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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Doof?

Untouched, they missed the Flynn Effect. Headed downhill, going like heck. If they don’t slow down, they will surely wreck. Not one of them gives a shit doh… They know not what they know doh. And none shall dare To ask just where They’re headed, they just go. And fast, there is no slow. Life […]

When Lies Touch

Thunder in the distance Didn’t sound like thunder. Rumbling and tumbling Shook the bed we’re under. Afraid, we were and Just out there was Devastation and recreation. Wrenched so subtly from a nation. Built on misinterpretation. Fibs on lips. You do this. Or you get this. The Disingenuous Parade.

Car Parts Matter

Copperhead Road was crawling with snakes. The last man standing was the guy who takes Stuff from the pockets of bodies. Buy him a couple of toddies. One for the beggar man. One for the thief. One for the bastard who could not keep His hands to himself. Now they don’t work. Coulda still been […]

When Mama Turns

I love you, you bastard! You’re a tough guy to love! You lie and you cheat and you think you’re above Judgement or criticism or just common sense. And you bend with the liquor cloaked thick in defense. There’s a monster inside you. With claws made of guilt Rips relationships holy And all that you’ve […]

Actual Product May Vary

Put your best foot forward. School clothes on. Color that hair. No wood bare. Side with the Joneses. Get a horny car. Don’t forget your makeup. You know who you are. Not a shining star. You don’t go that far. Nothing is what it seems.

Living A Pretend Life

Say it happened. Believe it did. Swear to it and Act as if Shit was real. Because it is. Especially if invented.

When Other People Lose Your Mind

He lost his mind All over the place and he Lost it at a quickening pace And he lost it same as he lost face Couldn’t replace That disgrace So in it’s place Assigned blame.

They’re Not Days, They’re New Dimensions.

Man, you’ve got to work hard. On full re-tard. If you want to keep things the same. You have to clear the room every game. And the clearing, it gets lame. Then who will take the blame? This lameness, Acquaints us, With ain’t us, Each day. Says this ain’t the way. It’s double you pay. […]

This Is What Hacking The Future Looks Like

When she called him a stupid cunt He didn’t call her a stupid cunt back. He knew silence was golden. The best move? Tip his hat. See, guilt, he knew, Was made inside. And the mobile part was Ten miles wide. One could build an empire Just with little-old this: Let ’em blast all nasty […]


They came for the monay. From the land of Milked and Phonay. Didn’t gives two shits ’bout Came before. They ignore. Open door. They go around. Their lies abound. Plans unsound. Don’t start from scratch. They make their batch Starting from millions. Maybe zillions. Not about you. Not about me. All about them. All about […]

Beware The Witch Spotters

If your nose is hooked, You’re a witch. If you have a broom and an Un-swept room, You’re a witch. Say you own a cauldron And your hat’s an odd one, You likely boil children and You’re a witch. You like to bake cookies? Get kids to play hookies? Then sneakily cook these? You’re a […]

Another’s Dimension Ain’t My Dimension

  Who pissed on the floor?! Yelled the janitor. Goddamn bastard’s are rude! Yelled the manager. Budget’s toast, you’re the cleaner now. Whispered the owner in the manager’s ear. Tell the janitor that we wish him well but Still, say he’s outa here. Well, mister manager fumed. He’d been himself corn broomed. Now he had […]

This Life’s A Bubble

Blow hard and long Hope your lungs are strong Cause this breath’s gone It’s a new day’s dawn What’s done is done and Ain’t no one Gonna change it. Opinions reign and ya, There’s pain but you Must abstain. You refrain from the Vast complain and Pull yourself out of distraction. This good life needs […]

The Theory Of Stinks

I’m tossing cat shit around. Old diaperz on the ground. A slop pail tipward bound. Smear myself with goatshit. Cover my wife in batshit. Stay away – stay away badness! Just stay away now, you hear?!

