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Howdy Hackers

Buddy always knew people hate his shit. Maybe little wobbly, canna deal with it. Maybe take a blue pill Pay a bitta mortgage. See a ton of good used shit. Think about the cartage. Too much good used shit out there. Bring ’em all under one life there. Who gonna bitch or now be square? […]

Do Nothing

Buddy had no clue he had no clue He had no clue. Didn’t know what to do or what to do. He could not do. Ya, he saw the edge that He thought he really knew. No breaking through. What could he do? He had no clue. This wasnt new. He wanted through. But through, […]

When Liars Say

Buddy ain’t pay much note to noise. Seems like everyone else is poised Take a liitle trip from those who know. Shit going sideways, just below Limen of feeling There you go. Now gonna be that someone. Find those jerks who alla done. Say you’re stupid. Say that Cupid Is particular And here you are. […]

Buddy Sees Someone’s Legs Laying There

Buddy saw a heart. Buddy saw a heart so torn apart It could not find it’s family. No organs found turned out to be That liver, forgiver. Could you not come hither? Your memory forgiver? A bad boy. Is no choice. Pappa gonna do his bidding. Even if Pappa not living. He works through genes […]

The Life Cycle

Buddy didn’t know he didn’t know He didn’t know. Life just carried on and Buddy watched the show. Never thinking twice if Life was too and fro. Like a river flowing The banks of which are knowing Whence the water goes. Before the water knows. Along the banks it chose. It goes and always goes. […]

Fear For Breakfast, Lunch And Supper.

Buddy didn’t scare much. Or care much for scaring. Rather be caring bout What might happen? If no one crapped in His Cornflakes. Goodness sakes! A joy would occur And if Buddy didn’t hear Shit can go bad And South in a hurry. But Buddy don’t worry. Cause he don’t eat Cornflakes No mo’.

Buddy Finds His Cycle

Ya, he had a plan. Buddy always planned. Planned like a wise man. Knowing plans backfire. Plans borne of liars. Lying all day to themselves. Planning when they know damn well. No plan meets the enemy. Especially when the enemy Is a big plan maker. A planning faker. And then Buddy blames the plan Not […]

Buddy Gets Asked To Come To Town

Buddy has bad days. Some days good. Not really sure if more days could Be bad or better cause chaos reigns Reigns on every parade. Like Buddy and others have said… This is a puzzle and ye that confuzzle Shit will make a shitstorm. Hanging their heads so forlorn. Like they had no hand in […]

god I’d Love To Fight You Right Now

Buddy didn’t like a guy or two Sayin’ like him or maybe you too Maybe just doing what people do They swim swarms with the fishes. Buddy just doing them dishes. Watch a waitress collapse Cause dooofus an ass. An they didn’t take this in school. Buddy, he ain’t no fool. Keep your mouth shut […]


There’s a dead man laying in the middle of the road. Good man in a car coming up on him slowed. How was a good man in a car to know? Dead man and his machete were locked and loaded? Watch who you help now, don’t get taken easy. Live life like a kite now, […]