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Until Death Do Ye Part Wit Problems

Blessed be those little squeaks. Little freaks. They not weak. They will never taste defeat. Nor get beat. Down. Barry

It’s A Bounce Then, Not A Crash.

  Ricochet? You don’t say… Just a tap and walk away. Make the gap toward Norse Frey. Enter they not injured, nay. Shaken, they awake. Barry

Without Gods

  Billions of books with empty pages. A million halls with empty stages. Miles of cloth and cardboard, not on heads. People resting on Sunday instead Of wearing Kirpans and shiny crosses. No congregations or sharp dressed bosses. Collection plate bizness in the dumper. No bedside prayers or Latin muttered. No smoking balls on silver […]

Three Daze

Oh you can’t be nice forever. Ain’t enough slack to cut. That smile kinda hurts on the second day When everyone’s had enough. But you, you tough it out. Close your nearly full ears. Maybe you say you’re laughing To explain those burning tears. As shit piles up. Six feet high. You wonder if you […]

When A Mind Is Wound Up Life Has Many Twists And Turns

Your reality isn’t real. That’s not the way to feel. Sprinkled with confusion. Speaking from delusion. Making real fear. Starting deep in here. You know something’s screwed. You are now behooved. To investigate. Navigate. Don’t you wait. Getting late and You don’t got no sense on. Barry

Gift Horse Tonsils

Hey, it’s looking at you. You look too. This here zoo Is yours. Barry

I Don’t Miss You That Much Five

Born into the wrong family Can be a nasty thing. You hate your name Namesakes, too. And everything else they bring. You didn’t fit in. Maybe still don’t. Captain of the world Five, Got your own haunt. Barry

The Clever Ones Needed An Infinite Fence

He said, you will be into sports. Or religion. Or booze. Or trucks. Maybe you’ll be into gambling. Your life will be based on luck. You will be hooked on fashion. On speed and controlling the climate. Yes, you’ll be loving that travel. And power even if you’re buyin’ it. You could be snagged by […]

Satan! You’ll Take What I Give You!

  Lucifer don’t bounce no checks. Got a million accounts who will. And Beelzebub will spill your guts Guts spilled in cringe-worthy swill. Ah guilt! You feel THAT!? Anxiety too?! Oh man, Old Slew foot, he love you! Barry

Mexico’s Largest Cartel

These soldiers don’t carry guns. Menacing, they know not. No, they accept with a smile. In their net you are caught. ‘Cause when you get drunk You buy my junk. You’ve been out- thunk. Accept it. Barry

We WILL Be Fooled Again

  A new guy in the big house. This guy we can believe in. He acts the part. We know he’s part actor. And a damn hard act to follow… Barry

The Real Power Rangers

Back in the day, I was a thermographer. At’s right, a thermographer. I took photos of heat patterns when there wasn’t much call for photos of heat patterns. “Thermography,” I said. “Infrared imaging,” I said just a wee bit louder – for effect… “You know, taking pictures of heat…” “Uh okay,” the tire shop assistant […]