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Outa tune. Outa time. Outa patience. That don’t rhyme. Outa money. Outa work. Outa synch. Effen jerk. Outa balance. Outa wine. Outa step. Get in line. Get behind. Get aligned. Or you goan be called Outa.

Without This, It’s The Same Shit Every Day.

He didn’t know he didn’t know And his not knowing didn’t matter. He would know he didn’t know In God’s good time. For now, he dines. On the finest whines. Which may combine. With God’s good time. And show him, fine… Experience changes everything.

Manufacturing Hope

They seemed like they were in love. Holding hands and talking alot. But then I saw them chained together. Seems like they had been caught. Trying to run away Gonna run not pay. They had had their say. But now, today… They were on their way To the magistrate. But they couldn’t wait. They were […]

Your Smile. Please Send It.

Every Bit Of The Whole Damn Thing Squeezed Through Some Little Mind

He drew a big building But the building was bigger Than the biggest damn drawing he drew. He knew this through and through. All he had to do… Was putta bitta paper to pencil.

If You Have A Future, Sell It.

A credit card is an old, armed guard. Knocking on your door in the rain. Brother, he’s back again! See if he can stand the pain! Of ignorance, we’ll ignore the man. And if we can… We’ll only hit the uniform.

To Say Two Smart Things In A Conversation, Buddy, You ask Too Much!

Jesus Christ talked a mile a minute. Like ideas were time with him not in it. We thought – Jesus, he’s on something… Saying it over and over again. Like maybe he’s all in. Jesus talks through his grin. Jesus knows who all sin. Oh ya, Jesus knows who sin.

Fucked In The Land Of The Fucked, Isn’t Quite As Fucked.

You thought you were But here you are… Barely even fucked. You, on self destruct. You, who piss away luck. You’re back on track Cause you don’t lack The brass where brass nuts come from. Get one keep one from undone. Put an end to no one. Tell you more shit. Be done with it. […]