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You are stupid. You don’t matter. No one cares about you. You are ugly. From a bad family. You know you are screwed. Because you think, you are. That’s how powerful, you. In sanity, Your friend Barry.

Watch For Scratches And Biting When It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

Most folks have never seen shit hit a fan. Shit doesn’t hit all at once. It starts with a dribble of shit, then a squirt, finally a steady flow called shit creek. Now, you want to be downstream shit creek because upcreek there are no paddles and paddles are necessary to keep away from the […]

After Fear: Anhedonia.

Scary rides aren’t so scary the second time around because life is invested in diminishing returns. Love fades. Bread moulds. Boredom is. Life isn’t fun. It can be fun, but for the most part, it just is. Life is the bowl, you are the soup. Get it into you and enjoy… In sanity, Your friend […]

When You Let Them Tursey Your Top

Don’t get all tied up about work or: your church or country or your god or your favorite color or your skin color or your address or your bank account or your car or your degree or your reputation your watch collection your talents your circumstances your parents your luck Everything is temporary when you […]

When Your Neighbor Hates You And You Can’t Move

So when you walk too fast past the neighbor’s house, he attacks you. If you happen to glance when the neighbor is glancing, he’ll throw shit right in your eyes. You’ll get cataracts if you’re lucky. And the couple of times the neighbor’s woke you up in the middle of the night by stabbing you […]

Back When The Bad Guys Wore Masks

Why do you look for freedom in the street? Because that’s where they keep it… Deese guys we now follow are heading toward the cliff and at the last moment they peel off while de heard dey tink goes over. It’s a warped record with many coins piled on the stylus and soon you will […]

Cats And Dogs And Cows And You

Take a quick peek around your humble abode. Look at everything. The pictures, frames, glass, walls, paint, furniture, shellac, light fixtures, carpet, stupid little ornaments… Take a long, hard look at your environment. And then slowly come to the realization that YOU HAVE NO PART IN IT! You didn’t make SHIT! Like the humble squirrel, […]

Free Market Electronic Coupons

Broccoli? Who the hell likes broccoli? That’s a coupon waiting to be sold. Coupons? That’s a market about to explode. Is all. In sanity, Your friend Barry.

A Tension

Eyes. Ears. Nose. Mouth. Skin. And attention. Morphogenetic energy. You don’t have much so I’ll pay you fast, okay? What you focus on, you become. Whatever you give your attention to, owns you. People are owned by pets, relationships, countries, gangs, sports (once upon a time) games, jobs, religions, brands, cultures, fashions, marketers, lotteries, […]

Good And Evil Explained

She loved to hear her mother laugh. Memories causing present laughs. You’re in the moment, not the past. You’re shining bright but it won’t last. Step on your brake or hit the gas. It all adds up and pretty fast. Your numbers put you to the test. There is a number of the best. Six […]

The Alien Invasion

You better watch out. You better not pout. Aliens are coming To town! They know who has been naughty. They know whose acting nice. You better pull your socks up bud Aliens do not ask twice. The spaceships are called Heaven. You want to come aboard? Good time to call a spade a spade. And […]

When You Feed Instead Of Fed

Oh you wit ideas. Mister Answer, you. You don’t grab de shovel. Til dey tell you to. You drive to de bargain. Do not leave day home. And while dey trapse in circles. You spend time on loan. You know how dey goin’.

Don’t Write This Down

I’m falling out of love with you. I can’t believe myself it’s true. For everything for me you do. But You fence me in and when I win You says it’s us. Us two. And I don’t think we’re through. But I see you aknew. And I will split into Whatever me for you.

The Got And Don’t Got

There wasn’t any color In the faces of the races. They were all a million miles Behind on rent. Some hot and others bothered For a few there quite uncollared. For no collar meant you traveled Where you want. No collared was so daunting… Who knew there’d be accounting? For just staying Like they said […]

You Don’t Know Mad And You’ll Take What They Give You

Buddy don’t like no confrontation. Rude people pain his ass. But Buddy says shit with a mouth full of it. He shuts his damn mouth and fast. He sees a cop from India. A soldier here from Guam. And an alcoholic veteran All fought out. Left his fight in ‘Nam. Chinese at the corner store. […]

Who Don’t Owe De Gubber Ment?

Dad paid da rent. Dad’s hell bent. Ima get sent To da pharm boy. Takin’ nees piws. Gainse mah will Dadda got a big pharm Dadda do no harm Prefrontal lobotomy workin’.

Person Fifty-Four, Where Are You?

Dad’s a callin’. You be fallin’ . On your knees. Less you pleased To have size nines on your throat. Dad, he ain’t no goat. Come a lookin’ for you Climbing walls. Rippin’ daddy’s overalls. Dad ain’t happy. It’s your fault. Make dad look You just insult him. Keel hauled by dat phone!

When You Go Into The Woods Today

You better go alone. And if you don’t go to the woods today Maybe you’ll stay at home. You better stay at home. Better you do not roam. Better stay close to your phone. They want to know where you’re goin. They want to know when you’re home. In the woods, they want you alone.

Peek A Boo!

Where’s mommy? There she is! Where’s daddy? At his biz. This thing just a little fizz! Mommy gets a little dizzy. Doctor’s getting pretty busy. Daddy’s sick and tired is he? Shoulda said I’m sick bit sooner. Mommy sways and sweats a spoona Second ticks by and They say goodbye To mom and dad. Why […]