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Selling Yer Soul? Maybe Take Bids.

Too many human spirits on the market. Get an app and double yours for free. Nine ninety nine a month gets you Five additional spirits! Only one of which can ever be free. See? Workin’ lotsa human spirits Only one ‘a be thee. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Anyone Can Drop The Dime Lady

Would you turn out? To turn me in? Would you snip the hair On my chinny-chin chin? Or wouldja go beserk? And let our bloodline thin? How can you win? This win’s not sin? I can’t even begin To understand you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Mutiny On The Boundary

You’ve got your limits. I have mine. And it’s my job to ensure they Never twine. They must not align. So don’t be tryin’. To be combinin’, Your mornful whinin’. With my fake cryin’. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Add To Happiness! Add To Happiness! When You Can’t Find Purpose In Life.

You got this one track mind. You never seem to find It easy to unwind And that’s so unkind Maybe you be blind Cause you defined Mister Mean. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Mart Crashes

He flew through windows He flew off bikes. He flew from soft seats to hard rocks On several flights. He dared Doctor Death. Poked him with a stick. The bad doctor snatched it and Rubbed off bark via poop shoot wick. Ooh, that smarts! The Bad Doctor’s sick. But so’s nit wit. For pushing shit. […]

Death Is Late And Will Not Wait

How you made her smile! Oh she valued you. So loyal and so kind. How? Why did you…? Now I can’t forget. You buried in a gentle breeze. Adding to that hallowed haunt, Black Betty, if you please. Thank you, friend. Barry out.