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A Mute Black Daughter And Her Incestuous Ginger Brother

Maully was a bitch of a bitch. Barged in as a kid. Made chosen seem as if It WAS her. It became her. And chosen then she soon became. Like chosen was the name of the game. The chosen one.. Chosen soon become. The one where chosen run The game that everyone calls life. The […]

Occupy Truck Street

The bombs were piled high. No one asked why They just slowly sauntered by Mount Destruction. But the suction… The suction of destruction was too much for them to bear. They should have really cared But they did not. Then they were caught. Caught in enemy action because Their oppressors now had traction. The wall […]

History Stutters

Jesus hada die Nine damn times. Before he got it right. Couldn’t die at breakfast. Lunch didn’t work. Jesus hada die at night. Dying like the day old light. Getting all the shadows right. It’s Jesus sad, it isn’t fright. So even Jesus wants to get it right. Do overs, like today’s the same. Ain’t […]

Canon Was His Me

He went off like two dogs Playing in the moonlight. Nothing there was too bright Do you have a ticket? Will you traverse thicket? Block a call and click it? Are you all alright now? Sick of how We tally up the numbers? Now you feel encumbered? Hiding and then huntered? You and yours now […]

When Buddy Gets His Game On

Don’t get so upset if mister doesn’t call. He’s got that reputation in the end it all Makes alot more sense with your back to the wall. Like droppin’ into dead airspace But still you take the fall… Buddy don’t say nothin’. He just window glaze his look. Spying something so far out Philosopher of […]

The Franchises Of Prison

A name was needed And it hadda be cool. Tat it on a million faces. Let ’em cools tool. Let ’em work. Let ’em jerk. Then boot ’em from your see stem. Tell ’em you will help ’em. Sell ’em guns and ammo. They will pay to play doh. Set up another. Be that mother. […]

Luck Favors The Repaired Man

You may think it’s all okay. You don’t need help so stay away. You might fall down but not today. So helpers, check yourself. Cause you don’t need no help. You do just fine and you don’t whine Cause you gotta tow that heavy line And walk it like you can. Wanna be an also […]


You do everything yourself. You don’t need nobody. We don’t visit and you’re alone. Your son is bad and god he Ignores your pleas for pain relief The whiskey doesn’t touch it. And it sure ain’t a crutch it Is a pain relief. A strain relief. But it can’t keep A lid on it.

Yera Hill Billy

Drank his pail full every day. Boyz around him dun the same. Drankin’ to them weren’t no game. Not to drank would be so lame. Juss stay quiet. Take the blame. Then we do it all again. Wearin’ that Haira Dog coat.

Ruder And Abuser

Holy shit Mart, ya ignent. You’re rude. You’re crude. You’re full wazooed. Shoulda bin tatooed. Get a big middle finger on ya forehead. Sayin’ back here’s nothing but brain dead. Cause ya pay no mind to they said. You falling in holes Thenya climb outa those But like a casket ya goes Inna nother hole. So […]

When Admiration Goes

Something worth emulating. Something so right. Something so worthy It’s outa sight. To the average Joe. And the Joe’s below Joe. Ain’t much chance For them to go But two fingers less ‘n dey empty.  

Rewriting Yesterday

At times he was an asshole. At others a great guy. No one thought to wonder How this was or why. Was he really just an asshole? Or was asshole in all guys? Perhaps I was the asshole here Assholing up mankind. Arrive like yin and leave like yang. Come on buddy, do your thang! […]

Swirlin’, Swirlin’, Into The Bowl Of Poop.

Dem plants, dey grow from Da side not facin’ Da light. Dey stretch away from Da endless night. No one to tell dem Dey just do dis, aight? And plants ain’t know no shit Bout. No. Damn. Int’rest!    

