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Someone Is KILLED Every 12 Days In Saskatchewan By Cannabis… NOT!

  Sweet Jesus protect us! From this evil weed! Jesus, we need you To super-supercede. And inhale their exhale To free us from their deed. They want us. They need us. To c’mon, c’mon, BLEED! Barry Oh shit ya, weed is waaaaaaaay worse than working! Jeepers Man!! Mission Zero MY ASS! Source:   […]

Take Your Seat In The Collective Unconscious

  Little one misses her papa. Mama misses papa, too. Papa’s at work in a job he hates but What’s a poor papa to do? Papa works hard for his family. Even though he stays away. The very damn thing that papa wants Keeps him distant from it every day. Little one loves her papa. […]

You Fool Yourself

Like preferences, habits and Shit don’t control you… Genes and memes And spears don’t control you?! Barry  

Lucifer Lives In The Details And Gratitude Visits Seldom

Do what you can pally. Do what you can. No one cares about the doer tho they care about what was done. Get all your fun from what you done. Be proud, act proud and not out loud. But inside yell and please, pray tell, Because the Devil does his work before you clock in. […]

Triple Ess Dee

Stop saying and start doing The old man said to me The utter absence of guilt and frustration Will quickly set you free. Then you can be The best damn me The world will see Who you are. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The One Way Hoss

She was rode too hard. Put away wet, naw The longer the trail The slower she get an Them reins don’t work an She won’t go straight, she Won’t lighten up an she Will not wait so What you came in on ain’t No longer here. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

You Are At Least Two People

My body took me out for a walk. I didn’t want to go. But my body inner tremored and Sweated a lot. Felt kinda sick and so… Here outside we go. My mind gave my heart to a stranger. She got stranger and stranger and stranger. My mind didn’t mind, it put my body in […]

A Fresh Mind In Every Joint

Arr, ooga booga! Ya dang ding dong! Changer ‘ol attitude. Changer of tunes. Lawdy swamp me good naw. Take me on home. Keep me onna hunt naw. Diggin’ up bones. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Everything Conscious Is Here But Not

She turned a key and started an engine. A kid talked to a friend not there. A pizza was delivered to a Stranger by a stranger And neither stranger Was aware that They live life from a distance And that distance is nowhere close. They live and let living they Avoid a natural giving So […]

The Howlers Hush

You lay don still naw. Ima map at brain. Find out jis haw naw. Is brain git lame. Maybe not yer brain naw. Eess somethin’ same. Watch at, watch at naw. You goan git tame. Thank you, fried. Barry out.  

Hello Fellow Body Snatcher

Your clothes are more you than your body. Your clothes won’t attack you. Won’t make you feel sad. Clothes won’t make you cry Every time you get mad. Your body needs a friend. It hopes that is you But if you won’t be friendly then it’ll Do what friends do. Drop you like potato Too […]

Everything Has A Sound Barrier

You’re this tall, that’s it. Your guts a ball. Tough shit. You canna change it. Not today. That is, until you say… I’m gettin’ fat feet’n Ats okay. Thankyou, friend. Barry out.

1 F.I.H.

One foot in heaven. One foot in hell. One stings at’s true. The other well… It’s a long, long story. Too long to tell. But if you have a minute Hep ya remove at spail. Thank you, friend. Barry out.