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Quit This

It was mid October 2009 and I was up to HERE with struggling. Our monetary outflow constantly surpassed our inflow and the three businesses we started months earlier were floundering in various stages of losing their way home with the bacon. The personal loan route of survival was nearing exhaustion as I anxiously consumed both […]

Mishandling Power

Not once in my life did anyone talk to me about power or how to handle it. Here I’m speaking about personal or position power – the ability to influence people simply through “being” – maybe because you’re someone’s oldest brother, boss or guru. Because I had little knowledge about this critical aspect of management, […]

See No Evil

Having rose colored glasses has its drawbacks. As a big business buffoon I believed so much in positive outcomes I began to gloss over the mistakes that (mostly) me and my followers invented. In the manufacturing business this behavior was horrific because we continued to reproduce those un-admitted errors over and over again until there […]

The Undo Button

Every person has a place in their mind where they FILE things. Just a tad to the right of that spot is a heading named EDIT. Click on EDIT and the first command you will see is the UNDO function. Click UNDO and your most recent action in life will be reversed so you can […]

Expecting People to Change

Told you I wasn’t a Moron! I can change and I want to change. Doesn’t everybody? Surely people want to grow, to lead deeper, richer lives? Isn’t change the very essence of evolution and that’s something nobody can stop anyway, right? Is it arrogant of me to think that just because I can and want […]

Ignoring Your Gut

I think I’m having a HUNCH! My gut was unable to convince me of it’s intelligence – even after more than 50 years of pleading. It rolled – I rocked. It flipped – I flopped. It cramped and ached – I whined and complained and usually did my best to ignore it. Maybe a Kick […]

Big Mistake Number 2 – Victimitis

As a child I remember being quite certain about the existence of rules for fair fighting. You know, things like; no kicking folks in the head, shouting UNCLE means the scrap is over and smacking girls is way out of bounds. It’s kind of interesting that I was never made aware of any similar protective […]

Big Mistake Number 1 – Wasn’t Me!

The tough times you may be enduring were created by and for you. The life saving solution and implementation of it must come from you as well.

Say Hello to The Prince of FAILURE!

My most recent mistakes were the source of 300 lost jobs, 8 million dollars in unpaid creditors and the bankruptcy of several businessmen.