The Change Room

Off the field, down two flights,

Dreams of days and fear long nights.

This is where you claim your right

To win and sin and then begin

To compromise your fight.

Here, you won’t sleep tight.

You’ll strain with all your might.

For post-game comes the fright.

You are not so bright.

That you light the way

So you can stay

On the straight and narrow

Because you know

The game…

She’s almost over.

Born Unnatural Liars

To grass, no… isn’t greener.

In fact it’s waay obscener.

Than just fibbing to yourself.

Your self esteem will melt

Into their cauldron.

You’ll be solvent.

Breaking down reality with

A truth so all alone.

The Inventors Of Gods Can Fix The Climate

He turned to the East.

And it was east.

He turned to the West

And it was west.

Then he stopped right there.

Said make a square.

And that’s how we get ’round.

Counting Criminals

Buddy kytes checks til the chickens

Come home to roost.

Buddy doubles down like the gamblin clown

He buys cars to boost.

They ain’t doing time because

Boat dem on the juice.

They go full on out on account of

Nothin can get loose.

They are not like youse.

They above the muse.

Stay out of the news.

They help pick and choose

The guilty.

Plead Innocent

Jesus christ Barry!

What’d you do?

Think shit through!

Why don’t you… ?!

Oooh ooh ooh!

Jesus christ, you!

You little shit!

Now you’ve done it!

Gonna be a hit

With the belt boy…

God Wouldn’t Get Five Stars

Nope. Didn’t come to work.

Too many times.

God is good not great.

You’ve Been Changing Places In The Same Damn Spot

Sideways uses the second dimension.

Did you know there is a third?

You are not the same damn you each day

You’re not, or haven’t you heard?

There’s a fourth and fifth and

Next to it, another.

And another

And another one after that

Until you stop.

Which you don’t.

Yesterday Exists Next Door, Next Door.

You won’t like where you have been.

Boredom bile burns acidic sting.

You’re fed up with everything.

And murder’s on the rise.

You are not surprised.

For if you could, you’d turn back time.

But that time is not this time line.

That time is next door…

Red Letter Days Can Begin Blue

The shit can hit the absolutely shitiest fan.

You can lose it all on an also ran.

The worst can detonate your bullet proof master plan.

And it can still be a damn good day.

You have learned that was the price you paid.

To be here right now and you think

Holy cow!

Today is a Red Letter day!

God Is A Human

Buddy can run and jump and skip.

Buddy ignores and gives a shit.

Buddy takes charge and throws a fit.

God doesn’t dare set foot

In here.

Buddy likes to wrestle problems really big.

Buddy ain’t proud don’t need no fig

Leaf him alone.

Buddy’s on the phone.

Get’n shit from home.

His wife is all alone.

God ain’t even married

For all we know.

Buddy’s got a hat trick

On the go.

One is here and now.

One is just for show.

Who ya gonna call when

Buddy’s all you know?

Sanity As A Fad

You happen to love, crazy.

You listen here, crazy.

You agree with some, crazy.

You can’t stand, crazy.

You kinda go, crazy.

You like it there, crazy.

You cachet, crazy.

You won’t stop, crazy.

You wonder some, crazy.

Why do they call you Crazy?

All Hail The Getalongers!

He wouldn’t say shit

If his mouth was full of it.

Promoted, promoting.

Can’t do his own thing.

Why dear lord is he not on board.

How come he won’t feed himself?

He could deal the hand he was dealt.

But he bends for others.

And even his mother.

Can’t imagine the emptiness felt.

Of Matters Not

They lie, they do and you stay true

Even though it matters not.

They have made their mind

And while it seems unkind

To them, it matters not.

They see their way and pave the day

With hard imagined facts.

If you look away

You will see that they

Look a different way

That sucks.

Can You See Around Your Imagination?

She was sad and he was mad.

His boss was disappointed.

Her sins had been annointed.

Her spouse believed her.

His kids did not.

They could not know

The web they’re caught in.

It was their opinion.

They made it real.

And it was really bad.

The Law Is A Tall Building With Poor Folks On The Ground Floor

Hello says the guard from security.

He wants to know your name.

Wait says the guard from security.

He’s curious why you came.

You need to know somebody.

Know their floor by heart.

You need to know them well.

Or you’ll soon depart.

Fruitless, helpless, on the street.

You won’t meet the peeps with

Whom you can’t compete.

There’s no hello from security.

No guard here to greet.

No guard asks mister top floor’s name.

He comes in three floors deep.

Mister top floor has a back door.

The guards have never seen.

See, the guards exist between

The ground floor and the top floor.

That floor you’ll never see.

Survival Of The Dim Wittedest

A rising tide

Sinks some ships.

The loosest lips

Float asunder.

Us under.

