeting eyes. Make them ask me questions Then allow me no replies. You scatter brain me Can’t retrain me You see I see You are gone. […]

Where Stupid Winds Prevail

Oh there ain’t no need For you to heed The whispering breeze’s suggestion. Buddy, you don’t even question Is it right? Is it fright? Is it your damn plight? Or are they trying to undermine you? If they can’t then will they fine you? Is the system breaking down? If you take a look around […]