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Resistance Is Not Futile!

Part of me hated the bastard. Part of me wanted to kill him. Part of me wanted to drink him up. Part of me loved the thrill of him. Kill or be killed. Smiled as he said it. Then off popped the tops Of a bar with no limit. Now guzzle and gulp and wake […]

Get Your PTSD Before It Goes Out Of Style

Fuckin’ buddy dropped out of site! One second he’s beside me, the next, swoosh! I felt his hand brush my arm as he clawed the air, hoping against all hope that what was happening, was not happening to him. I knew what was happening to him at that brush. His brush with death. Or at […]

Some War’s About Fightin’ Wars

You do. You do. It’s all about doing. Baby, you do me in. I don’t know where to begin but Doing, it soon wears thin. Dead guys with clean clothes. Been there, seen doze. Mirror bullets for Werewolves. Stand back, the door’s closin’. Touch Baby, but not those ones. Those’ll just blow us away. And […]

We Have Nothing To Fear But The Fear Makers

You are going to hell. And you stink. Probably lower Eye Que. Than you think. You’re waay too fat Tree hugger, you. Sneakily allowing animules to Crawl into you through Barbeque sauce. You ain’t lost. This is home.

There Was That Daily Reminder: Shit Adds Up

He niced his hundredth person, For that week! He coulda niced a hundred more… But some folks didged and Others dodged. They deflected nice… what for?! Show another playa you’re playin’! At least… Smile at a playa. Nod at a playa. See what a little respect can do! But everybody head down or Maybe talk […]

The Hallway And It’s Rooms

There’s this life And that life and This life and that. Where you wind up Twists on where you bin at. You looking forward? Or you looking back? Time doesn’t care It’s the ball that you bat.

Little House Just Like Da Big House

This house was run by vote. Votes ran this house. Mom and Dad tallied the notes. In this house. They said every vote surely counted. They would count and then recount them. Then they’d say Just like we said; Mom and Dad get that brand new bed. The tallied voting said… And the votes, they […]

The Seestem Licks It’s Arseholes

Goddamn! It’s same show title three! Well, watchers come and see! You’ll shudder and tee hee! Set disbelief so free That it straps you on. Eight seconds sooo long. Sings your whole song. Then with one buck Sets you free… You’re FREE!

Constraint, I Shall Banish You To The Ends Of The Earth!

Fuck, he was a retard! He’d see shit comin’ Then, while hummin’ He’d s-l-o-w-l-y get ahead. Like mama always said. There’s something in your eye. Something that’s so fly. Ain’t me what they say. Another light flies away. Them, they never stray Into the vast unknown. Curious’s home. But with him comes the shitty-est of […]

The Cheater’s Guide To Heaven

BOOM! He wanted to see God so bad. BOOM! Was the only way he thought he had. BOOM! Exploded sadness turned some others mad. BOOM! Enter the Sandman with his hands of glad. Shhh! He works in silence, wrings the good from bad. He yins their yang then. They begin to question. Their path to […]

The Dimensions Between Sight And Sound

Some came in saucers. Others had reptile skin. Some had no skin at all And weren’t where they had been. When they landed after tactile. And just before smell. One could see them but not feel them Because touching them was, well… Waay out of the question. See them on the edge of sight. Feel […]

If You’re A Cat, It Ain’t Monday.

Five was the number. The number was five. Then he’d come awake. Then he’d be alive! Seven was a number. A number which he dread. Seven was a forcer Force him outa bed. One was rent. Water, fifteen. Life insurance, taxes In between. Then it’s a clean break. Maybe wake ‘n be baked. Tummy ache […]

He Could Say It Was The Lord But It Was Life

Words kept coming Like non-stop humming. Like a far away train will rumble you. You feel the world a rockin’. You hear somebody talkin’. The rocks get hot to walk on. So now you run. Son-of-a-gun! Stops being fun. You come undone. Not the only one. And now you’re never tired Because you’re always wired […]

Get Your Pareidolia On, Shite Is Adding Up.

The plays and the players. Just another day. Nothing to be seen here. Why not look away? The sky’s not falling. The earth ain’t shakin’. You ain’t in a hot home Awaken without bakin’. Count you your blessings. Hang ’em on a wall. Get a little mixed up Who ya gonna call? No one.

