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Correlation, Please! Lead Me Not Astray.

Once upon a time there was a pump. This pump pumped shit. Shit that was made in various places somewhere the pump was not. On the pressurized shit side was a field. This field distributed the shit so it wouldn’t pile up. Piled up shit is not good. One day the shit makers discovered the […]

Oh Ya Mister Who Knows Best

It’s just a nickel for every skinned knee. A dime for every skinned nose. For a dollar it’ll snap your femur. Buck fitty get you two ‘o doze. Maybe break your back for a Hunny dollah stack. Or bust your balls in a thousand buck smash.  Whichever scars you choose Experience won’t loose. You’re paying […]

The Unbearable Painless Life

How will you deal with a lack of light? Where will you go without that fight or flight? When will you depart if it ain’t tonight? See what I mean? This whole in between Is so seriously keen To feed on your dreams It loves them and you, Could you not dream a few More […]

Why Every Improvement Comes Wrapped In Turd

The first thing that happened was shit. Shit happened. Shit got in everything. And whether you want or don’t want shit You are gonna hafta wear shit bling. It’s back in style! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Undt Den But Not Until

There is a message. Printed on each step. If you ain’t been there You ain’t seen it yet. The message is a story Bout the path you’re on. Added together they Sing the sweetest song. You can sing along But you gotta stay strong And keepa climbin’. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Three People That Don’t Like You Is A Pretty Small Sample Size

Some folks don’t even know you but They don’t like what they hear. And some folks can’t hear that well So they make a guess from wherever. Your vote counts. Count it first And often. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Some Love Crosses Minds Not Lips

Every day I think of you. Wonder how you are. How are your kids? How’s your life? Man you are so far… So far like me Bryce. I love you mister. Dad out.  

Mister Problems Wouldn’t Stay Away. He Came Back And Back And Back.

This thing that dis Turbs shit. Cracking twigs long after sun down. Damn! What was that? Isa boogieman back in town? No ma’am. Wasn’t nothin’. Pay you no nevermind. Your fears are all unfounded. You got terror here unbounded. Big trouble boy, surrounded. It was looking for you, You found it. Thank you, friend. Barry […]

Twitch Says You Outside Yerself

Before you seize all up. Before you’re outa guts. Before they prove you’re nuts. Before you yell yay ruts! Go sideways. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Get Passion Nate

Workin’ pass ten. Ain’t gettin’ paid. Can’t stop now. Too afraid. To fail at somein’ ats loved. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Slow On Slowah! Don’t Keel Yerself So Fast!

Everybody goes to whence they came. On this here ride,  everybody pays the same. But they don’t play the game As long. Ya pays just for gettin’ in. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Don’t Make Him Do What His Old Man Did

You let go of me. Unhand me, you hear? Don’t you come any closer. You’re not needed here. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

HELL YA! At’s What De Olte Guy Said… “You’ll NEVER Figure Life Out!”

Life is a no edge puzzle. You’ve been asked to put together. At least as much as you can. Even if you have to force some pieces Life asks you to stay on plan. On accounta life actually needs yer teeny little bit, Of the puzzle. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Pain Makers Make Pain

Most folks know about life. They understand that life exists in the eye of the beholder and if said beholder ain’t beholding then behold, life ain’t worth shit. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Our First Online Sale Was to a PayPal Scammer – Don’t Do What We Did!

Please Never Forget About Robin Peoples Oh, how we enjoyed performing the Dance Of Joy upon our first online sale! Finally, after months of slogging it out in the world wide trenches, my wife Kathy and I had made our first online sale. Man, what a tremendous emotion of achievement that was, like drinking the […]

Get Your Phil

Take Me To Your Cleaners! I’ve been a dupe most of my life. Wide eyed and naive, I stumbled through existence believing almost everything people told me. One day I finally figured out that life is a bell curve and depending on where I’ve situated my beliefs in it, that’s the pain or gain heading […]

Campfire – GOOD / Motel Fire – BAD

In 2003 my wife Kathy and I were owners in a small motel in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada and after struggling for 3 years to renovate the property and turn the business around, we lost 65% of our enterprise to a fire. This was a devastating time in our lives but history has since showed me […]

Quit This

It was mid October 2009 and I was up to HERE with struggling. Our monetary outflow constantly surpassed our inflow and the three businesses we started months earlier were floundering in various stages of losing their way home with the bacon. The personal loan route of survival was nearing exhaustion as I anxiously consumed both […]