Ah, The Edge


That’s my hand there! On the ledge.

I’m making my way up.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out



2 Responses to “Ah, The Edge”

  1. Welcome back from the edge Barry.

    I have just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, so I think I know what you have been going through. Keep climbing back, it’s sunnier up here in the real world.

    Leamington Spa, England
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    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hey John, thanks a lot.

    I tried several legal, doctor approved mind altering medications over the years and none worked to make me “normal” and I am no longer convinced that what I feel is a malady.

    What if the entire world is consciously or subconsciously heading for homogeneity, making the rest of us stand out because they all took one step backwards?

    I don’t feel crazy discussing reality with you and your weird friends but out in the regular prison population, I feel and my actions portray the beliefs of a madman.

    Which I am okay with.

    In fact, just like John Lilly – unsanity suits me – I am finer than frog’s hair and just going through a change.

    Thank you so much for your concern and honesty pal.


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