You Have No Idea What You Don’t Care About

  Who gives a shit about baby turtles? Stupid little shells litter the beach… Who gives two shits about a wee bitta graft? And all of the oaths those freaks breach? Who cares if voting’s fixed? The lottery’s a sham? Let ’em program me, I don’t give a damn! What if diamonds and oil and […]

Where Money Goes To Disappear

You say you want something for nothing. Get paid just sat in your chair. You want to make a million dollars By noon in your underwear. You aren’t about providing value. You’re about eating cake. An you aren’t up for any baking. You sir, are on the take. You want your money multiplying. Double maybe […]

Okay But

She wasn’t his wife. This wasn’t his car. That wasn’t real money Cleared the tab at the bar. Didn’t get his number. No, she got more. Butch blue tatoo swore WE ARE AT WAR! Didn’t know where they were going. Or where this lead. Both of them lying In a messed up bed. So they […]

Circumstances. They Change.

See this ditch It’s beside the road. Here you’re headed like You’ve been told cause You do shit everyday The same. You keep score but Fix the game. We’re not playing. You’re to blame.

When You Know You Don’t Know, You’ll Know.

Bawled when he came in. Kickin’ anda screamin’. Felt if this was real then he Hoped he was dreamin’. Pain one day was voluntary. He shied away a bit. Saw he from his painless place Ain’t nothin’ got without it. Said choose your pain and Choose it twisty. Dab your eyes when they Get misty […]

They Broke My Fingers And Then My Thumbs

Sign language one oh one. Cain’t see the signing when there Ain’t no sun. Wait til the night The night is done. Then signal by smoke my son.

Jesus I Don’t Want To Be A Fucking Retard

No offense, he said, but you stink! And I don’t like how you think! You wear skin that’s brown, it ain’t pink. Your koolaid’s bad, I won’t drink. Your hearing’s gone and you blink. You ain’t sol-id, you’re a fink! Time will see that you sink. You’ll wind up in the klink. You’ll think more […]

Mister Brown’s Shadow

There’s a dent in the earth Wherever we walk and the Silence only breaks when Somebody talks and our mother Might warn us that slippery rocks But it don’t rock forever and Damn those rocks make for hard building. Barry

His Majesties Freedom

I ain’t ever asked the king for shit. The king, he gave me lots. And every time the king, he want to smile. I wonder ’bout the cost. See, the king don’t smile. Less not for free. And if he smile it’s Not on thee. You’re not free To smile back. Barry  

Such An Ass You Can Be Without Trying!

Ya grandma, you have sharp teeth! Your mind is dull and Your eyes are foggy but Grandma, you have sharp teeth! It’s a blister pack for you. Goddamn doctor Groves. But with damn sharp teeth And a damn mind dull, This is how it goes. Barry

Good Only Works If Shit Gets Bad

Fuck it! I’m done! I can’t take no mo’. This shit train’s pulling into the station. I’ve had it! I’m through! This bastard’s fed up. I’m fixin’ to join So Pissed Off Nation. Be a grumpy old fuck. Whatcha lookin’ at freak?! You want a size ten in the ass?! Or maybe calm down. Maybe […]

Stand In This Line If You Want Shit To Fall On You

You are better than me, man. Pitty me, I just can’t Grasp reality. Not like you. You’ll just do What I can’t seem to… Barry

Until Death Do Ye Part Wit Problems

Blessed be those little squeaks. Little freaks. They not weak. They will never taste defeat. Nor get beat. Down. Barry

It’s A Bounce Then, Not A Crash.

  Ricochet? You don’t say… Just a tap and walk away. Make the gap toward Norse Frey. Enter they not injured, nay. Shaken, they awake. Barry

Without Gods

  Billions of books with empty pages. A million halls with empty stages. Miles of cloth and cardboard, not on heads. People resting on Sunday instead Of wearing Kirpans and shiny crosses. No congregations or sharp dressed bosses. Collection plate bizness in the dumper. No bedside prayers or Latin muttered. No smoking balls on silver […]

Three Daze

Oh you can’t be nice forever. Ain’t enough slack to cut. That smile kinda hurts on the second day When everyone’s had enough. But you, you tough it out. Close your nearly full ears. Maybe you say you’re laughing To explain those burning tears. As shit piles up. Six feet high. You wonder if you […]

When A Mind Is Wound Up Life Has Many Twists And Turns

Your reality isn’t real. That’s not the way to feel. Sprinkled with confusion. Speaking from delusion. Making real fear. Starting deep in here. You know something’s screwed. You are now behooved. To investigate. Navigate. Don’t you wait. Getting late and You don’t got no sense on. Barry