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When Father Said “It’s Close” He Wasn’t Talkin’ No Humidity.

Jesus boy, it’s fitty fitty. How you fit in there? Couldja hold your breath? Forget regret? Wouldja stroll in there threadbare? Naw take it cool. Splash friendly pool. Be your own damn tool. Lever fitty you already own. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Boss Wasn’t Always

Today they look right at you. You are a movie star. Respect and attention, you’ve got it. You know just who you are. But then come the smarter than people. They kept you up at night. You praised them and smooched them And coochy-cooed them, Now it don’t feel so right. It’s humble pie… Take […]

But If You Ain’t A Prisoner There IS No Delimma

Shit’s gotta work out for y’all. Y’all done heeded da call. Broke yourselves through every wall. And lordy dat take some balls. Whatever ya got comin’ Is y’all’s. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Three People That Don’t Like You Is A Pretty Small Sample Size

Some folks don’t even know you but They don’t like what they hear. And some folks can’t hear that well So they make a guess from wherever. Your vote counts. Count it first And often. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You. Regulator.

Reality is one way. You are another. A babe of Mrs. Nature but She is not your mother. You march to a walking sound A drum beat made by feet Upon a major entity You are keen to greet. And work with. And shape. And if your marching satisfies You will soon escape. The confines […]

The Winner Gets Nada And Losers Double That

Pass through the morning Slip into town Fall outa favor Act like a clown. Skip through tomorrow Squeak though today Sideways through life A silly game you play Stop paying attention Go with the flow Don’t cross the rubicon Why cantya say no? Stay on go. Stuck on fro. You don’t know But you will… […]

Shit Don’t Have To Stay Like It Is, Like It Is.

You could twitch. You could bitch. You could be the scratch’s itch. You could look away. You could say hey! Yover here, over here, over here! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Thirty Thousand People Made It Out Alive And Those Bastards Bet It All On You

The Toba Catastrophe was A pretty big deal. Just the world coming to an end. But you and me, we made it through. Cradled by the hopes of humanity. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Freedom Is Too Expensive

Many folks work for themselves. They work harder for their current boss than they would for any other boss on account of this boss got their back and their luggage too. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

In Battle We Learned

A broadsword to the shoulder. Armour how he loved thee! To strike, strike out in retaliation, Swinging wild and free. Take three! And one to the chops for luck, you beggars! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

N’en She Take Half N’en D. Lawyer Take Half N’en

The grass is so green on that side of the fence! So green and so clean with no weeds to be seen! There’s no in-between, It’s see or be seen. But it’s no rest at night now it’s work, Choose you green… Thank you, friend. Barry out.

At Three Years Old He Fought Giants

Like you would talk back to a monster! Sittin’ there shitting yer pants Mister monster spits and stretches the truth, He whimpers and whines and rants. Would you take a chance… To change his mind? Thankyou, friend. Barry out.  

Good Procrastination

Most folks enjoy scary rides. They are willing to pay big to voluntarily experience the same rush of anxiety that can be had by just leaving & then doing important things in the last minute. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

No Sense Leaving Well Enough Alone

Most folks want to be themselves. They want to be a self which goes along to get along and if that requires them to be some one else then so be it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Gotta Try Real Hard To Stay Stupid

Most folks are followers. They don’t want to step on anyone’s heels and that’s what you have to do to pass, no? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When Someone Gets Between You & Yer Dream, Dream How To Get Around Them.

Most folks get permission. They do what’s right and they do the right thing even if it ain’t right for little ‘ol them. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If Being Yerself Was Safe Everyone Would Let You

Most folks have expectations. They bend and shape reality anyway they want to even though the bends and benders can’t shape up. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Act Like Yerself Would Act Then Cut Back On Yer Acting

Be brave. Be brave enough to hide your courage. Bite yer tongue. Shut yer damn pie hole and Freeze yer teeth and Give yer tongue a sleigh ride. Think buddy think! With yer lips pressed tight together and Ears just a hard at listenin’. Be brave pal. You be brave and see. Watch watching set […]

It Was A Warning Shot Across The Bow But Dude Thought HA HA, Missed!

Many folks anticipate. They get in the short line rather than the long line and they guess what others might be guessing on account of they are. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Stacking Team Admiration

Oh shit, it’s just me. Don’t get up. I’ll sit here by the terlot. In the stink called me, me, me. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

When People Do What They HAVE TO – There Is No Stopping Them

Try blocking the path of anyone who desperately needs to go to the bathroom. As sure as shit sticks to blankets, you’ll quickly be wearing a nasty spit and scratches jacket that doesn’t match your previously pleasant patter. Even so, most folks can delay the necessity of their loudest potty call until the discomfort of […]

The Young Collection Agent Called Me A Loser. I Am Forced To Agree With Him.

“Anybody who goes bankrupt is a LOSER!” The smart-alecky whippersnapper collection agent yipped at me. “Did you just call me stupid?!” was the brightest thing I could think of to say back to him. Did you just call me stupid…? Criminy, I’m losing my touch if that’s all I can come up with. But you […]

As Long As I Can Pee I Will Never Suffer From Writer’s Block

You are about to be immunized from writer’s block. Now uh, the first thing I need to do is put my hands in your pockets… I’ve seen other writers writing about writer’s block and I remember thinking even then, FOR GOD SAKES, THESE PEOPLE ARE WRITING! That’s four “writers” in one sentence and the phrase […]

Want A Clean Mind? Change It More Often Than Your Underwear

Mysteries will not uncover themselves. They need us. I am so wishy-washy. But fortunately for me,  I am not alone. Anyone in my culture who changes their mind a little “too often” whether due to new findings, epiphanies or collected data will be painted with the same brush. Being wishy-washy is not a good thing […]

My Secret Blog Idea Plan – How To Appear Extweemly, Extweemly Intelligent

Original ideas are a dime a dozen. Here is my formula for faking new perspectives: I think of something: for example (cars) and ask my mom and dad: (wikipedia and google) about it. They tell me lots of stuff no one should ever have to know about something – let’s say automobiles. I look for […]

I Resemble That Remark

Since joining John Thornhill’s Masterclass of online entrepreneurs, I feel different. Very different. Perhaps its the birds of a feather thing that is getting on me because JT certainly does have some winners hanging with him. Not much wonder that John Thornhill and Jim Cochrum are friends and I’m honored to be emulating their fantabulous […]

Nothing Wrong With Wanting To

Don’t forget your worries in your old kit bag We carry far too much guilt in our baggage. Why we cart it along is a mystery to me but we do so questioning it is fair game. I’m thinking that this phenomenon of “pretending we could do much better than we have” is just another […]

Fear – Good Motivator for Stupid Managers

The first few years I was a manager I had no clue what I was doing. Like a lot of managers. I had fooled my way into management to begin with (like a lot of managers) and just naturally assumed a hierarchical dork attitude (like a lot of managers) until one day an old chef […]

Battle for the Universe – Entropy vs Kaizen

Yes, here we go. Broken leg, 42 Smith Street, January 24 at 4:13 pm You have an enemy bent on your inevitable destruction. Okay, it’s not just you. All of us have the same adversary but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this powerful foe lives in your neighborhood. And if it weren’t bad enough […]

Suit Up

Hello, I’m Captain Nutso I’ve been acting weird lately. Actually, if you were to ask almost anyone who knows me, they would add that it has been longer than just lately that I’ve been acting weird. Most of what is causing me to behave a little different is that I’m enduring some challenging circumstances and […]