Get Bent

Blow your stack. Come undone. Put those loved On the run. Stop all fun. Cause shit ain’t going your way. Swear out loud. Asshole proud. It’s allowed Cause you’re a jerk. You live to hurt. Hurt yourself first And then the others.

Where Are You And What Time Is It?

Say this again tomorrow. For tomorrow holds no sorrow. It’s a brand new day With a brand new way Of doing things that Shouldn’t be done. But today you can Replay your plan Cause today all things are different. See, the man changed his mind. Today you’ll find Him rather kind So do that which […]

You Don’t Play With The Big Boys

You roll the die. You don’t ask why. Just barely try To understand. It’s underhanded. Won’t understand it. Can’t get behind it. Cause you don’t know Mister so-in-so. So you must go Along, to get along. Now get along…

Space: The Final Fraudtier

He lied to himself, Chanting: I think I can. I think I can! But as an also ran He was in a clan That lied on their resumes too. There was no no-can-do. But didja really think these things through? It was you… just you. And that ain’t enough.

An Asshole’s Hegelian Dialectic

Fo’ sho’ he was an asshole. He had those asshole ways. And without any effort He could asshole on for daze! Sometimes he would wonder. As assholes seldom do. What made me such an asshole? Can I dam my river of poo? Maybe read a book or Take a course or join a goddamn church. […]

He Was Good On Taxes

He just paid income tax and Tax on his gas and the gasser Paid their taxes all the way down. He paid their tax, too. On his car, too. Every fucking thing in his house was taxed too! His food. His clothes. The fooders and the clothers. He paid their tax too! They told him […]

His Initiative Showed None

You don’t quit, you don’t start. You’ve turned not trying Into an art. You don’t follow direction But want us all to becon To your call. It ain’t your fault. It’s a default. For the not so innocent bystander.

He Was A Small Man Baring His Cross

He could hear the birds, or not. He could flail in this net But he was caught. And goddammit, these were problems. Andy had no way to solve them. So he cried out to the night. You know this isn’t right! Andy’s damn near outa fight! But the universe wants more. And Andy, that’s your […]

Mike Roe And Mike

As below. So above. Things never fit. Like a glove.

Your Days Are Numbered Now Name Them

Six hundred years old. On his thirty-ninth childhood. Jonah finally learned to shit his pants. He could shit those pants with ease, now. No need to scare shit out. All done with zero grunting, he was proud… Ya gotta learn to shit yourself, he knew. If it takes six hundred years. Cause once you learn […]

If You Need To Be Angry

A punching bag, you’re not. But, here you are… caught. In the eye of a drama storm. Drama storm. Drama storm. Turn and torn. Man you rustled bag! You Hag! Queen of Drama, Storm!

Suggestions Dropped Like Grenades To Fall On

The Boogieman wears my droopy pants. The Boogieman wears my shoes. The Boogieman, he limits me. Tells me what to choose. Fear this, fear that. My Boogieman knows just where it’s at.

Staying Where God Wants You

Pretend you are a fuckwit. A moron and a gloat. Pretend you’ve nothing to offer. Then think about your oath. Your oath. Your oath… Just think about your oath. To UPHOLD life. Against all strife. And now, apparently, you’re in it. It’s time for you to bring it. Sing or just wingding it. But Madame […]

The Stupid Future And Past

It hit him in the gut. Right. In. The. Gut. Weren’t no ifs, no ands or buts. There it was and just because It was there, he could see it. He could feel it, be it. Let it run amok. Or he could look away. Go and play. He could really not give a fuck. […]

If You Open The Door For God He Will

The Devil makes you do stuff. You don’t want to do. And God, he wants whatever you want. Cause God, he works through you. Satan works in other folks. Via tempers they can’t control. They stab you once maybe fitty times And you don’t ever say whoa! … See, God and Lucifer, at your beck […]

The Deadly Lack Of Imagination

They didn’t think it was a bear. Just the shadow of a rock. Cause this bear never growled And it never, ever talked. It just cast this shadow. Not much there to know to Run this way or walk all day But some who say It’s a bear alright. We need more fright! And get […]