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Pioneerish Arrows In Your Back

Can ya take a good punch? Eat shit for lunch? Will a chest burner work For a handshake? Will ya crawl on skinned knee? Can ya cry like hee hee? Any know on how much you can take? Cause here you be tested. Bested. Redressed and Comeuppance is a smoke whiff away. You better make […]

You Need It. You Want It. You Deserve It.

Won’t lie. Plants dry. Animules cry. People die. For attention. Barry

He Had A Mind Like A Steel Trap: If It Wasn’t Forced Open, Nothing Was Caught.

You better think alot of yourself. Learn to pat yourself on the back. And maybe when yourself gets a little too grumbly, Give yourself a little love tap. You deserve it! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Anyone Who Wants To Go To Heaven, Go Along. Leave Us To Burn In Here.

You can’t change anyone’s underwear Lessen you pay their rent. Anyone’s mind ain’t gonna change Even with you hell bent. Change your own mind. See if you don’t find Everyone now is different. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Cut Yer Hammer Down

Dude needed altered. Altered needed Dude. About this fact don’t be confused. Sure, altered hurts. Altered makes you sad. But it can show you places where There lives glad. Altered’s good you came The party’s not the same Without you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Wrongaholic Twelve Steps – Step 4: Who The Hell Are You?

What in the world were you thinking?! If you’ve ever heard this apprehensive question and at least somewhat understood the reason it was asked, you will easily be able to grasp today’s intriguing subject as we investigate the perplexing human condition of multiple personalities. But even if you have never considered how a person can […]

Amusement Parks & Greeting Cards Are Emotional Vampires

When was the last time you were really afraid? And by afraid I mean OOGA-BOOGA afraid, not just your run of the mill high anxiety, heart attacking fear of death, taxes, and regular terror afraid. For many folks, I bet their answer would be the dread they recall experiencing at a recent horror movie or […]

Pareidolia – What You, Jesus, and Cheese Toast Have in Common

I…D…I…O… Dammit Ingrid! They’re Spelling Something – LOOK! There! There’s that noise again! W-w-w-what c-c-c-could it be? Is there a goblin at my window?! Or is it just a branch of a tree rubbing up against the side of my home…? Elementary, My Dear Watson Most folks understand that humans have a tendency to look […]

I Resemble That Remark

Since joining John Thornhill’s Masterclass of online entrepreneurs, I feel different. Very different. Perhaps its the birds of a feather thing that is getting on me because JT certainly does have some winners hanging with him. Not much wonder that John Thornhill and Jim Cochrum are friends and I’m honored to be emulating their fantabulous […]

Being Used is a Good Thing

  Mmm. Nice ring! May I polish it for you…? He used me! Automatically eyebrows will be raised and apprehension seeded, ready to reap sometime soon. Being used. Yuck! In the past I felt dirty or somehow less of a person if the news was revealed that I had once again been used. Now I […]

Battle for the Universe – Entropy vs Kaizen

Yes, here we go. Broken leg, 42 Smith Street, January 24 at 4:13 pm You have an enemy bent on your inevitable destruction. Okay, it’s not just you. All of us have the same adversary but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this powerful foe lives in your neighborhood. And if it weren’t bad enough […]