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Frustration Baked In

Every fucking red light. People wanna fight me. Somethin’ isn’t right and it Ain’t only tonight. Simply gone crazy. Everything be hazy. I’d try but I’m lazy. Ignorant don’t phase me. I can take the tazing. But buddy, I CAN’T BREATHE! C’mon, let me be! I just wanna see. If I can break free. Or […]

Real Jobs, Real Cars, Real Stadiums. Fake Sports.

Auntie auntie eye over Is a game. Ya, it’s a real kid’s game. Football is a game, ya. Baseball is a game. Racing is a game, ya. And gaming is a game. Lotsa big kids gaming doh. Gaming is just gaming though but Game makers put on quite a show. They dont want your mind […]

Sir Downsalot

You’re no good You’re no good. You’re no good with rules, ya. Make your own. Live at home. On the fly. You’re that guy. Lives just by The seat of his pants. Always grants A ton a slack So’s he come back He got some slack to slather.  

Scout’s Honor, Bitches!

He didn’t know that; Lying was an art. A rich guy never farts. Prenups clear departs. A burning face with marks. Someone stomped that fire pretty hard! You’ve GOT to give him credit. He’s never had to edit. That small voice connected To that big mouth!  

Ignore You The Excipients, Pee Off The Whole Entourage.

You know what dogs do to big wheels? he asked. I didn’t, I must confess. Dogs wash ’em with piss, and not just once. He said like piss was blessed. It is! He heard me! What the hell…? Bastard can read my thoughts?! Then my mind flashed back To all those times in Piss I […]

When You Blindly Reach Around Gonna Grab The Sparkplug

Oh, you’re gonna get a shock! A shock that stops all talk. And hold it long enough, your clock. Blindfolded, why you walk That unnecessary plank? Barry

Sublimate Yourself By Choice Only

That dude makes you sick. That dude is a prick. Why you gonna stick When that dude makes you sick? Barry