When Alcohol’s Not To Blame

God damn whiskey!

Bastard beer!

Shit head vodka!

Christmas cheer?!

Sorry I’m drunk now.

Shouldn’t be here.

Goddamn whiskey!

Bastard beer!

Don’t leave me Lucifer.

I need your fear.

Cause if you leave

It’s only me here.

The Copy Cats Are Coming

You are you.

You know that’s true.

But you can be you

Without you too.

You can leave a sign.

A note.

A text.

You can leave a message so perplexing

That bafflement ensues.

Now what do we do?

When that you

Is not you…

The Child Rearing App

Your last time to the play store.

Down loaded, in settings.

The features you’re getting.

Hold on now, you’re betting

The whole damn store.

So tap on No Regrets.

Check I’ll Take What I Get.

Link your bank account.

Check Max Amount.

Apply for an overdraft.

It’s a check mark, don’t be daft.

Check reoccurring yes.

Then type in your best guess.

How much you’ll make.

How much we can take.

And three-sixty image of your soul.

How To Control Your Adolescent Child

Ain’t a gonna happen.

Not today.

Kid gonna do it anyway.

Now they hate you.

Off their Christmas list.

Tried to help them.

Now they’re pissed.

You eff off.

Stoo-pid you.

Not gonna do it

Like you do.

You are wrong.

Sing your sad song

To someone else

Because me…

I’m out the choir.

The Hill Ain’t Comin’ Outa Billy

People came from far and wide.

Wondered just how more ain’t collide.

Some not born afore they died.

Two little souls on board.

Take them please dear lord.

They go back now.

Start agin.

No recollection whar they bin.

Come agin now son.

Daughter come now.

Member whar ya come from.

Back somehow.

You’ll Be Backwards Going

You popped right and shit yourself.

And you cried like a baby.

You slept all day like a sucky tit.

You were a rukus and I don’t mean maybe.

We had to monitor you.

Listen and watch.

Thought stuff happened

But we never caught ya

Sneaking out at night.

We knew that wasn’t right.

Cause you could not walk.

And could not talk.

Hell, you were just a baby!

Pee Tee Ess Double Dee

Just get covered in shit maybe once.

That shit’ll make you feel so dunce like.

You’ll be done with shit.

But shit will see to it

That yep, you’re done.

You’ll be on the runny run.

Watching this way and that way.

Ah-voiding shit.

And you’ll be in it.

And not know…

You Don’t Scare Me, That’s MY Job!

We sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.

We prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed.

But the goddamn insects would not stay


We fought them tooth and nail.

We struggled to no avail.

Those bastards beat us.

Big out creeped us.

Tho we hammer them every day…

You Have ONE Shot At Success. EVERY Day.

Pretend you’re not some loser.

Maybe you’re no dumb fuck.

How ’bout the world is not your oyster?

What if it runs on luck?

Say you ain’t some lucky bastard.

You had to lie and cheat and steal.

Then the god of luck means zip to you.

And luck’s not really real.

But what if it is?

What if luck’s the shit?

And you don’t even believe in it?

Then unlucky you.

You catch no breaks.

Then you lie…

You cheat and steal, too.

If that’s what your lucky takes.

IF You Can Listen As You Speak

Bad shit tumbled outa his mouth.

Words weighed nada as he flailed them about.

No more whispers, now they had clout.

Flung them so far on his powerful shout.

Gonna git you this time.

You are gonna be mine.

We are gonna be fine.

Once you’re with me.

Then you will see.

How staying free

Depends upon the talking stick.

He Didn’t Know What He Wanted And This Was Only Lunch

The wool stayed firmly

Over his eyes.

The look was so cool

It was not a disguise.

See, covering up stopped

All ifs, ands and whys.

Ain’t no surprise.

Communicating lies.

Is the way shit now gets done.

He Took The Shrooms And Then The Shrooms Took Him

Two big pieces of apple pie!

What a guy!

So, so fly!

Says hello when he means good bye.

Never says what he means.

So many in-betweens.

The space between lines is for reading.

If you’re no reader, use feeling.

Feel the words you may produce.

Feel them up and then reduce

Your you print.

Your short stint.

Your brief glint.

Now back into the sun…

Constant Peripheral Vision

The corners of his mouth hung high.

Some would call it smiling.

Course, they’d be defiling


For it was plain to see.

His knack for fakery.

Extended to the faint of heart.

Whom took no part in

Discerning artwork.

And he was a master painter…

Why… Mister Always Promoting?

Something about your pie hole.

Continuously flapping.

Cupping strange feet way in said hole.

Can’t stop it from happening.

Braggart for others.

Makin’ their mothers

So damn proud.

Your mother’s head bowed.

Hurting for her son.

Whose come undone.

Can’t even close his pie hole…