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I Know I Don’t Know Do You?

Four levels of hal-lo? You don’t know you don’t know You know you don’t know You know you know You don’t know you know Fight like the dickens to get to level 2. Slide into Level 3. Level 4 becomes you. Barry

The Climate, She Changes And Santa’s Make Believe.

Don’t look into the sun today. Maybe tomorrow too. Cause the sun is hotter and bigger than eyes. And a whole lot bigger than you. Barry  

They Say Don’t Go. On Wolverton Mountain.

Micro macro. All a way down. How it is now is how it is found. This here’s a drama, unfolding ya? Another in the can just waitin’ for da End of this drama, Wind it all down. Gotta go dark afore the next big round. It’s a series yer watchin’. You’re the audience. Next season […]

You Thinker Too Much

Here, let me cuddle you Thinker of too much. Cause yer confused and frustrated. Shit don’t add up that much. But think you should. Think what you could. Thinking is good but think! Barry    


Will you open up your fucking eyes to see? Or will you wallow in those things that set you free? Cause you don’t want my thing and your thing to be. You’d rather head your way and re-release me? Barry  

When The Ship Seemed Like It Was Really Sinking, Cruisers Went For The Bar.

Don’t die sober. Like everyone, raid the bar. You’re walking home alone you are Cause you don’t have a car. They test for drunk not high. You’re not that kinda guy You’re a woman. Barry

I Resist

You fuck, you say nothing! Money is all to you. Now you meet the real currency, I bet you stay true. Benjamin,  I do! Barry.

I Know Yer Hurt But Can Ya Graba Gunboy?

See, people talk from a distance. What distance is that is? You mutter, softy, alone to yourself. You don’t even know what gives! Barry  

We Wrestled With How Strong You Are

Bitch, you got an attitude! You want your own damn way! Don’t you see we’re playing catch? You throw back okay? Barry  

On The Sixth Day Without Water, Dude Got A Little Grumpy.

What causes you? Wearing your un-favorite color? Going without clothing? Does stinking like humans stink cause you to think a little differently? Wearing skid marked undies again, or do you leave them off, commander? Second meal missed today. How you feel about food, mister? What’s to not like now? What affects you, and how? Buddy, […]

Only Nine Times!

A guy wants to end his life, ya? The cops are trigger happy to oblige him. They shoot him nine bloody times! Barry  

Grandpa, What Were Sardines?

Sardines were radioactive. Food chain radioactive. Me, I’m radioactive. ‘Ashima… where you atta?  Barry    

Grumble Garden

There is a way to complain that reduces disdain. Makes is smaller and easy to hide. You’ll not find it deep Nor that far or that wide. But somewhere inside is That saying you’ll never give up. Barry