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Be There At Tune O’Clock

Look away from time keepers. Find another way to measure life. Soon. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Who, In Their Right Mind, Believes Kids or Employees Can’t Be Friends?!

People that disregard anyone or anything are bad friends. If our friends try to hang close to us while ignoring any impact or entrainment, these folks are not our friends. Friendship creates geometrically progressive improvement. Friendship is trust, vulnerability and transparency. One thing it ain’t is perfect. Good friends know this. Thank you, friend. Barry […]

No One Owes You Their Attention

Most of us have a problem keeping our own attention. In fact, chances are good that even at this very second you are losing interest in what I am about to say. Right? The main fact about attention you need to know is that it is so important that most folks think other humans somehow […]

Kraft Dinner Is Going To Be On Sale

My Grey Matter is made of this Orange Matter Say you are addicted to a certain kind of food like Kraft Dinner. And let’s say you don’t have much loot and your nummy brand of crack is about to go on sale. How elated does that make you feel? What would you give to hit […]

We Have Big Problems When A FAMILY DAY Is Government Mandated

Statutory holidays allowing citizens to be paid for NOT working while spending a designated day with their families are VERY scary for two main reasons: Who was directing Voter Joe’s attention in such a wacky manner that a Family Day becomes necessary? Will they influence Joe Average’s focus toward or away from his family tomorrow? […]

Where Are The Clinics For People Addicted To Time?

We need them. Lots of them. ASAP. 😎 Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When People Do What They HAVE TO – There Is No Stopping Them

Try blocking the path of anyone who desperately needs to go to the bathroom. As sure as shit sticks to blankets, you’ll quickly be wearing a nasty spit and scratches jacket that doesn’t match your previously pleasant patter. Even so, most folks can delay the necessity of their loudest potty call until the discomfort of […]

God Is A Brand Rote Large

The Jean God Looks Angry In the beginning there were NO JEANS. Then humankind came along and a couple of pegs after robes filled an obviously huge fashion category called blue jeans. Soon the world was filled with $7 denim garments but evolution wasn’t close to being done with jeans and in short order demanded […]

Wake Up And Feel Your Share Of Destiny’s Pull! (Or Many Died In Vain)

LOOK at Cutie…What A Smile! Before your birth you were a major, major winner. Of course, your winning was not without cost. It caused the demise of a very scary number of potential entities. Only you fertilized the egg that now wears your clothes, sleeps in your bed and frets about your debts. Out of […]

What You Do Speaks So Loudly I Can’t Hear What You Say

Ralph Did HimSelf Well Ralph Waldo Emerson was onto something. If we want a clearer concept of what is actually going on we must be prepared to get waay beyond words into the dark recesses of the minds which unleash them. INTENT is definitely something we should all be paying more attention to. After all, […]

If Your Partner Is Constantly Agreeable Get Rid Of Them ASAP

Disagreement is mandatory for success. But ah, what mode of disagreement? Support / non support, maybe? Thank you, friend. Barry out. The dudes in MUSE know something about disagreement and they put together this little ditty about it. BONUS: The Earth Is My Church is a hymn about how to disagree and agree by looking […]

House Values Aren’t Going Up, The Value of Money Is Plummeting. FAST!

Magicians and politicians know how easy it is to fool folks. It’s pretty simple, really. All you have to do is point people in a direction and unless they have a strong constitution, they will continue to go the way they are aimed. For example: Instead of causing alarm over nearly total devaluation of a […]

Don’t Think For One Second You Are In Control. You’re NOT.

Many people think they are free to act as they wish. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are so many unseen and unconsidered influences impinging upon our consciousness that our choice making capacities are virtually overwhelmed, sidetracking the vast majority of any uncompelled contemplation we can muster. This coloring of our awareness is waay […]

Doubt = The Devil’s Best and Most Used Tool

Belief is an incredible capacity possessed by everyone. It isn’t always right though and sometimes it kills innocent people, gets the wrong folks promoted and drives valuable financial stocks into the toilet. But today, like every other day, belief will alter the course of humanity even though our use of it teeters on the flimsiest […]

Don’t Tell Me You Won’t Change Your Mind

Some folks claim they can’t just “change their mind” like that. They’re mistaken. They CAN and WILL and I can prove it. Lets say you saunter into a nice restaurant where hungry people are obviously enjoying the ambiance and the food. Everyone seems friendly, happy and satisfied. What is your opinion of this eatery? Now, […]

Hell Is Filled With UnBorn Ideas Pleading For Us To PLEASE Release Them

Human minds are idea generators if pointed in the right direction. That’s not to say that every concept commencement necessarily produces good ideas OR in the right direction but this judgmental aspect of thinking should be waay secondary. More importantly, someone needs to crack the cosmic egg to give the little beggars a way in […]