Hi! My Name Is BLANK. Ask Me About STP – Smile Transfer Protocol!

Okay, okay. Calm down…

I know you must be pretty exited about finally rubbing eyeballs with the creator of STP – Smile Tranfer Protocol but for criminies sakes, did you just soil dem jeans?

Lawdy, get ahold of yerself!

Yes STP is omnipotent. Yes STP is omnipresent and lets not forget about Omnieasytouse!

For sure there is a break-in period. Certainly you’re gonna have some damn sore cheeks.

Tough it out!

Do it for the love of your grandchildren and bloody country if you cannot pull this off for your own selfish reasons…

But DO IT!


Tomorrow, if not right now. Transfer a smile from your face to someone else’s.

It works. It’s powerful. It’ll clear yer place. (devilish types HATE smilers!)


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

To Sea? Thisaway!

STP – Original Application YQR – Regina Airport Authority





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