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Humanity Insanity

It ran at me but I did move. I could, I was in no one’s groove. Once I saw, it now behoved Me to run away, run away Run away fast! Be that first runner Not the last. Tell each person as you pass. Storm is a commin’! And a commin’ fast! This is a […]

Happy Times At The Hurtin’ Parade

No pain killers. No Phyllis Dillers. No wish you wellers. Only urban dwellers. Who felt like hellers. They had their druthers. Sisters and brothers. None as others. Sad in the darkness. They didn’t hark this. Storm that heads their way. They live for just today. A flash then gone away. No matter what they say. […]


There’s an old guy down by the railroad tracks. Not big on manners and the old boy lacks The type of piece of mind thats fills in cracks Of reality gone so wild You’d think history is a child Nothing to repeat son. Now look what you done. Taken all the big fun Put us […]

Hunting Jack Jabber

Stabbed a billion people, ya. No one in the neck. Stabbed his victims so politely None said what the heck?! They all said nothing. Bared their souls. And led ol’ Jack Straight to his goals. See, Jack, he had them Right where he wanted them. None even hesitated When he discounted them. Jack was a […]

When Buddy Gets His Game On

Don’t get so upset if mister doesn’t call. He’s got that reputation in the end it all Makes alot more sense with your back to the wall. Like droppin’ into dead airspace But still you take the fall… Buddy don’t say nothin’. He just window glaze his look. Spying something so far out Philosopher of […]

All Line Up For The Liars Parade!

Either everyone had a mask Or none wore one at all. None were short and None were tall. Everyone wore a costume. Except the clowns who didn’t. Tho none remarked on the gowns they wore Curiosity, you must be kidding! The plain truth wasn’t sitting Too well with some They garnered big fun Col-lecting horse […]

So Invisibly Huge It’s There!

God doesn’t sell shit on his own. God stays put while you leave home. You on a bench while god does thrones. Buddy don’t rep himself. That shit’s off the shelf. He won’t even help Promote him. With proof so thin One can’t begin To sell it. To hell it Goes then comes back again. […]

I See They See I See

With I’s half shut They ran amok The king was on his way. He’d be here any day! The walls weren’t high enough. Their gold wouldn’t meet their bluff. We love you! They would say. And maybe king would slay Only half of them They would gladly bend A knee or ear With king right […]

No Goat To Get

There was no cool to lose. No high road now to choose. The only songs were blues. It was hot as hell and We knew damn well That the hot was heating up. No run over for this cup. The sippers had enough. Banged on their pots. Clanged on their pans. Done, they were, with […]

Yes, We Are In Heaven But We Just Work Here.

There’s Iraq and a hard place. They face The hard race To that place Called heaven. Forgiven, They try, like us, to get in. But heaven’s closed. To especially those Sinners who knock too hard. In heaven there’s no reward For giving hard knocks Or backwards talking. In heaven, no prize for hard.

A Rising Tide Drowns The Head-In-Sanders

She had a different face for every day. There weren’t much chance and no damn way You would ever catch her without her makeup Cause if you did then lady’d wakeup A demon hiding deep within her A little probing would effortlessly stir Her demon screemin’ to come greet you. Her demon steamin’ to unseat […]

T’wasn’t What We Taught

A rock, I caught the very edge of it. Damn near hit but it saw fit To ricochet in a brand new way Set a brand new day Said it’s fine okay And none did say Boy, I see the end of us.