Down Is Okay If You’re Headed Up

You shat your pants or

Somebody did and

No one’s laughing

To hide that fib

Just report it in the morning.

Breakfast time.

Don’t fuss about it and

Sure don’t whine.

It’s a bitta spilled milk.

Spoona turpentine.

Take a sip here shortly,

Sippin’ time.

Bating Satan

You got a rope around your neck.

Around your neck.

Around your neck.

You don’t even give a heck.

Not one speck.

What the feck.

Unborn daughter calls to you.

You pull through.

Like she do.

You now wonder if it’s true.

We can do.

But not do.

The Dirty Line

Rise through the ranks or

Blood your way up.

You’re heading to a place where

Enough is not enough.

It’s gonna get rough.

You better get tough.

Shit from above.

Shitters all below.

They won’t let you go.

If they ever know.

Where you’ve been although

They must go there, too.

If they want to do

All the things that you

Have done.

A Loser’s Job

They could not find it.

It wouldn’t be found.

Searched everywhere but

It was gone.

Touched his hands.

Set somewhere.

Looked that place.

Was not there.


Clearly vanished.

Likely banished.

To a place far away from here.


Start With No Thing And Add Some Thing

You can lift one thousand pounds.

One thousand pounds.

One thousand pounds.

You can lift one thousand pounds.

One pound at a time.

Life: Go Slow. There Are Curves Ahead

Shit happens all the time.

That’s the job of shit.

You get a little out of line

Life will see to it

That your comeuppance is on it’s way.

It might not hit you square today.

But when it does hit, you will say

Why me Lord? Why me…?

Don’t you see Lord, don’t you see…?

I’m down Lord, for the count.

Let me sip from life’s grand fount.

Wet my whistle.

Look around…

Just a breather, all I need.

Please oh please Lord, stop this bleeding.

I’ll listen better and be heeding

Your word Lord, please believe me…

How Evil Works

Lucifer has no mind of his own.

The beggar must use yours.

He’ll employ a dog.

A horse or cat.

And people to promote his horrors.

Slewfoot lives beside consciousness.

Surrounds it in a close embrace.

A wee bitta spirit in your belly for warmth.

Slewfoot owns the place…

Sneaks in through an unleashed temper.

Glides upon sexual need.

Lucifer creeps out of boredom and

Unleashes incredible greed.

Crashes your world via toddler tantrum.

Or a special bottle of wine.

Many ways lead straight to Lucifer.

He’s the master of blind minds.

Want to throw him out?

Want to take your life back?

Strive to enhance your consciousness and

Don’t cut him any slack.

He’ll temp you.

Taunt you.

Ruin your rep.

Make shit fly from you mouth.

So if you smell him (and he smells bad…)

You can quietly think him out.

Insanely Speaking


Were at a standstill.

Someone gonna wind up

In a landfill.

Deals were broken.

Lies were spoken.

Wish I was smokin’

A wee bitta calm me down…

People crying.

Promises dying.

No! Not trying!

This new thing.

With a dead ring.

Don’t you bring

It to me.

I won’t!

I don’t!

Eat that. Do that. It’s crap.

Take it back.

Or I will test your mettle…

Minutia On The Bounty

What matters more?

Food or love…?

Can you get either one from The Lord above?

Does he smile on kindness?

And frown on hate?

Does God punish whiners?

Can God relate?

Does God say “Go in peace?”

Will he force a body out?

Can he summon up the wind

To blow baddies about?

Does he interfere in sports?

Like win a football game.

Or watching from the sidelines

When the losers go insane

Does he chuckle to himself

Musing, they think I’m to blame…

Does God help out at darts?

Does he affect the barrel’s flight?

Does he keep the deer from headlights

On the back roads every night?

Will God get you that house?

Did he make that little mouse

Eat all your cheese

Just to please

His awful sense of humor?

How To Stop Unnecessary Bawling

Hold your tongue.

Don’t come undone.

It’ll be no fun

If you crater…

You’ll come to, sometime later.

You’ll sidestep Mister Hater.

No bruising to heal.

No kids that squeal.

That grandpa can’t control his anger.

When Kids Kill

They put a choke hold on his whine pipe.

Took his sharing to the enth degree.

Stretched his Savoir faire.

