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Easily Read Twenty Four Books a Year Using This Toilet Training Technique

You still have to pull your pants down Lets say you go to the bathroom. And like most other full of crap folks, you squeeze out two number twos a day. There, you’ve already got the makings of your own poop learning center. Garbage Out & Good Stuff In Statistics about learning / reading for […]

Amusement Parks & Greeting Cards Are Emotional Vampires

When was the last time you were really afraid? And by afraid I mean OOGA-BOOGA afraid, not just your run of the mill high anxiety, heart attacking fear of death, taxes, and regular terror afraid. For many folks, I bet their answer would be the dread they recall experiencing at a recent horror movie or […]

My Secret Blog Idea Plan – How To Appear Extweemly, Extweemly Intelligent

Original ideas are a dime a dozen. Here is my formula for faking new perspectives: I think of something: for example (cars) and ask my mom and dad: (wikipedia and google) about it. They tell me lots of stuff no one should ever have to know about something – let’s say automobiles. I look for […]