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I Heard This Guy’s Life Slipping Away and I Kinda Saved Him!

Dying In The Gears Of A Combine – NOT GOOD My brother-in-law / good friend Cal was inside the combine. You know, one of those machines used to make bread? Anyway, something was jammed up internally and he left the combine idling and climbed up inside on the straw-walkers. (things a person shouldn’t ought to […]

Why Don’t More People Believe In Themselves & Why Do We Hear Voices?

Julian Jaynes The Bicameral Mind Take a quick look at Julian Jaynes and his work on why humans think they hear voices and what might be causing this phenomenon. His theory explains much about our wacky history. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Bicameralism

There Is No White Knight In Shining Armor Coming To Save Us

Someone is looking out for me – I can feel it. Right now at this very moment they are pondering my incredible value to the universe and plotting how best to lavishly reciprocate my selfless contribution to mankind.  Oh yeah! 😎 And somewhere deep down I’ve got this sneaking suspicion that my gain will be […]

When Family Become Strangers and Strangers Become Family

So, you hate your mother?! Well, familiarity breeds contempt. I see that you keep the new car spotless while the old auto gathers dust in the back yard. That’s familiarity breeding contempt. You say that last year’s wardrobe is garbage because its so “yesterday” but this new outfit you’re wearing today is wonderful? Hmm. Like […]

Stop Talking About What You Don’t Want & Start Thinking About What You Do

When my finger is up like this, I do the talking – You got that?! “EVERY TIME WE COME HERE…” “You want a candy from the vending machines! Now Stop It!” I watched the drama unfold between a young father and his four or five year old son from my sideline vantage point in a […]

Easily Read Twenty Four Books a Year Using This Toilet Training Technique

You still have to pull your pants down Lets say you go to the bathroom. And like most other full of crap folks, you squeeze out two number twos a day. There, you’ve already got the makings of your own poop learning center. Garbage Out & Good Stuff In Statistics about learning / reading for […]

Bill Murney for Pope

There are some people who should just go right past the two hundred dollar thing and straight to Saint Peter’s Parade. Today I present just such a man who is so in love with life that he, himself is introducing just such a man. Bill Murney Thank you, friend. Barry out.

At One Time I Had Everything…

Yeah, a while back I was proud as pickles to act as a servant runner-up for the great Barney of The World Famous Barney’s Motel. Oy, those were the days… No doubt about it, this sign got us some attention Then we got burned out… Yep, The Old Barnster Had A Weird Sense Of Humor […]

Something Stinks About The Law of Attraction – This is How To UnStink It

Inspector Gadget Yes, there is a force called attraction and another called un-attraction. This is how it works: Do you prefer some foods, people or places more and prefer others less? That’s it. That’s the force we’re talking about. Most of  the gobbly-gook that is being written about the law of attraction is actually enticing […]

Wrongaholic Twelve Steps – Step 4: Who The Hell Are You?

What in the world were you thinking?! If you’ve ever heard this apprehensive question and at least somewhat understood the reason it was asked, you will easily be able to grasp today’s intriguing subject as we investigate the perplexing human condition of multiple personalities. But even if you have never considered how a person can […]

A Thousand Word Post About Life Condensed to Fifteen Words

Learn From Mistakes Think About Others Try Everything Once You Effect Outcomes Stuff Adds Up ************* Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Self Actualization Blues – Few Humans Find The Prize in their Popcorn. Why?

Life is like a barrel of monkeys. You’ve got your barrel, your monkeys and everything else. Some of the keener folks among us have figured out that the trick to living a full life is to spend less time watching the monkeys or their barrel and more effort attempting to decipher everything else. And “everything […]

Geometric Progression – Bam! Bam! Bam! One Friggin Thing Right After Another!

Our universe can be described mathematically. Orbits, eclipses and planetary wobble can all be predicted and so it is with geometric progression – a sequence of numbers in which terms are multiplied by a constant value. In the human based geometric progression we will discuss today, the constant value which multiplies all others is YOU […]

Wrongaholic Twelve Step Program – Step 3: Grab The Cosmic Bull by the Horns

Our ability to sense causality is an awesome human capacity. You and I possesses the same incredible talent of inference that reveals itself when expert wildlife trackers confidently decipher footprints in the Savannah or in the deft manner which a craftsman furniture maker engages the wood grain in a prized slab of timber. Every truth […]