Like they didn’t care.

He was broken, it was sad to see.

Then he rose up, off all fours.

A maneuver that would open doors.

He would live, thankfully.

He would let the beggars see.

That crying doesn’t work.

Cause in every sob there lurks

Alot of proof that jerks

Have us surrounded.

It’s time we found it…

The strength that lives inside

Where fears and hurt collide

Where the weakest you has died

And set the strong you free.

You Must Have Cool To Lose It

If his strength came from God, so be it.

When the room filled with crap,

He didn’t say shit.

He didn’t punch the air.

Didn’t kick or swear.

He just stood there

And took it…

Slewfoot As A Child

He wanted me dead.

I wanted to die.

Split my eardrums.

Why God? Why?

Scratched my soul.

Ripped at my heart.

Crushing my will.

Just for a start…

Lucifer becons.

Lookit those eyes!

Think he’s done?

Got a surprise…

For you gramps.

At Bullshit’s Edge

He could see the sun

In the middle of the night.

He could glide through fear

On a single strand of fright.

He could keep his pie hole shut.

Kept his cool thru if, ands and buts.

As humans screamed into his face.

Calmness iced with grace.

Squinting at this place

Brimming now with anger.

Sensing all the danger.

Revealing none.

They come undone.

And through tears, they call him grandpa.

Somehow The Little Bastard Knew I Saw Fifty Years Out

He picked his nose and ate it.

Drank juice straight from the carton.

Wanted what he wanted when he wanted it.

Nothing he wouldn’t fart on.

He howled the deep cries of the tortured.

Tears he would flow like pee.

Snot manufactured by the liter.

Outdoors he’d try to pee upon me.

But that fire in his eyes.

That “No!” without disguise.

I was ten times buddy’s size

But he would not give…

There was no “Uncle!” in his head.

We were fighting til one dead.

I imagined that he said

Ima wait you out, old man.

You’re an old time also ran.

Time had come for my new plan

To set us free.

Because I’m three. (Eric)

When One Is At War

No blanks were fired.

Each round was live.

Devoid of aiming.

T’was nine to five.

Pulses race. (I can hear your heart)

Can’t embrace. (We’re torn apart)

Then these shells keep blowing up.

Fox holes nowhere deep enough.

Life gets short when things get tough.

And they do.

Learn To Chatcha Curve Ball

Shit’s going sideways.

Upside down.

Coming back up.

Comin’ back around.

Karma’s a bitch.

Scratches that itch.

Digga deep ditch

Becomes a home.

Livin’ off road.

Lighten your load.

Freedom is gold

Ditches not sold.

Just entered.

Finda way out.

Look hard. Look about.

Doesn’t scream or shout.

Cryin’ don’t work.

Hurtin’ like a jerk.

Meanin’ uncle Herc

Must change his ways.

And it can’t take days…

He’s in the ditch!

Kid Cop

Oh man, do we have rules.

Sharing, caring, don’t pee your pants.

Wipe your nose and

Wash your hands.

Hitting is out.

Spitting is out.

We don’t shout.

It brings no clout to

Thrash about.

Eat your food.

Don’t take so much.

Quiet time and don’t you touch!

No reptiles at the table.

Comfort snake or not.

Sonofabitch will get away

And we’ll be in a spot.

Kids, your grandpa’s tired.

He didn’t get much sleep.

It’s taking all the old guy’s got

Just for him to keep

What little cool he’s got.

Don’t Focus On The Screaming

This narrow band of light.

I see it all alright.

Then later on, tonight.

I will not see.

The light will be…


And with it goes my sight.

Goes away every night.

But me, I see it all…

When there is light.

S. Teedee

Now you can skip the dishes

Supermarket, too.

You can’t skip these folks.

And they won’t skip you.

No sir.

You’re in their plan.

They got you I.P.

Unlock your housencar

Without a damn key.

They find your stash.

And your real cash.

They leave you smiles

All the dang whiles

You are acting

Like you;

Sure. Don’t. Know. Any.


Matthew Thirteen Twelve Twenty Five Seven

Oh, you’re sooo smart!

Playing like it’s your show.

Giver giver you go.

All tbe way in fast mode.

Dreamin tho in slo mo’.

Thrashing from the to fro.

Road don’t go where you go.

