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Weird Circumstances Create Weird Situations And Very Weird Responses

Most folks know nothing about the Stanford Prison Experiment. They are missing some extremely critical knowledge which illuminates a tremendous mob effect where environment quickly trumps subjective, rational reasoning thereby reducing previously sane and concerned human beings into authority adhering automatons who, by being placed into situations managed via infallible hierarchy, lose their moral perspective […]

Death Can Come And Get Me Anytime But This Story Is Staying Rat Here

Many folks wonder about the purpose of their life. They would like it to add up to something but what most of them never realize is how and where to mark the cave wall so the next dwellers learn from our existence  mulling. Thank you, friend. Barry out. DROP THOSE BREADCRUMBS! How To Throw Your […]

Twitter And Interrupt Marketing Point To The End Of Anything Long

Most folks have an attention span. They might not be totally aware of what it is because of waking up after they fall asleep but nevertheless they have one and it’s pervasiveness is dictated by traffic lights. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

I Got Drunk One* Night & Promoted My Site But That’s Not What I Wanted To Happen

Most folks have pride. They don’t want to admit it unless they can point how much they have in their kids but regardless, it’s there. Thank you, friend. Barry out. *Figure of speech. Everyone knows I’m drunk every night.

No Anchors Away With Homeostasis So Only Swimmers Need Report On Deck

Many folks want to improve themselves. They desire this stupid frame of mind on account of hearing or witnessing other people ending their previous lives by slip-sliding into something more comfortable. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Jesus Bob, If Yer Sick Yer Sick. Go Ahead Call It In.

Most folks know squat about the emotional bank account. They trade through the beggar everyday and yet seldom does anyone ask what their balance is let alone is there one and that lack of accounting can create overdrafts that are hard to cover and before a person can say how do you change locks everything […]

Regardless Of Who You Think Yer Parents Are THEY ARE PLANTS!

Most folks know about heritage. They have a mom and dad & while they are the people what brung them to the party it took vegetation for everything else. Thank you, friend. Barry out. As usual, you won’t believe this.

Don’t Forget To Thank Yer Equipment

Most folks know that plants need attention. They appreciate that someone or something must provide sustenance for them to even exist but what they usually don’t realize is that same biological material takes note of invisible input and that input affects the outcome of the plant, in the same way that invisible input influences all […]

Don’t Try To Find A Code In My Writing Because Even I Have No Idea What It Is

Most folks know about crossword puzzles. They see the activity as a plausible pastime when everyone of those idle beggars could be breaking societal and cultural codes to see why people act as they do but unfortunately, that probably ain’t gonna happen because that requires un-puzzling the entire newspaper. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Stop Describing Yer Eyes As Left Or Right And Tag ‘Em Possible And Impossible

Most folks know about opposites. They don’t often explore them tho on account of the only difference between dry ice and regular ice being yer cleanup. Keywrecked? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

“Auto Pilot Disengaged.” Why Don’t Humans Have This Guidance?

Most folks are in a trance. They don’t know they are in a trance tho and that is why one of the most overused words in the english language is “huh?!” Thank you, friend. Barry out. You pass people in yer vehicle on the highway and soon they’re keeping pace with you. Why? Before you […]

Guns Don’t Kill People, Futility Does.

Most folks own zero weapons. They figure that they’ll be able to handle whatever situation arises but that sentiment don’t play out well in the jungle. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Once people have reached the end of their rope they need yours. Hopefully you have one. Do you? The History, Philosophy and Ethics of […]

Loss Has Buried Deep With In It A Greater Amount Of Gain

Most folks have suffered misfortune. They were swamped by topsy turvy and like most victims immediately focused on the pain capitalizing their consciousness but just below that galaxy of hurt lies a golden nugget of bountiful benefit and all one has to do is find it and polish it until the cost, while still great, […]

Mother Sociopath Don’t Feel The Hurt But Uncle Psychopath Orchestrates Pain

Many folks have been fucked over by so-in-so. They talked about it with the infected parties who said don’t make such a big deal about it, we’ll sit you at the opposite end of the table from mister touchy feely lay-on- top-you-when-he’s-pissed and the son-of-a-pupster’s both yer boss and yer priest never mind that the […]

