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Buddy Learns Dawg

Watched like a hawk on A goddamn dock and Whatsa hawk on a dock, boy? It’s a sign from Odd. That very same God. That beckons to just that few. Maybe forgot you knew. On the swirly twirly, Inna big damn hurry, You thought you’d sneak though. Didja?

Who Wins Wars?

Bullets cost money and Bullets cost lives and Pull that trigger and Someone thrives And they care not Who shoots or who dies. War must be, no wonder whys. Mamas send their babies Trading lives for lies. Lying that they die so proud. Singing anthems with the crowd. Crying then is not allowed. You bite […]

Walking Like Vito Rizzuto. You. Mother. Fucker.

Shoulders back. But not so far, That you look like walking shoulders back. Smile when necessary, not before. Let the others look around, While you watch the door. You stay standing when they hit the floor. Double tap the lallygaggers. Doubly seals the deal. Mark your friend on just one finger. Just one friend who’s […]

Cheat To Win Or No Winning

Make it for a buck but sell for ten. You’re a good fellow, you. You a millionaire but your people poor. They can’t do this too. Not enough money when the money’s made. Can’t pay principle and interest, yay? The money don’t exist so it Can’t be paid. No matter what is sayed. The game […]

One Man Cuts A Swath

Another man swaths a path. The next person uses that path to cart All path dwellers have. A fellow fixing wheels. Another man selling oil. A waitress moving keg to table All manufacturing toil. Because one person cut a swath And shared it. Barry

The World Ain’t Turning But The Spinning Continues

Whoa! Shite is not the same. If you are in the game. The game, she changes. Open range is No more home on the range. Barry

Beat Yourself

  The landlord says the rent is due. You don’t pay no rent. The lottery dude says tickets here! But the lottery loot bin spent. You don’t know no god of luck. Only luck you got is you. Someone gonna better the best you got At someone sure as hail be you! Barry

Grandpa, What Were Sardines?

Sardines were radioactive. Food chain radioactive. Me, I’m radioactive. ‘Ashima… where you atta?  Barry    

Is There A Road From Shambala?

The Shambala is a sheep. A sheep in ship’s clothing. And on that sheep is a good looking dude (you can call him Lester) who speaks broken English and super fast Spanish. Lester is an excursion director by trade and a merchanary by design. Lester´s job is to herd foreign and domestic peso filled wallets […]

The End Of The Second World War Was Not The End Of The Second World War

Jesus I wish you could see this Let’s remember the fallen. And what they fell for… Barry

But If You Ain’t A Prisoner There IS No Delimma

Shit’s gotta work out for y’all. Y’all done heeded da call. Broke yourselves through every wall. And lordy dat take some balls. Whatever ya got comin’ Is y’all’s. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lord If You Were Here I Would Kiss You

Life has a funny way of happening. Usually when you think it’s not. But life happens constantly alla a time. And it asks for your input not. Yes it doesn’t. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Jesus Don’t Work By The Hour

There’s a lot to be said for the Fellow with a head, or a Lady with a head for business. Like the one’s who manage companies That will never be incorporated Where there’s no shareholder value Or great greed slightly subliminated. Their struggle ain’t for profit, Though that’s just what they get. For managing a […]

If You Don’t Make It You Ain’t Gonna Make It

Pretend today isa whore. Pretend today wants more. Pretend today can’t get enough Don’t give her she’ll be Out that door. So quick you’re headle spin. There’ll be no need to win. Just sit on back and grin. You no planner. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Mama, Please Don’t Say That Shit Again.

Repeat away like the past never happened And everyone’s lost their mind. Mama you say shit over and over but Mama I think that’s fine. You were dead and Then I said If you return then let me burn In hell if ever I hurt you. Mama, you’re a gift and I Give a tinker’s […]

Captain Because

He was arrogant. A size piss ant. And his smile hung on grimace. He wore weathered skin. No original sin. And he slammed tequila with grace. People were books and By hook or crook Cappy’d lead them to this place Where hats would hang from Sun bronzed arms catching Pesos from empty space. Thank you, […]

No One Waiting When Dude Got Down. Maybe He Shouldn’ta Come Down.

Today don’t matter. Today ain’t nothin’. Goin’ too smooth. Gonna rough it. Maybe tough it. Outa here. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

This Cycle Must Be Rode

Snake oil was expensive Then it was not. Chocolate was expensive Then it was not. Life was valuable Then it was not. We were caught In a recipe that Shouldn’ta been sought. Lookit our lot and The farm we’ve almost bought. When will we ever learn? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Hello Black Holer At Event Horizon

Wow look out. What’d ya see? Do ya see yee looking Back at thee? Recognize thyself. And lookout. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Everyone Knew There Was A Bottom Of The Boat But No One Wanted To See It

This pig won’t turn. You twist it’s ears and yard It’s nose but This pig won’t turn. Maybe twirl it’s tail. Maybe make a squeal. Maybe pop a blood cell and Blow your voice box… Still no deal. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Kids Was So Close to Being Alike He Split ‘Em Up By Color And Weight

They made shit up about him. Called him Canadian and white Said buddy you pray to one of these gods And don’t you stay up all night You got a job. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

There Was More Of Him Coming Out Than One Person Could Manage

Shit just doesn’t happen. Someone gotta say Look Here! And if someone does… Look out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Wanted Dead Or Alive

Your friends will fuck you. Enemies too. But your friends are close and Enemies few. Hopefully that’s true. Cause if it’s not, Politician you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Your Job? Create Play-sure. Tons & Tonsa Play-sure.

Whistle while you work. Tip your hat to a child. Toss approving nods all over the place. Play with an animule. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Ya Got One Second To Change That Tune

You don’t smile Cause if you do Missus Frown Make a foola you. At won’t do. Too close to The real you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lord Don’t Let Me Waste One Day With You

This time goes by this way but once. Another way another time but This way only once. So add, add to your experience because Experience wants you to make it pay. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Yer Mind Is A Telescope. Tune At Beggar In.

Aim. FIRE! Ready… LOOKOUT! Aim. FIRE! INCOMING! Ready… MOVE! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Their Calendar Was Made Up Of Multiple Daze And Doze

There weren’t no Sunday. No Fridays too. They marked their time with Shit got done because Their days were progress fueled. Part tay every day. No yesterday, nay. They dragged the goodness scraped from one sunshine And splashed it all around to say. Things were bright not grey. People smiled away. But they did not […]

This Ain’t The Real World

Doors closed. Doors opened. Doors barred and still kicked in. Doors open but not by choice. Doors open for one of the boys. Doors opened by photos. Doors opened by clandestine recordings. Doors opened by Benjamin Franklins. Doors opened by embarrassment. Doors closed by shame. Doors closed by strange noises. Doors open out of habit. […]

He’d Save Himself For Others, For Himself He Was Almost Spent.

My god he tried. He tried to do the right thing. But the right thing wouldn’t be done. And he tried real hard to stick to it But the right thing weren’t no fun. He needed scared. Needed afraid. Needed himself a chopping block He had a head to lay. He’d be okay. Just stay […]