Need another epidermis.

Better be in that thermos.

Gonna drink a new skin, me.

Slide a little more easy.

Maybe lean a little less.

Maybe settle, god bless.

Maybe be useless

A liitle less.


Mister Monkey Ninety-Nine

One hundred fucking monkeys.

Pounding on keys.

Slammin’ out language.

Typin’s a breeze!

Give ‘er you monkeys!

Lookit you go!

Bangin’ ’em fingers

Fast as ale go!

Monkeys ain’t slow.

No! No! No!

They’ll bite each other’s fingers off

Just to get ahead.

Show ’em that you have a heart

Monkeys eatcha dead.

They want what you said.

Typin’ out your word for word.

Only story ever heard.

Shakespeare, wasn’t it?

Take Joy In This Wall You Hit

Jody shat his drawers

Again and again.

Wouldn’t stop crying

In his effing playpen.

Fell and skinned his knee.

Wrecked his goddamn bike.

Broke his crooked nose comin’

Second in a fight.

Knew it wasn’t right but he

Set himself adrift.

Often bit his lip.

Listened quite a bit.

Finally gathered, if

The cryin’s gonna stop.

You have gotta plop,

Your ass upon the truth

Evil’s on the loose.

It’s looking for a roost.

And you will do.

Stalker’s Disease From A Heya, Howareya?

A nice purse on

Is not a nice person

And a nice purse on a nice person

Does a nice pers on not make.

They take what they will take.

Make you no mistake.

They got their sights set on

Your good to great beyond.

Beyond where you can see

But you’ll be there, bay be.

And they’ll be there, may be.

To greet you…

You’ve Got To Bite The Snake Before The Snake Bites You

Just around the corner.

Right beneath the bed.

Underneath the toilet ring.

Dread, man. Dread.

Doesn’t turn your eyes that way!

Attention whore will have to say

What chu lookin’ at, you fag?!

Then choke you out

With kindness gagged

By weirdness and happiness and

Twisty smiles.

Squinty eye holes.

Splintered nails.

There’s no disguise.

When you get wise

To Lucifer.

Right here.

What a surprise…

Asphalt Hillbillies And Their Nigerian Prince

A wee, wee cuppa mushroom tea

Ten o’fuckin’ clock

In the mornin’.

Make it through the day

Ever’ way I can.

Motherfuckin’ tan

Blacken out mah tats.

Got me no regrets.

Let ’em placer bets.

Whether cigarettes

Is bad or isit good?

Maybe shoulda woulda

Sent da money earlier.

Den da prize’d be here


Rock Bottom And Rocky Top

She shit her pants.

Babbled all day.

Cried when the kids

Would not play.

What’cha gonna say

When they want their way?

Mama, eighty-five years old.

It Don’t Take Much

God, she was close to the edge all day!

A whiff could blow her away.

The breezes, they gusted and occasional storm

A tsunami was on it’s way…

Run for your life!

The expression I saw and I

Ran like hell ’til I

Could not draw the

Breath I needed, then

Panting, she heeded my plea

To stop chasing ’cause I

Couldn’t run.

Any more…

I was caught and I thought that

By catching me

She would be

A little more merciful.

But You Go Girl, she kept on going.

So Much Hell In A Little Handbasket

The amount of shit you have figured out

Is smaller than a hill of beans.

The path you follow turns this way and that

Straight through in-betweens.

Damned if you do.

Damned if you don’t.

You wanna stop but

The wolves, they won’t.

Who dat at da do’?!

Don’t nobody move!

Hafta fake ’em out.

Leave ’em onna hoof.

Raindeer onna roof.

Come out! Come out, Goof!

Man oh man, leave me alone!

Get outside! Outside my home!

I’ll turn on you.

May turn you off.

Course, then it be just me…

Resistance Is Not Futile!

Part of me hated the bastard

Part of me wanted to kill him.

Part of me wanted to drink him up.

Part of me loved the thrill of him.

Kill or be killed.

Smiled as he said it.

Then off popped the tops

Of a bar with no limit.

Now guzzle and gulp and wake up Mister Big Head.

Now you wanna be dead, instead of living?!

What have they been giving

You down at the dance hall, prance hall…

Whatever you call it.

It is trying to cart you away!