I Really Have No Idea What I`m Going To Write Once I Start Writing

As you noticed I started beginning all my stories with Most or Many folks. The next line always begins with They and then I ramble off into some gawdforsaken alligator infested territory but my point here is that I started doing this so that every story is formed by some cage that is known as […]

Yes My Wife Beats Me In A Couple Of Things But Then Sometimes I Beat Her

Most folks have good hearing. They don’t ask people to repeat stuff twice to the point that everyone around them pitches in for hearing aids. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How To Pull Love Machines Outa Yer Arse

Most folks have children. They must be treated with the respect that our young rulers deserve @ b-day minus two hundred. Thank you, friend. Barry out. THINK about having children. Then think about them having children. I didn’t and THEY ARE!

Oh, Don’t Want To Carry Yer Share ‘O Da Load? Yer Lookin’ Fer Mister Quitter.

Most folks support things. They don’t often realize what exactly it is they are supporting but support away they do until that one time they need the support reflected and it ain’t as forthcoming as requested. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Big Picture Is SO Big It Almost Don’t Fit In One Frame

Most folks know a couple of songs. They might be able to belt out their national anthem and happy birthday all the way through and that puts them in line with many other people who listen to plenty of tunes without learning or inventing their own while still needing to sing their hearts out. Thank […]

If He Were Alive Today, Sigmund Would Change His Name

Most folks know about wool. They know it can be pulled over people’s eyes but they also realize that the first time that blindfold slips, all bets are off. Thank you, friend. Barry out. One slip. That’s all it takes…   Why it is Not Possible to be Moral & Work for a […]

Greed As A Personal Goal

Most folks would take more if they could get it. They all agree that no one in their right mind is gonna say no to a fifty percent raise in pay or to some weird computer glitch doubling their vacation time and if such a person existed who would NOT accept the raise or accidental […]

Trust Is A Vastly Underutilized Labor Saving Device

Many folks have supervisors. They are needed because few people actually do what they say they will do when it’s supposed to be done so the playground is monitored. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Course, whenever we lend out tools they come back wrecked or don’t come back so trust has it’s work cut out […]

Sales Ain’t Selling If Yer Staking Out Yer Territory

Many folks promote merchandise for a living. They work like the dickens trying to morph suspects into prospects who will then exchange their loot for goods and once that is achieved they laugh all the way to the bank when they oughta be chuckling at their new friend’s jokes. Thank you, friend. Barry out. This […]

Psychic Sovereignty, Psychic Sovereignty, Psychic Sovereignty, Psychic Sovereignty.

Most folks don’t control their own thoughts. They hand that important job off to their country, their religion and the guy who signs their paychecks but that don’t mean that they don’t think it just means that they don’t think what they were thinking of thinking. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The WallPaper Makes It Look Like Hell But Its Just Another Room In Heaven

Many folks believe in an afterlife. They already figured out that there was a before life so this ain’t no big leap. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Ahm Tryin’ Real Hard To Reach That Naught Naught One Percent

Most folks are fairly normal. They fall within the comfy portion of the bell curve but a very small cadre of loopy loos sit quietly on the sidelines counting crows and crow counters and it’s those jokers whom ahm aiming at. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Television Don’t Pay Me No Mind So Now I Got To Go And Get My Own

Most folks purchase cable TV signals. They utilize their digital feed to stay informed and to be entertained and deep down they hope to be able to determine variation between the digits utilized to stave off boredom and the ones and zeros telling true tales. Thank you, friend. Barry out. 18 years I been without […]

Don’t Make Me Wish You Away

Most folks know about ignoring. It’s like one gate opening ahead. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

See That’s The Thing About Boxing, You Either Hit Or Get Hit On The Noggin.

Many folks know about thinking. They understand that there are out and insides to it which determines whether the thoughts will be pretty much the same or a tad different from any other inside-outer. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Instructions enclosed.

Please Don’t Drip Yer Fuckedness On Moi

Many folks are hooped. They don’t have the slightest clue that they are hooped tho, and as a result they spread their brand of head up yer arse confusion to anyone monitoring their pie hole. Thank you, friend. Barry out.