My Name Is Barry and I Am A Raging Alcoholic & Then Sum

barry williams old bastard 54 years old
Barry Williams May 6, 2011. (good side)

Two nights I rolled around sleeplessly on account of my room mate.

Dude killed two people (on purpose) and over the course of 36 hours revealed his philosophy of life to me.

Cheesus fuckin criminy – was all that kept zooming through my mind.

I’m just a friggin alcoholic!

Yes, mayhaps I leans a bit too much on my wife’s wine making capabilities and maybe even from time to time I overindulge and fall down but jeesus creepers…

No matter how much I get riled up at folks, I would be hard pressed to muster the gumption to take another human life!

Sheeoot, I can barely spank people. (and now have abstained nearly altogether)

But this guy who I watched sleeping like a baby killed folks. And he was very okay about it.

I tried not to think too much about the transgressors of dude’s philosophy. They were “inconsequential” and now bystanders to our reality.

Nope, the wisdom I carted away from our traumatic trip together was that in my life drinking too much was okay and that I should investigate pot.

My headstrong room mate’s advice was quite contrary and required some deep thinking.

And to be open to that I had to first find the courage to close my eyes.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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  1. The 30 day alcohol treatment center I visited was called Cross Roads and is located in Penticton, BC.

    My wife Kathy and son Brett visited me every week but sometimes it wasn’t fun because the odd person was pissing me off.

    At least I thought they were pissing me off and what? You want to make something OF IT!!

  2. @Barry Williams, I would have been 39 or 40 when I did this because Brett was only a couple of years old and he’s 16 now.

    And already smarter than me. That’s what pissed me off enough to turn myself in so I could sleep the murderer’s sleep.

    The murderer I describe in this story was in the alcohol treatment center by court order. I was there kind of by choice. (not just mine, of course 😎 )

    Mr. Mayhem – as I very silently referred to him – was doing 20 yrs on his second murder rap and was in his early 30’s at this time. Dude might even be out of jail now.

    Anyway, he had a pretty interesting take on life and one of the more intriguing aspects of his philosophy was that oral sex was not sex and that’s why he was in prison. The dead guy wanted sex from my room mate’s wife when all she was authorized to supply was a blow job. JOHN Doe pressed the point and got stabbed to death for his misguided desire.

    Meeting this guy was the best thing that could have happened to me. He really provided an incredibly rich and diverse view of reality and his life gave mine more context. After hearing his life story and I was able to quit whining about mine.

    I still drink too much, though…

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