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Peek A Boo!

Where’s mommy? There she is! Where’s daddy? At his biz. This thing just a little fizz! Mommy gets a little dizzy. Doctor’s getting pretty busy. Daddy’s sick and tired is he? Shoulda said I’m sick bit sooner. Mommy sways and sweats a spoona Second ticks by and They say goodbye To mom and dad. Why […]

You And Your Body Are Two Beings

He pointed at the alien. The alien pointed back. He frowned. It frowned. He ‘magined hurt. Lashed out so The mirror cracked. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Praise The Lord For Legal Gambling

Sumbitch took Bob’s rent. Sumbitch weren’t Bob’s landlord, ya? Bob want a double it up His rent. Bob feel electric luck He said. Advert told Bob COME! Spoil ‘im like he’s number one! For once. Bells and whistles, Winners yellin’ I WON! Bob is want the rent and bit more fun… But now Bob stinks […]

Could Ya Warn A Pal The Cost Of Wisdom?

You must be a stupid bitch/bastard. You keep to yourself. It’s not you who saves the day. Must be some damn elf. No one needs to hear your shit. Wait till you’ve been asked. You’ve got two cents worth to give but Here they don’t do cash. Zip it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Crowd Comeuppance

Jesus you don’t know. How far I go To make this show Of not knowing. I nod. I look away. I appear to be hearing every Word you say. Mmm hmm. Okay. You bet. Right away. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Sometimes Only The Phone Was Listening To Him

Aha, they know. Because they go. Where and when you go. Doan fret doh buddy but Yes, they know… Thank you, friend. Barry out.

But Not In Fronta Muh Face

You’ve got your rules. I have mine and Where they twain Is mighty fine But fine ain’t fine Enough for time To bind these interactions. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

He Came Out Swangin’

You, you got that swagger. That confidence and strength. You, you go the distance. To any goddamn length. You get shit done. And you have fun. Walking where they run. Ah lifey-life sister… Ain’t life so very grand? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dude Always, Always Thought Hawthorne Was Watching.

WHAT YOU FUCKING LOOKING AT! Like looking does something… Hey, LOOK OVER THERE! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Riders From Noddingham

How does one know that they’ve fallen asleep? When they wake up. If they do… Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Wayne And Walter, You’re Still Dead.

Walter, cancer got you. Wayne, a fucking shotgun. You two guys were both funny growing up. Now both you fucks are dead. I, thank fuck, am not. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Respect De Love Cake. Make ’em. Shake ’em. Bake ’em.

Many folks know responsible. They are responsible but not for missus pissy pants, jesus, what is it with people? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

She Didn’t Know What Was Best For Herself And She Wanted The Same For Him

Most folks know better. They see a monkey doing and they see it doing it wrong. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Visit Yer Past But Do Not Stay There

Most folks reminisce. They shoulda oughta done this, said that and not gone with the flow on account of the drain man, down the drain. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Fourth World Mosquitos Love Fourth World Blood

Most folks are born accidently. They didn’t choose their birth location, family or sex but post accident is their fault. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

I Know I’m Just Imagining But What An Imagination!

Most folks have to work. They don’t get to, they have to which, right there is misdirection. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

When Yer Human Friends Are Animals

I love you killer. Not because you kill. But because you don’t. Kill me Ivan. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Good Friends Will Not Be Kept. Keep Up!

You can do more. You know it! A few moments, a friggin’ lifetime, Stretch it out now. Stretch it out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Be Convinced Yer Wrong

Most folks have patterns. They say the same words in sneakily new ways then are stumped when the same shit wagon appears. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

When Shit Knows Yer Headed South It Piles On Piles On Piles On

When ya make a mistake, Say Oh lawd’s sake! Do a double take. Maybe check yer wake. Miss yer next mistake. Do a double take. No, constraint ain’t fake… It’s a theory. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Oh When The Saints, Come Stragglin’ In.

Most folks know about judgement. They stand in it all day every day even though they can’t stand anyone standing in theirs. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Love Gives You One Chance Over And Over

Most folks know about regret. They wish they would have said this or done that yet next time it’s the same. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Big Mouth Plus Little Eye Equals Bigger’n You Can Chew Bites

Many folks get sidetracked. They imagine that they are on the mainline but back a ways was a switch. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Learn Yerself

A mirror. Look in it. Squeeze out what ain’t you. Thank you, friend . Barry out.

You Speak Through A Mouth Plumb Full Of Shit But You Are Filled With Squat

Most folks are big talkers. They say this and say that but do nada. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Jaws Of Hell Are Clearly Marked. No Guide Is Required.

Most folks have a worst enemy. They allow that ne’er do well full access to their pantry where the beggar cooks up schemes so wild no sane person would serve them. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Through His New Eyes Dude Saw Bitter

Most folks are lamebrains. They usually don’t notice their lamebrainness though on account of being surrounded by cripples. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

When People Lose Their Mind They Can Still Talk Out Their Ass

Most folks face challenges. They face them then look for a way around them on account of who, in their right frame of mind, gives such huge loads to such small horses? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

These Tools Pointed Directly To The Shadow, Not The Shadow Caster.

Most folks know what was. They have way less info on what is or could be. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Way. Shit Is A Certain Way. Way.

Most folks get disappointed. They wanted. They wanted and forgot that shit don’t care one iota what they want. Thank you, friend. Barry out.