The Farces Who Managed Nine Eleven Weren’t Counting On David Chandler

chicks on conveyor

Many folks have never operated a chicken farm but have no doubt, it is a pile of work.

Especially in today’s chicken farms which can house up to 300,000 chickens that just like people can have their own individual challenges.

Some chickens get sick. Other chickens cause themselves distress.

Some chickens suicide and still others croak early for reasons unknown but in the end its the same fate for 99.9999% of foul. (approximately)

Premeditated demise.

In the ginormous chicken coop called the United States there are approximately 300,000,000 birds and on 9 -11, 3,000 people ( or 3/1000th  of  1% of the population ) of the U.S.’s flock was killed. Comparing this to the average 300,000

capacity poultry farm would equate to 3 chicken carcasses

piling up in the coop. Few farmers would investigate this

but then again most chicken farms don’t have big

chickens by the name of David “The Sky Is

Falling” Chandler. Fortunately for us, the

chicken ranch we occupy has one.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

This video is simply astonishing and the implications are revealing, revolting and re-somethingelse.

Architects and Engineers for 9 11 Truth –

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