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Mama Fibs A Lot About The Ghostie Guys

She said be good now Barry ’cause Santa’s watching. I didn’t touch myself that night. Just the thought of me ‘n Santa alone in the bathroom Shit didn’t feel quite right. But mama said shit was real, so it was. How was I, a kid, to know? When mama said this or that was true […]

Mamma Lied To Me An I Lied To Mamma But The Guvment Lied To Boat Of Us

There’s only one way outa This wet paper bag and It ain’t a going through the top. You better like slivers and You better like cuts because Paper’s bringing that and bringing lots. Your mind is being made up. Who make up your mind? That’s the paper bag’s weak spot. Barry   SpaceX Lands Rockets […]

If I Should Die Before I Wake I Hope The Next World Ain’t As Fake

Perception is a thing. Things can be controlled. Things can be not as they seem. Fresh paint over old. Polished up then sold. Sellers acting bold. Buyers don’t behold Anything their told. Barry  

The Climate, She Changes And Santa’s Make Believe.

Don’t look into the sun today. Maybe tomorrow too. Cause the sun is hotter and bigger than eyes. And a whole lot bigger than you. Barry  

I Resist

You fuck, you say nothing! Money is all to you. Now you meet the real currency, I bet you stay true. Benjamin,  I do! Barry.

Drunk Mexicans And Why Not?

Don’t go to Mexico. Well, if you do go, you better wear blinders. You’ll need blinders just to avoid seeing hammered and passed out drunk people laying in the gutters and across unoccupied vehicles. Children drunk. Grandmas drunk. Police officers and everyone… drunk, drunk, DRUNK! Why? Jeez, they got booze everywhere is why. Booze in […]

Okay Dad I Got It

“If only …” Was all he said and I Shook my damn head But the old beggar couldn’t Have said more. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Damn Wisdom Is Expensive!

Ah fool me once At’s not nice. But fool me again and Dammit! Twice! Now I’m a fool who’ll Be fooled thrice. This being fooled thing Can be a slice. A spicy not nice slice of life. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

It’s Brother, Mama, Neighbor / Cop – All A Way Up.

The guys there had a plan and Everyone was in it. Those without a plan never Realized they could so They didn’t, living out another’s plan. The plan said stop all planning. All collusion and get to-ing. Stop synergy in it’s tracks and send Those synergistic packing. And all their plan was lacking Was the […]

Psst! Humans For Sale!

Okay, I meant to say rent. Humans for rent. Everyone hell bent To do and out do each other. If they can’t out do then some do in They do in, do in the other. Lawyers. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Building A Life On Correlation

It was Joe what done it. He’s the one or maybe it was His first born son. The cat ain’t eatin’ the cat food man. I can tell from the mess it’s that Raccoon Stan. Course, I ain’t seen ’em I’m guessing yo But the the way I talk You’d think I know. However, I don’t […]

Pretend That Hell Is Real

Sittin’ ducks in a truck. Sittin’ ducks in a truck on fire. Why them ducks wait down to the wire? Hot ducks see that the duck lords aspire To a modus operandi of Sitting ducks on fire. You own your own ass! Get it through your thick beak! Don’t be sittin’ when ya should be […]

She Paid For Large But Wore Small

Fucking motherfucking accountants. Don’t do shit but account Accounts. Fucking motherfucking accountants. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dogs Will Motor When Forced

Tippy tippy tippy tippy tippy tippy tippy. You little ruffie muss drive. Gamma too busy wonderin’ up, what up? She can’t see overflowing cup. Gamma gettin’ everything rough on ruff, Naw you, little ruffie, muss drive. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Pain To See Me?

Ima call a tiger a tiger. Ima call a spade a spade. Ima call out in anger Calla goddamn midnight raid?! Against the innocent?! Boy you gotta be sick As you said. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Oh Jesus Japan

Mister hear of Fukushima? Shit’s bad. Ah shit’s bad. No one wants to talk about it. Shit’s bad. Shit’s that bad. Sorry Japan.  Sorry. Sorry. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lotsa People Talk To Lotsa People No Ear.

See, pardon I did not hear you. The deestance mastered us. Cause if we were hooked up in life Our ears would make no fuss. Vibration. A nation. Bite a bullet no fuss, Bitta muss. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

New Underwear New Skidmark

Ah shit is bad if He says it’s bad. No sense in wondering why. And you can’t fix it cause It’s bigger’n you an You ain’t the fixer guy. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Das Peeple

Mentally ill is why we still Cry out for something free. I like free, feels great to me and I Wonder if and how it might be That free becomes so natural see that Nobody gets ahead. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Over This Height No Laws Apply

Bobby wants to go for a ride. But Bobby’s ideas and his culture’s collide. But Bobby don’t run and hide. No, Bobby I.D.’s himself with pride. Sorry says the officer who complied. With the unwritten rule his guide. Never, never, never question authority Less you wanna talk by hand outside. You just don’t do it! […]

You Never Want To Meet Your Maker

Who cares who made your underwear?! Or skidmark remover gel? And whomever invented parking meters Isn’t damned all ways to hell. A million creations serve us every day Yet seldom do we ever hear the everyman say, Thank you creator, for working your clay! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

For Lunch, The Corporations Ate People. Supper? The Inc’s Ate People. Snacks? The Corps Ate People.

Praugh, praugh, praugh Profit. Can’t get enough of it. Like a big damn pile of bravery medals Sittin’ in your living room. Medals taste bad even smothered in gravy. And smell a little bit like doom. Step back afore the beggar goes boom. Mama gettin’ off her broom cause Daddy takin’ back the livin’ room! […]

Mortar The Evil Pony

Some a dah milk go bad Worse chocolate ever bin had. Drive a chocolate lover mad. Sad. But, take’it what once bin sad. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Passport Please

He was born in Pain and that’s Where he lived. Happy as you can be in Pain. People there were so similar Ask’em, they’d say the same. They gripe and grumble and Seldom ever stumble where Pain just might be slain. They’d rather suffer and see you suffer. With a yummy frosting of complain. Thank […]

Mostly What He Brought Out Was Their Dead

Makin’ or breakin’? Was what he’d ask and Dude really wanted to Collapse his blast because He wasn’t makin’ And only takin and Takin without Makin’ can’t last. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Most People Don’t Deserve An Opinion

Long schooled by strangers. Messaged through a ton ‘o papers. Churned by professionals wrapped so tight. Couldn’t peel their unhuman with a scraper. Then they say: you know boy. And they say: get go boy. And you are so scared, ho boy! But ya gotta keep up the show boy, So you hold your burning […]

The Real World Isn’t

A wretched life is waiting for you. Full of skinned knees and Holy shoes. Full of that’s stupid and So are you. Full of big dreams made of No can do. Full of mirages and Stepped in goo. Full of too much To quietly sneak through. Full of illusions with The joke on you. Thank […]

Two Steps Back

Careful the noises you make. The wrong grunt get you in trouble. Doan go an do what you like. The man says you are not able. You got it all but permission. Temper desire with decision. Go with a plan of revision. Speak when spoken to. Keep your answers short. Do what they tell you, Atta […]

He Wasn’t On Time. He Was On Something Else.

Hey you mister complicator. Describing in long words. You don’t speak to people, no. You only speak to herds. One person takes too long, you say. One person takes up the whole damn day! One person may not take away… People are too damn simple. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Catch A Nigger By Da Toe Den An Ass Kickin’ E-Leet!

One day down by da reever. Ah see a liddle sheet. Da sheet seep outa da reever bank into Da haich two oh we drink. Now no telling what da reever taste like Fore’n it started to stink… Thank you, friend. Barry out.