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Yer Diamond Bird Drops Ninety-Nine Shits

You can move a human being But still not move them. They can feel all moved themselves But not too far. They won’t stay moved forever and For some even the weather Can move their we will Be there to how could we not Forsee their struggle clearly? Mix, don’t change the pigments. Colors are […]

Your Sense Of Urgency Left Through The Porthole Called Boredom

You say you’re the boss, but you’re not. You say you gave up but were caught. You say you’re relaxed but are fraught with Lies man. Lies man. Who ya lyan to man? Why your lies are true man. Through man. Think your lying through man. Barry  

When You’re Too Much For Just One Person

  You must come to your senses. They will not come to you! You must look and look again and look again. And look again. And look again real hard while praying… Praying real hard you find ’em! Barry  

It Looks Like It’s Hard To Cross But It’s Not

Mile wide love. One inch deep. Justa lake of love That you can’t keep From vanishing poof! Into thin air. Wear some other shoes then You might care Beyond the surface. Surface. Surface love. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

A Little Bitta Life

Oh t’day we gonna do somethin’. Ah git mah arse outa this here chair. And off we go to don’t know where, Cause few folks even care. But ifya hadda go to somewhere, We could step t’ward err each day. We could shuffle ever closer and Never take a trip. We’d always be on our […]