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It Was A Twelve Step Program With A Hundred Steps

If god didn’t catch you The boogieman would. If santa doesn’t leave you out The easter bunny should Ignore your pleas for Colored eggs and sweets. For you, you build on your retreats. It’s only back and straight back and straight away Tomorrow’s just another today, okay? Barry

Nothing Was What He Listened To And From Nowhere He Listened Well

When I look like this keep Your pie hole closed. Silence is what I need. I’ll break the silence when It’s time to be broken. Then you heed my lead. Talk about stuff I want to hear. Watch my frown Is it happy or sad? Don’t cross the line into Your inter-rests or I’ll be […]

If I Should Die Before I Wake I Hope The Next World Ain’t As Fake

Perception is a thing. Things can be controlled. Things can be not as they seem. Fresh paint over old. Polished up then sold. Sellers acting bold. Buyers don’t behold Anything their told. Barry  

We Wrestled With How Strong You Are

Bitch, you got an attitude! You want your own damn way! Don’t you see we’re playing catch? You throw back okay? Barry  

The Consciousness Crack

Just before sleep like I’m drunk or dead tired isa Fatal disjoinment who’ll likely get Hired to slowly replace me and Then get me fired. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lovz Me Some Storz & Bickel

Don’t put your mouth on that On that! Don’t put your mouth on that! You’re gonna crack your yap on that! Put your yap trap on that and nap? Who put your yap on trap? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Stopped Eating Now They’re Dead People

Uh ya, don’t eat meat and The carrots are staring The potatoes have eyes are None of you caring? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Near Misses Count

Ah, the dock. THE DOCK! Gonna hit the dock! But no. Cappy slides them into hawk. Just close enough they can embark. Not knowing how close they came… Doesn’t haveta turn a whole damn ship. No one even feel the turn a bit. Cappy just look where he want it To go. Thank you, friend. […]

My God Persistence

He wouldn’t shut up. Wouldn’t go away. Listened for yes. Couldn’t hear nay. Had a silly plan based on What if you can? and Dispising regret he Lived on the lam Where regret couldn’t find him. Didn’t even look and No one was missing the Time that he took. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

All Things To All People? Divide Your Happiness By A Million.

She said yes, she could. He said sure, he would. They smiled and said yay good! It’s settled. You’ll be this for me. I’ll be he for thee. Then the world will see. Us happy. We’ll act like it’s okay. We’ll fake the day away. So everyone will say. They’re happy. But inside fractured glad, […]

Know You Don’t

Let go of who you are Right now. Let go of who you are. You will be who you Are not. You’ll not be who you are. You’ll not. Then think this newbie’s thoughts. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Rats Don’t Pile

Squeeze ’em together. They’ll bite each other. Some’ll even turn gay. Some’ll eat up all ‘a damn food. Others fuck the day away. Rats ain’t good at bunching up. Rats, they need their space. The biting, fighting, and screwing themselves got Nothin’ to do with race. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Trapped By Insects And Homemade Wine Inside This Damned Old House

Ya got Kraft Cheese Whiz. Your one kay gee jar. Normally couldn’t steal the bloody stuff for, Eight nine-ninety nine, maybe Seven ninety-nine and now FIVE NINETY-NINE witha FOUR JAR LIMIT! (That’s eight if we wanna go in separate…) And me stuck here causa Damn wine and insects! Maybe could you get my wheezy? Thank […]

When Shit Moves In

Hey do you smell that? Winds of change. Rearrange. Everything you know. And when they blow No one knows Which seeds change sows But there it goes A blowin’. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Second That

You’re old. No one wants to hear from you old. Jokes not funny old. Shut the fuck up old. Mister observer. Lap it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Ye Old Metanoic Moment

There’s a sign man. There’s a sign. Can you see it? Believe it? Conceive it’s needed? There’s a sign man, There’s a sign. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Don’t You ‘Majin Me

No I can’t tell what you’re thinking. Good chance you can’t too. You’re just sitting there thinking. Bout what no can do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Wanna Work For Evolution?

Jesus you like the hard way. Grunting anda groaning. You keep doing it that way Won’t be here in the morning. But hurt it swarms around you. Hugs you in its grasp. Buddy you ain’t close to hurtin’s bess friend And you will not be it’s last. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

In Four Hundred Meeters Turn Right On CRISPR Gene Drive

Walkabout the boat. You’re not the captain. You’re not. There’s no hide and seek You’re caught man, caught. That smell ain’t of action It’s rot man, rot. You saw it man, saw it. Responded to it not. Even with rods locked on it. One ain’t gonna got it! Two, it barely saught it. Three!  See, […]

If I Didn’t Have Me To Talk To

He’s in solitary refinement. Got his big self on the line man. Takes a long step deep inside then It all goes away. No tomorrow, no today. Not a place he wants to stay But he flies around and plays. It’s a good life, he’s okay. He’s his best friend. Stood the test when Doubt […]

Depression Is Your Step Mom With Your Passwords ‘n Keys

Yes come whenever you like and stay Longer than I want. Tell me my hair looks stupid and My sunken eyes project haunt. Whisper my life’s for nothing That’s why my skills are few Tell me it’s me and only me Nothin’ to do with you. You are good. You are right and You gonna […]

Something Wrong With Yer Goddamn Link

Your site’s live. You’re live. Ninety-nine point nine nine uptime. Your uptime climbs If you don’t mind Listenin’ to the whine The endless whine of no tryers. Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

Wannabe More Like Ivan

Ivan don’t care what you think. He don’t need booze to drink. Ivan quenches thirst by toilet. Ivan eats meat without boil it. Ivan sleeps when he wants Checks out his old haunts Someone transports Ivan’s shit. Ivan knows not about Monday. Couldn’t give a shit about Sunday. His calendar is a window. His moods […]

You Know What I Want Just Not How To Get There

Look straight into my face. I’m not smiling. There’s no reason to. You’re not nice. Asking me stuff. Expecting answers. You’re lame. Oh So lame. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Father, If You Can See This.

My dad went to heaven. Where everything’s better ‘n good. Nobody talking back to him. People listen like they should. Jesus askin’ pops a million questions. Just so much that Jesus doesn’t know! See, this here is my father’s heaven. They got time and my lord daddy’s on a roll! Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

Why You’re An Asshole Doesn’t Matter

Hit the one whom Sticks it’s head up. Where and when Makes no difference. Thankyou, friend. Barry out.

How To Add Shit Up Without Shit Adding Up

I said halt! Who goes there?! No one halted Or was there But me, I still paid attention. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Sumbitch Deez Genes!

Are you the driver? Heard someone say as I was comin’ awake. It was me asking me and it was me Not wanting to be asked. And still the asker asked their Question which almost no one cared to answer. Cause if you ain’t drivin’ then move Over and I will. For me, I know […]

I Can Start Something That Will Not Stop

Insects doing what insects do. And happy, damn happy to do it. Flesh and gravity, in the dirt. If you don’t Get up, they just do it. One second after your happiness stops, The insects, man… They hop to it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Shit’s Made Up Before Shit’s Made Up

Myth is a fact. There’s no denying. Course, if you do, Then there’s that too. Thank you, friend. Barry out.