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Inside Voice

Nothing to hear. The no voice said. But that deep thought Bounced over his head For he thought every thought Was read. But cyphered in no thoughts instead Was a warning. Forlorning The place where no thoughts hid. They existed off the grid. Bin hidden since the kid Heard Don’t you think?! You little Gink? […]

I See You Don’t See

Laugh at reality. Reality’s a joke. Depends what you bin smoking. Or if you’re on da coke. Whether chick or bloke. Whether rich or broke. Money ain’t a problem! Make hand over fist. Pal you got to bet it all. Take a little risk. Make a face like this… Wipe that silly clown face. Stop […]

Budday Where’s Your Boday?

Your team lost last night And one of them kneeled For your anthem. Fuck them! You abandon Them cause They are not your only team! You have been So busy. Now, let’s see… It’s your town. And family. It’s your club And they’ll see. It’s your house. And your car. Tho’ the bank claims They […]

Lord Ah See A Train A’Comin’

Well enough doesn’t work for long. They won’t leave well enough alone. Well enough won’t stay where it’s not wanted. Well enough is never less than home. But, blinded by their faith. The faceless could not wait. Manned them every gait. No wellness would abate These faceless had a date With destiny. Blessed to be. […]

I Will Use The Un Door

Drink from my own damn fountain. Restroom just for me. I will drive by car boy You just wait and see. Get my food to the parking lot. Meals consumed in car. Pay at the pumps Take my lumps Shit ain’t going too far. See me a little standoffish. We are not good friends. Wait […]

Got Your Lie Sense?

Building permits and Driver’s license. Surveyors to mark that fence. Passport and registration. Steal that car without hesitation. Birth certificate. Health card. Accreditation. SIN card. Merit points. Retard, There is a system. You are innit. Be that gear Know your limit. Rattle off that number!

Too Smart

You are stupid. Just enough. To know that there is fairway rough. You will use the first damn club To knock your notion home. Pally, you have grown Outside yourself Where chocolate melts And you ain’t have a lick yet.

Stay You

You fought like hell You know damn well You are made of steel. You won a race You won first place Billions around you reeled. Perished and they wished They were in your shoes For a chance to lose The race you now are winning.

The Mayor Of Skewed

You think you know Bill Bailey. You think you know… You don’t know shit Bill Bailey. You don’t know shit. And yet you guess Bill Bailey. And yet you guess… But you don’t track them Billy. You don’t track your guesses. Which leads to messes, Billy. Huge fucking messes! Billy! Ya, you make guesses Billy. […]

And About Those Rights

You have the right To keep your pie hole shut. No damn crying. No ifs or buts. Keep it shut tight or You know what Could happen. You’re all strapped in. Your kids. Your wife. Your truck. That bike. The secret bitcoin You know that, right? They ain’t gonna help You leave. Aight? Cause the […]

Turn On Your Reciever Deever

You pretend you didn’t know. How could you not see? You saw them dividing us Everywhere you be. But the sand is deep You mumble keep Your guard and damn mask up! You’ve nearly had enough! You’ll take no more You give what for Your boot on my Mom’s neck.