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Earth Is Flat. Life Is Round.

You can see that water is flat. It’s flat. It’s flat. Water’s flat. The earth is covered by water. So that is enough of that. Babies shit their pants. So do old uncles and aunts. And given just half a chance, You will too.  

The Devil’s In The Wee Tales

Mama, she loves me. Wouldn’t hurt me none. She tells me, your Papa, Look what he has done. He cursed you. He hit you. Chased you with an axe. And while you was outrunnin’ him Mama was coverin’ tracks. She set him up and Popped him off. Used him like an old rag cloth. Wiped […]

Does Loser Give Off A Smell That Only Losers Can’t Smell?

Malodorous. He was one of us and He held a high position. Ranking. High ranking. You hadda have the Right disposition.    

Marijuana – Wild Mexican Tobacco!

Oh, we gonna have some big fun tonight! Our cheeks will hurt. We’ll double dessert. People will stare. We’ll try not to care. ‘Cause there baby we’re High as fuck.  


Today ain’t good and Tamorry ain’t no better. But what’s a couple changes to An old go getter? Go get this. Go get that. Hurry up man! Get on back! Changed our mind. You change yours. Get back down On all fours. You stand tall. Only if you wobble. No stead fast. That breeds trouble. […]

Fuck You Tragedy And You Bastard Malevolence!

Jesus christ, he wanted to cry. He needed shouting in his ears why, WHY?! Fooled him bad, he didn’t even try To forgive them. Because it wasn’t them. They were only men. It would come again. And if he wasn’t careful Get more than his shareful. Ain’t helpin’ be prayerful. Do the old three sixty. […]

Aquired Intelligence Deficiency

You think you are smart. But you’re not. You think there’s more to get. So it’s got You. It’s illusion. The confusion. Of diffusion. Gotcha losin’ Your mind. There is no way out. So don’t flop about. Focus your clout. That is the prize they are after.  

They Have Swarm Intelligence And You Don’t

Your enemies are plotting your demise. They are fed up with your poorly crafted lies. Your legs had better work or your disguise Of being crippled but Victim hip though Could come crashing to an end, doh! Upsetting all your apple carts, Would that be wise? Find your third man and Stick with him. Visit Stockholm […]

Give Placebo A Chance

Love won’t hardly touch lower back torture. A friendly visit don’t do shit to fix that knee. You just need to take a walk. Maybe pep yourself a talk. How bout knock that bullshit off… Maybe stop complaining? Put your faith in magic water. The kind you bless, you really oughta – Direct your power […]