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Your Life Has No Control Group

You try, man. You try hard! This, you try that… You watch and learn ’cause Man, you just don’t know. You say you do even though, Only one way to go. To… or is it fro? Thank you, friend. Barry out.        

The Coming Of Unglued Number Two

See people can’t change. They want to. But can’t. They have the power But use it They shan’t. Homeostasis. Life on a slant. Favoring the pitch of The No Go camp. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Genuinely Hugless At Your Detriment

He had no need for hugs and such. Give the hugs to those with much Love for huggers without clutch But whom still have their wallet. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Not Bad Pain

Ahma git here off dis couch. Gonna make deez hips go ouch. Mika stand up guy a slouch. Low back naw you don’t touch. See no one know so much. You just leava be as such. Mornin’, we shall see. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

You Younger Fuckers Not Getting Old

Hah hah! You jumped from the back of a pick-up truck! Hah hah! You ran the bulls with yer cripple friend Buck! Hah hah! You are the guy with no enda luck! But see naw, luck runs out. It runs out with your neighbor. Runs out with a slipry hater, mistor bator and an Aye Kay […]

My Son Bryce

Think of no one’s name. I’m looking for no one That has this name ‘Cause this boy, he Is not the same as Anyone, anyone you Have seen. Shit this boy And a little green will Make this site a scene. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Wood Ticks Need Three Blood Hosts. How Many Hosts You Need?

He worked on other people. Shit was out there and There wasn’t lotsa Time for him to Care about his man. Him man. Shit was out there. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Parta Heem Gone

Right between Anxiety and that tough Old bastard Boredom There’s a line. ‘Tween Bliss and Total Unhappiness There’s a line. Take a look at Sad and Angry. There’s a line. There’s a line and if you cross it Your plans, they will be Toss Ed. It’s a road slip-slidey with frosty Hopes and fears. But […]

Ah Hah Hah Hah HAH! I Will Change My Environment And It Will Change Me!

Bitch got angry on vacation. Huffy and puffy started Talking loud and gruffly. Got hammered and puked in bed Made him brush her hair and said I’m sorry for being a bitch But these south roads have a ditch The same kind that cause me fits Back home. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Yes I Want Too Much

Oh my wants and my needs, they don’t match. There’s a hellova hellova catch. When I want something need comes to snatch The fact that I don’t need it. And what I am feelin’ Is a peace of me missin’ Which need is now dissin’ Asking who is cleaning up this shit? Thank you, friend. […]

Praise The Lord For Legal Gambling

Sumbitch took Bob’s rent. Sumbitch weren’t Bob’s landlord, ya? Bob want a double it up His rent. Bob feel electric luck He said. Advert told Bob COME! Spoil ‘im like he’s number one! For once. Bells and whistles, Winners yellin’ I WON! Bob is want the rent and bit more fun… But now Bob stinks […]

That Place Between Thoughts

Lord you die so effortlessly! Me, I lie awake wondering if I’ll wake from this night’s slumber Or is my number Up? See, I don’t know so there I go Screaming all the way to sleep. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Get Fucking Angry!

Dude was upset way beyond pepto. Shit was roiling deep inside. He needed to take a dump in reality’s mouth. Needed to holler bitch open wide! Old mind fried. Time to decide. Who takes this ride. Along with him. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Dogs Will Motor When Forced

Tippy tippy tippy tippy tippy tippy tippy. You little ruffie muss drive. Gamma too busy wonderin’ up, what up? She can’t see overflowing cup. Gamma gettin’ everything rough on ruff, Naw you, little ruffie, muss drive. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If You’re Not In The Aggregate Shit Might Never Change

Bad shit happens to other people. Good shit happens there too. You wanna see shit happenin’ Stay away from this shadow fool. This shadow, it ain’t you. It’s poop ‘n pee in a pool. It’s hot not cool. A useless tool. This lucky spot is taken. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Sumbitch Pump Inna Sink Naw

Water by the bucket. Back when shit was free. Doan save some for primin’. Lordy, lord. Fuck thee. Back when shit was free. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Challenges Shall Not Me Out

Motherfucker was beside himself. Couldn’t take another minute. He could in a minute change this view To one without him in it. There no hurting. No crying too. There just a man and What he can do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Bad Feeling Artist

I’ve been stabbed. And arrested. Livin’ in solitary confinement. Burned at the stake. Got beat up. A scoundrel sans refinement. Held hostage. Bad food city. Starved into a submission that Ain’t so pretty. Then I woke up. Mama, you too. I worry about the worrying Makin’ mama blue. Thank you, friend. Barry out.     […]

Mama I Love You

Spank me bitch You will wish You ate that twitch Cause I will show you glory. ‘N I will hear your stories. Tell ’em again and again and again. I will hear your fucking stories! Thank you, friend. Barry out .  

Yo Yo, Genes.

I got no problem with your crazy son. It don’t cross my mind that he owns a gun. Just got a different way of having fun. Is all you say cause he ain’t hurt no one. Even tho’ we know your baby comes undone. Your eyes flash letters spelling WE SHOULD RUN. But like I […]

Professional Stomach Churners

Where you bin? What your game? This here picture ain’t the same As the picture you’re presenting now. Where you from holy cow! Are you polite? Say good morning / night? Better get these right Or a checkmark dump your luggage. Eye contact. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Wrapping The Earth In Mind

Just before snapped is Stretched to the limit which Is often a limit so fleeting As to not appear as a Limit. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Really Good Days Added Eight Percent. Without ‘Em, Ninety-eight.

Ninety-eight percent of Three-sixty-five leaves A whole damn week A year to shit down Someone’s neck and Walk around with a frown. For the other Three-fifty-eight Be great. And party hardy hearty! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

There’s A Dark Light Shining Behind Your Eyes

You look out. No really, look out. You point your peepers and Dark energy sings. It wants to bring What you see. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Your Phone Is Dead. Your Payment’s Late. What’s A Good Phone To Do?

Oh if dad were alive He’d know what to do. Dad’d know what to do. He’d start with a bitta wet wood And, A few dampish catalog pages. And gas. A bucket full ‘o gasoline! An man he’d toss that gas anda Damn matches too… Anda whole bloody thing explode! Sure ya you got your […]

Brang Yer Own Self Home

Got your specific number. Got your specific  name. Got your specific entourage. You got that specific game. You play. I’m out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Shit Ya There Was A Gang War And One Gang Had All The Guns

A red bandana. Dude got dead cause he ignored The rule about red bandanas. On this turf no bandanas. Badges on hats and epaulets. Spit polished boots and no regrets. They gets what they gets If they don’t do threats Bandanas better hit the deck. Right quick. Or their lives vamoose at the click Of […]

Jack Shit Ain’t Dopin’

Ya Billy’s not in the race. He’s sidelining guy Handing out water To other guys setting the pace. A bitta pill for his mama Grace. Who lassos any attention strays Always kept him in his place On the straight away from gays (not the sexual, happy days) Cause too much gladtime and Billy plays. Nen […]

The New Nigger, Cheatin’ Jewish, Commie Bastard.

Shit got you fired. Never hired. Counta wired. Chased by cops. A billion stops. And lawyer pops. No rent for you. Take’r damn kids too. And rotten jail fool. Now shit is cool… Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Flow You Go With

You ain’t joined nothin’. Least not that you know. Could it be you joined By where you live and growed? Maybe hoe de hoed? Thank you, friend. Barry out.