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My Secret Blog Idea Plan – How To Appear Extweemly, Extweemly Intelligent

Original ideas are a dime a dozen. Here is my formula for faking new perspectives: I think of something: for example (cars) and ask my mom and dad: (wikipedia and google) about it. They tell me lots of stuff no one should ever have to know about something – let’s say automobiles. I look for […]

The Emotional Grid – Does a Right Place / Wrong Time Exist in Reality?

Dude was going to back right over my wife and I. Only anticipatory evasive action avoided a nasty collision between ourselves and the reversing auto but what intrigued me was the perfectly coordinated occurrence of the situation. There Definitely Is a Right Time & Place But Where Is It & When? Normally, this would be […]

For My MasterClass Friends – Weekly Ezinearticles Stats Update

This is a Picture of my Soul My dear reader, how I love thee. Unless, of course, you are a guy – then its only like… πŸ˜‰ I must apologize to you right up front for this Inside Post which will not be very interesting to you unless you are an author or interested in […]

STP – Smile Transfer Protocol – Original Application @ YQR Regina Airport Authority

Howdy friends. The stuff I describe below got me into a lot of trouble. It even got my boss into trouble. His boss’s boss phoned me to stop what I was doing from spreading to other area properties under their management.Β  It worked – I only lasted 4 months with this company. πŸ˜‰ I wrote […]

Employing WorkPlace Humor – Why Is The Smiley Face So Important To WalMart?

  Any Idea If This Is A Friendly Motel? Relax, it is finally official. Money CAN NOT buy happiness. The blissful news arrived in a ruling handed down against WalMart in early 2008 by Judge Timothy C. Batten Sr. in Atlanta. The learned adjudicator found that even with the support of two hundred thousand dollars […]

Writing Is Not Easy For Me & I Believe That Is A Good Thing

I am writing an article on employing humor in business today and like every story I’ve ever written, I find it hard to do. Many times I’ve read that some authors feel the hand of the almighty moving them. All I feel is a touch of panic mixed with a smidgen of confusion and expectation. […]

Here Are My ezinearticle Stats – How Do They Look To You?

Can You Tell A Child Is Writing My Articles? I have been submitting articles to ezinearticles for over four months now and I am proud to say that they have only refused two stories out of thirty six I subjected to their approval. Not bad for living in a country where democracy and free speech […]

How a Canadian Lottery Winner Learned The Shocking Value Of Money and Dreams

  At first the dude had me scared shiftless. Sporting a two day old sweaty muscle shirt and grimy jeans, the unkempt, middle aged fellow with greasy hair and more than his fair share of bad tats sauntered into our motel lobby. “How much for two rooms?” ink man inquired gruffly without the slightest acknowledgment […]

Confirmation Bias – You Can Lead a Horse To Knowledge But Cannot Make It Think

Sometimes Evidence Needs To Be Bludgeoned In “You’re bloody right I am right and you watch your mouth!” I heard this pugnacious paternal pap waay too often during my adolescent years but no amount of snarly spiels could ever make me buy it. “Who cares what they say!” I would hap-hazardously insinuate to my siblings, […]

Employing WorkPlace Humor – Are You Brave Enough To Have Fun At Work?

It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It Laughter is so powerful it can make people pee their pants and cry like a baby. In fact, a few minutes of har-de-har hilarity will have most folks rolling on the ground, pleading for it to stop, stop. Please make it stop! Now, there is […]

Our First Online Sale Was to a PayPal Scammer – Don’t Do What We Did!

Please Never Forget About Robin Peoples Oh, how we enjoyed performing the Dance Of Joy upon our first online sale! Finally, after months of slogging it out in the world wide trenches, my wife Kathy and I had made our first online sale. Man, what a tremendous emotion of achievement that was, like drinking the […]