For Those Unwilling To Act Their Age

A five dollar card in a garbage can.

Betcha that can wasn’t in the plan

When the five dollar bill switched hands.

Uh Uh.


Don’t throw my love away man!

Like my love while you can man.

Doncha throw that love away!


He put his love in a rock.

Now he knows that rocks can’t talk

But hit a baby with a good size rock

And man you hear babies talk rock.


Some babies can really rock talk!


Then love went into a house.

And a car and a big ‘ol boat.

Love got stranded on an island which

Itself could barely float.

Chance of love being saved?



Expose love raw and rare.

Show folks that you care.

Grab ’em by the shoulders,

Look ’em in the eye and

Tell ’em you’re glad they’re there!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.




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