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Pareidolia – What You, Jesus, and Cheese Toast Have in Common

I…D…I…O… Dammit Ingrid! They’re Spelling Something – LOOK! There! There’s that noise again! W-w-w-what c-c-c-could it be? Is there a goblin at my window?! Or is it just a branch of a tree rubbing up against the side of my home…? Elementary, My Dear Watson Most folks understand that humans have a tendency to look […]

Lotsa Folks Choking on MOTS

Mom found your funny squirt gun You are addicted to something and I’m going to TELL. I’m ratting you out because: You need to know what you are addicted to and You can do something quite dramatic about it which will astonish and amaze your still quite hooked friends. Certainty Ahoy! How long will the […]

I Respectfully Disagree

When I tap you Twice with my answer sword, that means NO! No! Don’t touch That! If you say these words sternly to most young children they will automatically be filled with apprehension and uncertainty. And just by staring at the kid once you’ve reprimanded them – especially if you have big, scary eyebrows like […]

What is a Friend?

Hello Friend #419… You’re My FAVE! Five Hundred Friends? I hear of some folks these days having hundreds of well wishers and I wonder; where do they find time for all these buddies? how much time must one invest with someone to be a friend? don’t they have anything else to do? Too Many Pals […]

What If You Were Nothing Like People Thought You Were?

I could take your eye out and it would look accidental so be nice James Brown and Pavarotti. Two cool humans on either end of the same scale. Wow.  Please notice how many times this video has been listened to because a few thousand of them are me. Neither of these dudes could have had […]

I Know I Don’t Know

Aww Man! I stepped in Something! Life is confusing in a big way. And its not getting any simpler or easier to figure out. We stumble through each day not knowing that we’re stumbling or mumbling or maybe even grumbling. We’re on autopilot and its no wonder that more of us aren’t killed while we […]

Muddy Waters Reputation Management

Ladies and Gentlemen. He said he didn’t do it 50 times. That HAS to count for something… Man oh man oh man alive. Many times in my life I have said things I wish I hadn’t. And not always about other people, some times it was about myself. But haven’t we all? Who among us […]

Is Noise Driving Us Crazy?

Beat it loud, beat it hard. Soon we all will be retard. What?! I can’t hear you! There is a huge competitive advantage awaiting your discovery. This advantage is so slick and so subtle that your competitors would be hard pressed to ever guess what it is, let alone attempt to copy it. Anxiety Free […]

For Sale: Tony Robbins CD’s. Don’t Work.

Yes! You can Shout Yourself Taller! “Tony Robbins is a shyster.” That’s what a friend said to me when he noticed my collection of cd’s and books authored by the tall moron. I understood exactly what the dude was saying even though he had no idea how much he had just told me. Is Anybody […]

Momentum Gets On You

Winning takes some Shaking and Moving Hard to attain, easy to lose. Like so many other aspects of our lives, momentum takes a long time to develop and can be decimated in no time flat. Where is Your Builder? I used to perform a short skit on momentum for a few of my key employees […]

My First Period

Oh yeah, right. THIS week is angry, NEXT week is donuts! Today I recognized at age 53 that I am and have been having a period. While its true that I’m not shedding any more blood than normal, I fully comprehend now that I have a behavior cycle similar to that which I have previously […]

I Resemble That Remark

Since joining John Thornhill’s Masterclass of online entrepreneurs, I feel different. Very different. Perhaps its the birds of a feather thing that is getting on me because JT certainly does have some winners hanging with him. Not much wonder that John Thornhill and Jim Cochrum are friends and I’m honored to be emulating their fantabulous […]

I Think I’m Crazy – Is That Good?

This question mark is somehow stopping my friggin thoughts! I wonder if other people leave hidden messages like this. No one has to tell me I’m crazy. I can see that. Wage slavery might have just driven me over the edge… Funny what invisible things we do to look good and while I’m not saying […]

Rules For The Game Of Life

  Choose Happy and Spread It Not many folks know about the game of life. Oh, they know that a game is on but they sure don’t think they are playing in it. “Where’s my gear, then?” they ask. Take a look around. No one here is wearing any gear. They’re dressed to play, not […]

How To Enjoy Riding Your Circadian Cycle

Hey, how bout moving up to a Racing Heart? Thump thump. Thump thump. Thump thump. I hope you hear that thumping noise, too, because it means that like me, you have a heart. And as I tap tap away on these silly little chiclets our hearts, lungs and entire kit and kabootle are running some […]

Is One Thousand Religions Enough?

Soul Sale – Going, Going, Gone! At one time I considered myself to be a religious person. But after more than a decade of hearing the same tunes and tales ad nauseum I tried a whole bunch of different churches and then pretty soon none. Now I regarded my NEW self to be Un-Religious. Before […]