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Yo Yo, Genes.

I got no problem with your crazy son. It don’t cross my mind that he owns a gun. Just got a different way of having fun. Is all you say cause he ain’t hurt no one. Even tho’ we know your baby comes undone. Your eyes flash letters spelling WE SHOULD RUN. But like I […]

STP – Smile Transfer Protocol – Original Application @ YQR Regina Airport Authority

Howdy friends. The stuff I describe below got me into a lot of trouble. It even got my boss into trouble. His boss’s boss phoned me to stop what I was doing from spreading to other area properties under their management.  It worked – I only lasted 4 months with this company. 😉 I wrote […]

Employing WorkPlace Humor – Why Is The Smiley Face So Important To WalMart?

  Any Idea If This Is A Friendly Motel? Relax, it is finally official. Money CAN NOT buy happiness. The blissful news arrived in a ruling handed down against WalMart in early 2008 by Judge Timothy C. Batten Sr. in Atlanta. The learned adjudicator found that even with the support of two hundred thousand dollars […]

Employing WorkPlace Humor – Are You Brave Enough To Have Fun At Work?

It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It Laughter is so powerful it can make people pee their pants and cry like a baby. In fact, a few minutes of har-de-har hilarity will have most folks rolling on the ground, pleading for it to stop, stop. Please make it stop! Now, there is […]

These Help Wanted Ads SUCK

In 2003 my wife Kathy and I had been operating Barney’s Motel in  Brandon, Manitoba for two years and were badly in need of some good employees who were  willing to work cheap.  Utilizing long term classified ad campaigns in our local newspaper, I attracted some outstanding candidates just by employing humorous  advertising and wanted […]