Call Things By Their Right Name

Joey was an ass. He was an asshole. Debbie was a bitch. A fucking bitch! Murry was a cop. Who became a politician. Murry was a liar. And a thief. Ats whut he was…

Dancing The Real Time Schadenfreude

  I won’t turn my back on you, no. Becausa what you’ll do. You’ll go through With An unthought-out plan. Another also ran. Just because you can. Doin’ the same thing Cracked bell you ring Won’t stop the fight ding. I keep my eye on you boy. Barry    

If You Ain’t Infected With Kaizen, Don’t Get In The Game.

Collaboration met competition and The two of them arm-wrestled. They each stood on the greenest grass And in each other’s sights, they fessed up. Rested untested like spilling the beans. No barred holds, no barriers. No stupid damn meetings. Sure, they damned the torpedoes and Then they took to the air. Dragged the future to […]

When The Knives In Your Back Get Too Heavy

  Your hand went over your heart during anthems. You marched everywhere you went. Our rules twisted with twisty beer caps. Your rules would not be bent. You toed the straight line, the tough and the narrow. Corruption splashed over you but you didn’t care oh, You saw it and nod to it, you stepped […]

Sweet Jesus Inbound Is Hard

  Waitin’ on someone. Someone t’ show. When day comin’ No one know. Day don’t say. Day just go. Tinkin’ ’bout dayself. Dat fo’ sho’. Barry    

For People Made Of Money

It’s paper, fool! A goddamn tool! Rocks with a hole. A soft metal gold. A garden rake owed. A line not towed. Some seeds unsewed. Me, I whisper… Don’t look up. Cause waay up there You’re outa luck. Barry  


  Forgiveness is a thing. A thing some people sell. They say cut some slack To those whom lack The need to treat you well. Subservience is a thing. A thing some people do. They try it on and act it out and They encourage you To follow their lead Even if their lead Is […]

Let The Bastards Say No!

  Jesus, he jumped this fence before… Do they never stop cutting up land?! Cause he jumped and jumped and jumped some more. Jumped when he coulda made a stand. But why run then? you might ask. He’d say, they’re chasing is why. So he ran and jumped and ran and jumped. Same as any […]

Reduce Your Circle Of Concern

When you care and everyone else doesn’t. You are in for fun. You better think pretty well of yourself. Or you will come undone. Your peripheral vision will blinder you. You will cook yourself a stew where The main course every day is you! Do you want you rare or baby blue? Cookie, its up […]

Is There A Road From Shambala?

The Shambala is a sheep. A sheep in ship’s clothing. And on that sheep is a good looking dude (you can call him Lester) who speaks broken English and super fast Spanish. Lester is an excursion director by trade and a merchanary by design. Lester´s job is to herd foreign and domestic peso filled wallets […]

There Ain’t No Quitting

You can leave this floor. Close that door. Wind up poor. Your choice. Barry

Be Best Buds With Your Body

Oh, you’d like me to change? Would you? Like me to change but would you? Would you? You whom would, surely could, Show me just how to change. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Daddy Tried To Tell Me, Evil Exists.

Evil don’t do nothin’. Standing on that rail. Evil hang there smirking. Hoping that you  bail. Evil don’t whisper think. Evil wait in that drink. Evil say wink pal wink We are in this club now So far and way above Any kind of love now What you think now gov? JUMP! Thank you, friend. […]

There Was Santa, Jesus And The Easter Bunny, Flying Inna UFO.

Please daddy tell me! Are you smart? Are you a good man? Witha good heart? Willya hangaround or Willya depart? Tell me daddy! Daddy please! Make a po’ boy get downa His knees. ‘Nen he does look under an whata he see? Sees dadda isa puppet. Sees a puppet master’s sleeve… Thank you, friend. Barry […]

The Problem Is No Problem

You can’t be wrong. Make no mistakes. Eat ugly cake. At your lies bake. I dine with you. Eata humble stew. That leads into The School of Barry Cam Doon. Ahh, fack it… Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Ruh-Ruh-Ruh-Ricochet Habit

Don’t look under your shirt. Don’t look into your shoes. Who’s that wrecking your shit? Sure as hell ain’t you! Is it? Gettin’ creamed on a crosswalk. Tossed off of your boss hog. Fused vertebrae my god. Pally those roads got traps. Who damn trappin’?! Thank you, friend. Barry out.