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You Shoulda Learned Bat Shit Crazy

When the world is silly And acting willy nilly Do you head for the hilly? Do you face down Billy? Cause Billy got a billy club That he’d love To hard shove Hand in glove From above The orders come Shut them down! Knock them down! Put them down! Or they’ll bunch up Scrunch up […]

Yo Broadcast

Urine trouble mister fox. You do this only if you dox. You’re not giving any fucks. And its big time in the big house. Take it, take a bigass dose. Plunge, you sinner. No beginner. Has a right to. What you do. It’s a sad day In every way. Take a shark dank Anda pounda […]

Lucifer I Commend Thee

Ain’t no fight in Beelzebub. Guy’s all shits and giggles. She ain’t blow jobs but Knows who does. Slewfoot’s eyebrow squishy squiggles. Smile there man! Ain’t this fun? You so lucky son of a gun! Look at what your goood frien done! You goan straight to heaven… Here, get in.

The Exit Had A Pile That The Entrance Didn’t Have

They all showed up for the party. Indignant and foolhardy. Danced with the music. Then, just when they think Shit’s done hitting the fan. Cracks show there was no plan. Blood in the harbor. That’s just where they were! Lookit me close now. We’re in a bind. Someone must find The courage we lack. We […]

His Name Was Lick And He Got Hit Alot

They were short on the float Money was missing. Which meant they’d be kissing This job goodbye. It’s do or die. We all will fry Cept for one guy… He getting licked to death.

As Nice As A Bitch Can Be

She would love you in the eye And eat your heart out. She would say that she’s okay. Then cry your heart out. She would stutter and she’d stammer. She would wail you with bitch hammer And you’d love it, hug it, shove it So far up your hope pipe No rational thought could sneak […]

When God Stopped Working And It Didn’t Get Hot

The hands had risen Or stayed down by each side. And two great nations from The same side collide. Smitten by minds which Had been fried. Yes, fries with that and To combat Any thoughts of resistance Give ’em all suspense Living in past tense Tomorrow be a hot one. As she comes undone. Walls […]

The Four Corners Of Reality

Get out of the wrong side of bed he said. Gonna change the whole damn day. And maybe you get less say. Cause the way you woke today Gonna set in motion some way. The things that make that day. A turn to the right. A glance to the left. You can see what you […]

Living In Los Goutos

You don’t walk the streets. You get no eats. Til one of you beats the other. Ain’t no cryin’ mother! Shit you take those druthers. Put ’em where they should be. Where they never gonna see The light of day. It’s just your way I gotta say It’s okay bra It never was An you […]