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I See You Don’t See

Laugh at reality. Reality’s a joke. Depends what you bin smoking. Or if you’re on da coke. Whether chick or bloke. Whether rich or broke. Money ain’t a problem! Make hand over fist. Pal you got to bet it all. Take a little risk. Make a face like this… Wipe that silly clown face. Stop […]

The Only Thing The Elite Run Is Their Mouths

Say what you want. Holding up a sign. That don’t work, have a little wine. Hold a dinner party. Three hundred bucks a plate. Hire a couple news people. Hold ’em at the gate. Make the beggars wait. Keep ’em til it’s late. Call yourselves the Builderburgers. Ya, give yourselves a name. Yard yourselves away […]

The Game Won’t Let You Out, So Play!

The odds are not in your favor. Chances are you’ll drown. And just when you think you’ve bottomed out, The depths will find more down. It’s a race to Hell and You’d do damn well to Learn a little language. See, here they say No! Not today! And then they stay that way… Tomorrow’s the […]

Let’s Say Y’ain’t Got No Auto Shutoff

A cup run-eth over. No landing gear. Over. A dead dog. Rover. You can’t land. Hover. You better get over. That last stupid lover. It wasn’t good. Over. He’s dead like Rover. You can now lower Yer voice now. Over.

Yardpost Russel

You were better than me. Earned more. Smoked more. Drank more. I helped you, though. You took my help and It helped you not. For you were caught In the pattern Russel. Barry    

On The Sixth Day Without Water, Dude Got A Little Grumpy.

What causes you? Wearing your un-favorite color? Going without clothing? Does stinking like humans stink cause you to think a little differently? Wearing skid marked undies again, or do you leave them off, commander? Second meal missed today. How you feel about food, mister? What’s to not like now? What affects you, and how? Buddy, […]

On My Own, Naturally.

Nothing to see here. Move alone little doughgie. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

They Didn’t Stop At Santa

Fibber Mcgee was a free spirit he Saw no lines in the sand. There was no edge to skirt How could anybody hurt o’er Li’l ‘ol circle dirt plan? They say that he, Fibber Mcgee, Took liberties Did as he pleased Twisted casually The truth ’bout who we am… Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

They Fought For Fighting

It ain’t about a dollar. The old man said. It’s oneupmanship and Parta that’s dead. You can’t turn your back onna Half killed guy ’cause If you do, the dead guy’ll try To take you out when You wanna stay in and Digits onna windpipe let the Hymns begin. For the world to sing A […]

Not What But How To Do It

He didn’t ask. He kept on telling. He said he didn’t ask. He told by yelling. He said I gotta go. He said go then go! He wanted to shake hands. Maybe a man type hug. But all was now forgotten. Under his big ‘ol rug. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When This Is Your Dream World

Jesus this place can be a huge shit hole. Where children have to give up hope. And others slide by even some bad guy Sayin’ nope after nope after nope. This ain’t no fifty fifty. This here deck is stacked. But if you play well and often enough, Buddy, got the process cracked. Thank you, […]

Thow Da Chillen!

They don’t know What you know. That the top spins faster On the last throw. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Your Attention Please: Please Ignore Your Program.

Rules. Who needs ’em? Goules. Who breeds ’em? Tools. Who feeds ’em? Cause they’re everywhere. And they don’t care. Who they have to scare To keep the Piece. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Long Road Is Bumpy Right Here

You want to cut our buddy out. Just knockin’ the idea about. I should really give our buddy a shout. But I won’t. Cause the eruption of corruption Is a parta our DNA. And you may think that you’re thinking this, You’re not, so let it go. Okay? Everybody starts with sand in their soup. […]

You And Your Body Are Two Beings

He pointed at the alien. The alien pointed back. He frowned. It frowned. He ‘magined hurt. Lashed out so The mirror cracked. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Once The Army Went Through There Was Shit Worth Picking Up

They lined up for their badges. With this one came a truck and cage. A rod and noose manager for animal rage. This one got a knife and a heady – head light, And tonsa tiny pills to help the wearer sleep at night. The last badge assaulted freedom so it traveled witha weapon, The badgeless stayed in […]

You Wouldn’t Believe How Much Free Is Costing Me

Could’ja give me something mister? This shit was never said. The thought of getting without giving Never entered any head. But then one day was read: Edward Bernays said; Give them daily bread! Keep curiosity fed. Sick ‘ em up in bed. They owe us now! How much? HOLY COW! From now on get them […]

Invented Love

Make a favorite color. Favorite fashion. Really create your Deepest passion. Creations so real They almost feel Uncreated. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Coming Of Unglued Number Two

See people can’t change. They want to. But can’t. They have the power But use it They shan’t. Homeostasis. Life on a slant. Favoring the pitch of The No Go camp. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

See Just Below Crazy? At’s Where We’re Headed!

Shh quiet! I thought I heard something. Something I should not have heard. I shouldn’t have heard you utter ya. Utter at discouraging word. I should not. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

He Was A Non Gay Guy Man Lover

Jesus you sure stand out. Walking in water. Speaking when ya oughter. Tats in the right amount. Got em inna right places Enough traces They shout blazes Projectin your about. Body grockin. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Parta Heem Gone

Right between Anxiety and that tough Old bastard Boredom There’s a line. ‘Tween Bliss and Total Unhappiness There’s a line. Take a look at Sad and Angry. There’s a line. There’s a line and if you cross it Your plans, they will be Toss Ed. It’s a road slip-slidey with frosty Hopes and fears. But […]

Oh Jesus Japan

Mister hear of Fukushima? Shit’s bad. Ah shit’s bad. No one wants to talk about it. Shit’s bad. Shit’s that bad. Sorry Japan.  Sorry. Sorry. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Hang On Your Happy Stick

You stop a cat from gettin chopped. Thank you to your happy stick. You got two ears what ain’t bin lopped. Thank you to your happy stick. Not the most stupid by not a lot. Thanks to your happy stick. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Undt Den But Not Until

There is a message. Printed on each step. If you ain’t been there You ain’t seen it yet. The message is a story Bout the path you’re on. Added together they Sing the sweetest song. You can sing along But you gotta stay strong And keepa climbin’. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

A Priest Stole Money Then With God’s Help, Gambled It All Away.

Chance was a very big dude. Chance don’t like no takers. You believe in the god of luck? You wanna bet on the Lakers? Maybe pick red. Stay on seventeen. Chance a make a bully boy Cry like a homecoming queen. Where you buddy been? Come on, come on in! Welcome to your worlda seen… […]

God, Canada And The National Hockey League Work For The Same Damn Guy.

You. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

For Lunch, The Corporations Ate People. Supper? The Inc’s Ate People. Snacks? The Corps Ate People.

Praugh, praugh, praugh Profit. Can’t get enough of it. Like a big damn pile of bravery medals Sittin’ in your living room. Medals taste bad even smothered in gravy. And smell a little bit like doom. Step back afore the beggar goes boom. Mama gettin’ off her broom cause Daddy takin’ back the livin’ room! […]

See? But This Snake Oil Wasn’t From Snakes.

Your ancestors have shit in mind for you. You are doing what they want you to. You might get an idea and if they’re game, you do. You might want to diet but maybe they want food. Because they boo hoo’d Through a hungry winter glued To the inside of a god-forsaken Snow hut! NOW […]

Pretend We’re Not Pretending

Halt! Who goes there? The fire stickman said. But all that slipped outa No man’s head was Look I got my hands up! Doan shoot me Fred… I’m barely alive but I still ain’t dead. Plus, see? I’ve got my hands up. Thank you, friend. Barry out.