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Dancing The Real Time Schadenfreude

  I won’t turn my back on you, no. Becausa what you’ll do. You’ll go through With An unthought-out plan. Another also ran. Just because you can. Doin’ the same thing Cracked bell you ring Won’t stop the fight ding. I keep my eye on you boy. Barry    

If You Ain’t Infected With Kaizen, Don’t Get In The Game.

Collaboration met competition and The two of them arm-wrestled. They each stood on the greenest grass And in each other’s sights, they fessed up. Rested untested like spilling the beans. No barred holds, no barriers. No stupid damn meetings. Sure, they damned the torpedoes and Then they took to the air. Dragged the future to […]

When The Knives In Your Back Get Too Heavy

  Your hand went over your heart during anthems. You marched everywhere you went. Our rules twisted with twisty beer caps. Your rules would not be bent. You toed the straight line, the tough and the narrow. Corruption splashed over you but you didn’t care oh, You saw it and nod to it, you stepped […]

Sweet Jesus Inbound Is Hard

  Waitin’ on someone. Someone t’ show. When day comin’ No one know. Day don’t say. Day just go. Tinkin’ ’bout dayself. Dat fo’ sho’. Barry    

For People Made Of Money

It’s paper, fool! A goddamn tool! Rocks with a hole. A soft metal gold. A garden rake owed. A line not towed. Some seeds unsewed. Me, I whisper… Don’t look up. Cause waay up there You’re outa luck. Barry  


  Forgiveness is a thing. A thing some people sell. They say cut some slack To those whom lack The need to treat you well. Subservience is a thing. A thing some people do. They try it on and act it out and They encourage you To follow their lead Even if their lead Is […]

Let The Bastards Say No!

  Jesus, he jumped this fence before… Do they never stop cutting up land?! Cause he jumped and jumped and jumped some more. Jumped when he coulda made a stand. But why run then? you might ask. He’d say, they’re chasing is why. So he ran and jumped and ran and jumped. Same as any […]

Reduce Your Circle Of Concern

When you care and everyone else doesn’t. You are in for fun. You better think pretty well of yourself. Or you will come undone. Your peripheral vision will blinder you. You will cook yourself a stew where The main course every day is you! Do you want you rare or baby blue? Cookie, its up […]

Is There A Road From Shambala?

The Shambala is a sheep. A sheep in ship’s clothing. And on that sheep is a good looking dude (you can call him Lester) who speaks broken English and super fast Spanish. Lester is an excursion director by trade and a merchanary by design. Lester´s job is to herd foreign and domestic peso filled wallets […]

There Ain’t No Quitting

You can leave this floor. Close that door. Wind up poor. Your choice. Barry

Be Best Buds With Your Body

Oh, you’d like me to change? Would you? Like me to change but would you? Would you? You whom would, surely could, Show me just how to change. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Daddy Tried To Tell Me, Evil Exists.

Evil don’t do nothin’. Standing on that rail. Evil hang there smirking. Hoping that you  bail. Evil don’t whisper think. Evil wait in that drink. Evil say wink pal wink We are in this club now So far and way above Any kind of love now What you think now gov? JUMP! Thank you, friend. […]

There Was Santa, Jesus And The Easter Bunny, Flying Inna UFO.

Please daddy tell me! Are you smart? Are you a good man? Witha good heart? Willya hangaround or Willya depart? Tell me daddy! Daddy please! Make a po’ boy get downa His knees. ‘Nen he does look under an whata he see? Sees dadda isa puppet. Sees a puppet master’s sleeve… Thank you, friend. Barry […]

The Problem Is No Problem

You can’t be wrong. Make no mistakes. Eat ugly cake. At your lies bake. I dine with you. Eata humble stew. That leads into The School of Barry Cam Doon. Ahh, fack it… Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Ruh-Ruh-Ruh-Ricochet Habit

Don’t look under your shirt. Don’t look into your shoes. Who’s that wrecking your shit? Sure as hell ain’t you! Is it? Gettin’ creamed on a crosswalk. Tossed off of your boss hog. Fused vertebrae my god. Pally those roads got traps. Who damn trappin’?! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Eye, To Put The Truth In Pop Music…

Ten billion times. Like Justin Bieber does. Justin rocks the world. Justa bad boy scrapin’ fuzz. Off his cheeks and flapping fitties Fo’ a fuy dollah happy pack. An doan git hooked ona fitties yo, Justin got hisself a big ol’ stack. An we’ll have no talk of philosophy. ‘Bout who be you an who […]

Fuck You Are An Idiot

One pleasant word. With the right intonation. A fucking pleasant word! Is this too much to mention?! A fucking pleasant word… Thank you, friend. Barry out.


You smashed grandma’s van. S’okay. Hit a car wash hard. S’okay. Forgot, didn’t think to mention it. S’okay. Now you’re too sick to work. S’okay. Afraid of what might be said. S’okay. And maybe you’ll wind up dead. S’okay. Cause gee ma no longer sees red. S’okay. And we no longer see red… Long as […]

Dad I’ve Got Your Shirt On

First you were a shyster. Then born again christian. But that dad thing had you baffled. Like hugs with strangers raffled For a buck to add some sand into the stew. God was just your partner and a Partner should know when to Keep their p’s a little closer to their q’s. Shush now daddy’s […]

Robert Fucking Borden

Gimme dat dem Benjamins! Benja-ja-ja-benjamins! Roshambo where Paper wins! BENJAMINS! Then he grins. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Invented Love

Make a favorite color. Favorite fashion. Really create your Deepest passion. Creations so real They almost feel Uncreated. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Love, Like Courage, Is Invented.

Bravery happens when you least expect it. You like him or you don’t. Love and courage take some coaxing. If you don’t come to the party, They won’t. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Your Life Has No Control Group

You try, man. You try hard! This, you try that… You watch and learn ’cause Man, you just don’t know. You say you do even though, Only one way to go. To… or is it fro? Thank you, friend. Barry out.        

The Coming Of Unglued Number Two

See people can’t change. They want to. But can’t. They have the power But use it They shan’t. Homeostasis. Life on a slant. Favoring the pitch of The No Go camp. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Genuinely Hugless At Your Detriment

He had no need for hugs and such. Give the hugs to those with much Love for huggers without clutch But whom still have their wallet. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Not Bad Pain

Ahma git here off dis couch. Gonna make deez hips go ouch. Mika stand up guy a slouch. Low back naw you don’t touch. See no one know so much. You just leava be as such. Mornin’, we shall see. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

You Younger Fuckers Not Getting Old

Hah hah! You jumped from the back of a pick-up truck! Hah hah! You ran the bulls with yer cripple friend Buck! Hah hah! You are the guy with no enda luck! But see naw, luck runs out. It runs out with your neighbor. Runs out with a slipry hater, mistor bator and an Aye Kay […]

My Son Bryce

Think of no one’s name. I’m looking for no one That has this name ‘Cause this boy, he Is not the same as Anyone, anyone you Have seen. Shit this boy And a little green will Make this site a scene. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Wood Ticks Need Three Blood Hosts. How Many Hosts You Need?

He worked on other people. Shit was out there and There wasn’t lotsa Time for him to Care about his man. Him man. Shit was out there. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Parta Heem Gone

Right between Anxiety and that tough Old bastard Boredom There’s a line. ‘Tween Bliss and Total Unhappiness There’s a line. Take a look at Sad and Angry. There’s a line. There’s a line and if you cross it Your plans, they will be Toss Ed. It’s a road slip-slidey with frosty Hopes and fears. But […]